Gran Canaria Prices

Gran Canaria is neighboring Tenerife and Fuerteventura, and although it is Africa geographically, the Canary Islands administratively belong to Spain. The currency is the euro here.

Prices are at a similar level as on the other islands of the Canary archipelago and on the mainland. Although most of the goods have to be imported here, because the main source of income for the islands is tourism, the prices in Gran Canaria are bearable.

Once, only wealthy tourists could afford to stay on these remote islands, now in the era of cheap airlines, e.g. Gran Canaria, many more people can come.

Gran Canaria Prices
Gran Canaria Prices

Food prices on Gran Canaria

Shopping for food in stores in Gran Canaria is best done in supermarkets. Large Spanish chains such as Spar, Mercadona and HiperDino have their stores here.
Food prices on store shelves are as follows:
1. bread 0.50 – 1.20 euro
2. bread roll 0.40 -0.50 euro
3. milk (1l) 0.70-0.85 euro
4. eggs (12) 1.80-3 euro
5. yellow cheese around 15 euro per kg
6. local cheese 5 – 10 euro per kg
7. ham 15 euro per kg
8. tomatoes 1-2 euro per kg
9. lettuce (1 piece) 1 – 1.50 euro
10. bananas 1 – 1.70 euro per kg
11. oranges 0.90 – 3 euro per kg
12. potatoes 0.90 – 2 euro per kg
13. rice 0.60 – 1.20 euro per kg
14. chicken breast 3 – 7 euro per kg
15. beef 4.50 – 7 euro per kg
16. fish around 20 euro per kg
17. ketchup (0.5l) 2 euro
18. chips 2 euro per packet
19. chocolate 2 euro
20. bottled water (1.5l) 0.40 – 0.50 euro
21. juice in a carton (1l) 0.50 euro

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Alcohol and cigarettes prices in Gran Canaria:

22. local beer in a bottle (0.5l) 0.70 – 1 euro
23. imported beer (0.33l) 1 – 1.50 euro
24. decent wine 3-7 euro per bottle
25. decent vodka (0.5 l) 8 euro
26. decent cigarettes 2-3 euro

Dinner prices in Gran Canaria restaurants

The prices of meals and dinners in Gran Canaria are strongly related to the distance from tourist centers. The farther you go from them, the cheaper you can eat.
This is a common rule in tourist resorts.
You will get the most expensive and not particularly exquisitive dishes at the waterfront. It is always worth looking for places where locals eat. Then, first of all, it should not be expensive, and it can be above all very tasty.
27. kebab 5 euro
28. hot dog, hamburger approx. 4 euro
29. sandwich 3-4 euro
30. Chinese dish 7 euro
31. fast food set 7-7.30 euro
32. calamari + fries 7-8 euro
33. pallea for two 20-30 euro
34. local beer (0.5l) 1-2.50 euro
35. imported beer (0.33l) 1.50-3.50 euro
36. cola (0.33l) 1-1.50 euro
37. water (0.33l) 0.50-1.00 euro
38. coffe 1-2 euro
And how much is the price per night on Gran Canaria?

Accommodation prices in Gran Canaria

It all depends on what standard you seek. In hostels in the capital accommodation will average 14 euro per night. For a 1- or 2-star hotel you will have to pay 25-40 euro per person per night. A lot of people use social networking sites, where people rent their apartments or just single rooms.
In smaller towns, e.g. those located higher in the mountains, you can also find camping spots. On the coast, almost everything has been taken up by resorts and hotels.
How much does transportation on Gran Canaria cost?

Prices in stores in Gran Canaria
Prices in stores in Gran Canaria

Transportation and fuel prices in Gran Canaria

Public transport in Gran Canaria is not the cheapest. You will pay the driver 1.40-1.50 euro for a single bus ride. Buying a card that needs to be topped up is a bit cheaper. Then you will pay about 1 euro for the same trip.
It is best to rent a car, you will pay 13-16 euro for one day depending on the car model. The more rental days, the daily car rate drops.
Gasoline on Gran Canaria is pretty cheap, only about 1 euro per liter.

Prices of attractions in Gran Canaria

Palmitos Park – 29 euro for adults, 20, 50 euro for children 5-10 years, 8 euro for children 3-4 years old
Casa de Colon – 4 euro
Museo Arqueologico Cueva Pintada – 6 euro for adults

Current map of Gran Canaria

More or less known restaurants, tourist attractions and shops can be found on the map of Gran Canaria below:

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