Golden Sands: Attractions, beaches and prices


Golden Sands is the second, after Sunny Beach, equally popular resort on the Black Sea. However, comparing the two centers, the first one is less crowded, the buildings are not so dense, and it is more green.

And it is Golden Sands are called the summer capital of Bulgaria, and their name is associated with the legend of pirates who buried the treasure here, and nature wanting to punish them for excessive greed turned gold into sand.

Golden Sands on the map

See on the map where exactly the Golden Sands are located:

What this resort attracts the most is, above all, a sandy, wide beach, warm water in the sea, sunny weather, and quite reasonable prices.

Everything you could wish for is here!

The Golden Sands Center is not as old as it may seem: the expansion of this town began only in 1957 and has been systematically developing over the years. Currently, on holidays in Golden Sands, we can take advantage of the full tourist infrastructure, prepared for visitors. It is not only about hotels, lodgings and apartments and other accommodation, but also about gastronomic establishments, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos and a well-managed beach.

In Golden Sands there is a marina, a popular water park and even a horse riding base. Choosing this holiday destination, we also have convenient access to the international airport, which is located in Varna, just 17 kilometers away.

Accommodation in Golden Sands

The whole resort is very well prepared to receive tourists. Starting from the accommodation base, it should be mentioned that there are over two hundred hotels of varying standards. We will find here both exclusive resorts and hotels with the simplest equipment.

Accommodation in Golden Sands / Apartments, private accommodation, hotels and hostels.
Accommodation in Golden Sands / Apartments, private accommodation, hotels and hostels.

Private accommodation and vacation rentals are popular in this city. They are usually fully equipped, located near the beach and often with access to the pool.

If we care about a slightly cheaper area, then it is worth aiming at Czajka – the Golden Sands district, which has the opinion of a less expensive place. It is calmer here, there is a gentle entrance to the sea on the beach, which is important for families with children, and in shops and pubs it is a little cheaper.

Campsites in Golden Sands

When it comes to camping, there are several around Golden Sands. There is one camping spot in the city itself. Just beware, these resorts are still underinvested and you shouldn’t expect luxury. This is not Croatia …

Prices in Golden Sands

The resort is expensive for Bulgaria. Prices in Golden Sands are two or even three times higher than in nearby resorts on the coast, the closer to the sea, the more expensive it gets.

Bread costs 1 lev, the same as one and a half liter bottle of water. 2 lev Cola bottle, 1.20 lev kilo apples, 1.6 lev bananas

We pay 5 lev for a pack of cigarettes, and when it comes to alcohol, it is known that it will be cheaper in the store.

For a can of beer in the shop we will pay 1.2 – 1.50 lev, half a liter of vodka is 7.50 lev and a bottle of good wine – 10 lev.

For larger purchases, go to a larger supermarket, for example in Varna. In the pub we will pay 2.50 lev for a beer, and we must allocate at least about 10 lev for a meal (e.g. pizza or pasta costs 8 lev).

We will eat a shopska salad for 4 lev, and we will pay about 2.5 lev for a drink. Interestingly, there are not many toilets and they are payable. And the most expensive of all are probably the beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach in Golden Sands, for which you can pay 30-35 lev per day (two sunbeds, two mattresses and an umbrella).

We invite you to explore Golden Sands!

Tourist attractions in Golden Sands

The biggest attraction and magnet attracting tourists to Golden Sands is certainly a three and a half kilometer long sandy beach. You can not only relax in the shade of very expensive umbrellas, but also take a warm bath in the sea and use the rich infrastructure.

The beach itself is surrounded in some places by a green belt, and due to its cleanliness it has been awarded the Blue Flag. You can practice various water sports, including:

  • windsurfing,
  • water skiing and jet skiing,
  • diving or parasailing.

There is a promenade along the beach, where numerous eateries, bars and cafes operate.

Holidays in Golden Sands in Bulgaria / Beautiful weather, warm water and sandy beaches!
Holidays in Golden Sands in Bulgaria / Beautiful weather, warm water and sandy beaches!

Nightlife in Golden Sands

In Golden Sands, the nightlife does not stop, you can party here until dawn in one of the discos or pubs. In the summer season, various events and more cultural events are organized here and in the area (Varna).

Sports attractions

For those who get tired of the beach and sea bathing there are basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, places for street workout and mini golf places.

There is also a ferris wheel and a pretty cool water park – Aquapolis. Built in a Mediterranean style, surrounded by greenery. There are various slides, a lazy river, a Jacuzzi and waterfalls waiting for guests. All this in almost 40,000 square meters. With the youngest you can also go to Varna to the dolphinarium, where the shows take place three times a day.

See where the Aquapolis water park is located in Golden Sands:

What is worth seeing in Golden Sands?

The area around Golden Sands is a naturally rich area that includes the smallest Landscape Park in Bulgaria – with an unsuprising name of Golden Sands.

You can of course walk along the marked paths among many species of plants and animals. However, the most interesting object here is the Aladzha monastery. It is a monastery carved into the rock, with rooms and chapels. The admission ticket also includes a small exhibition showing the history of this place.

You can go a little further, even to Varna, where you can see the ruins of the Roman Baths, or an impressive sacred building – Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God.

It is worth going to the Seaside Park, where the Navy Museum is located. The Archaeological Museum is also noteworthy with its collection of ancient jewelry and a separate exhibition, prepared especially for children.

Tourist attractions in Golden Sands / Interesting places, monuments and sightseeing.
Tourist attractions in Golden Sands / Interesting places, monuments and sightseeing.

What other interesting places are worth visiting while in Golden Sands?

Less than 30 kilometers from Golden Sands is also the town of Balchik, the so-called White City. This name comes from the light, limestone rocks on which the city was founded.

The biggest attraction of this place is the summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria Koburg. The palace itself is a building combining various architectural styles, consisting of several buildings (including wineries) and a botanical garden. The garden is divided into several parts, including one with the largest planted cactus collection.

An interesting place is also undoubtedly the Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani) are naturally formed rock formations, taking the shape of columns. Their age is estimated at 50 million years.

In turn, in search of thermal springs you have to go to the oldest spa in Bulgaria – Saints Constantine and Elena. It is here that you can use the prepared thermal pools or see the small monastery of Saints Constantine and Elena.

Going a little further north it is worth visiting the cape Kaliakra, the most protruding part of the Bulgarian state, where in addition to pink limestone you can see the ruins of a Turkish fortress and Thracian stronghold.

Going even further, to Kamen Briag, where the Jałata reserve is located two kilometers from the village. In addition to beautiful views – the rocky shore, you can see the ruins of an old fortress, as well as ancient settlements carved in the rocks.

However, not all caves are open for sightseeing.

What is worth buying or souvenirs from Golden Sands

While on vacation in Golden Sands, it is worth paying attention to local handicrafts in the form of embroidered and colorful, patterned woven products, especially from around Varna.

If you like and need it, you can buy leather and fur items here, leather jackets, gloves and sheepskin coats are particularly popular.

Due to the fact that Bulgaria is a leader among rose oil exporters, you can buy products based on it. From all kinds of cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and other liniments, to rose food products – jams, candies, jellies and alcohol tinctures.

Staying on the subject of percentages, it is definitely worth bringing at least one bottle of Bulgarian wine and flavored rakia or a slightly stronger mastika. From food products, it is also worth to pack sunflower halva, lutenica (something a’la ajvar), meals, local honey and spices: jamjen and szarena sol.

Reviews of holidays in Golden Sands

We are waiting for your reviews and opinions regarding holidays spent in Golden Sands. Any practical information will definitely help future vacationers make the right decisions.


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