Frankfurt am Main – tourist attractions, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

Frankfurt am Main - tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments. What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Frankfurt am Main are a combination of historical monuments and modern architecture. Unfortunately, the city suffered a lot during World War II and most of the historic buildings were simply reconstructed here. Nevertheless, the local old town still impresses tourists. In addition, in recent decades, Frankfurt am Main has strongly focused on … Read more

Hamburg / Live Webcams!

Attractions in Hamburg / Interesting places and monuments that are really worth seeing and visiting.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and also the most important seaport in the country. An interesting fact about Hamburg is also a large number of city cameras transmitting live images to the Internet, often from places that cannot be reached normally. These cameras allow you to see what is currently happening in … Read more

Berlin / Live Webcams!

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin / See what interesting places are worth seeing and visiting in Berlin

Berlin is one of the largest and most attractive cities in Europe. Its scale and modernity delight visitors, whose number does not overwhelm them thanks to the reasonable spatial management. Nevertheless, we will not always be able to see what we want most. Here, online videos that show Berlin from every possible perspective come to … Read more

Weather in Berlin

Long-term weather in Berlin / Weather forecast for tomorrow and 16 days for Berlin

The capital of Germany, located in the eastern part of the country, lies in a temperate climate zone. It is in vain to expect a dry season, and we can come across rainfall all year round. In winter the temperature drops below zero, in summer it can even reach over thirty degrees. The weather in … Read more

Cologne / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing? Sightseeing

Tourist attractions of Cologne / Monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

The attractions of Cologne attract crowds of tourists every year. The city is not only a famous sacred monument from the UNESCO cultural heritage list, but also a fragment of the old town located right on the Rhine, or several really interesting museums. The attractions of Cologne also include colorful and restored tenement houses, narrow … Read more

Prices in Germany

Prices in Germany / Food, drink, food in shops and lunch in restaurants

Prices in Germany are moderate, taking into account the situation in other European countries. It will be more expensive in the Scandinavian countries, or even in neighboring Austria. There will also be countries cheaper than Germany, such as Greece or Slovakia, for example. It is also worth knowing that the costs of individual goods or … Read more

Berlin / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth visiting and seeing?

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin / See what interesting places are worth seeing and visiting in Berlin

Berlin attractions are the main magnet for tourists visiting the city. The capital of Germany is one of the most interesting places in Europe and on the world map. There is always something going on here and there is something to do. Berlin with its monuments and attractions is an ideal proposition for a weekend … Read more

Map of Berlin

Map of Berlin / Districts, U-Bahn and S-Bahn underground, Zoo, attractions, monuments and places of interest

A map of Berlin with districts, tourist attractions and monuments is a great introduction to planning your trip to Berlin in a pragmatic and easy-to-see way. In addition, the U-Bahn map and the S-Bahn map, which perfectly support and facilitate the transfer of tourists between attractions and individual districts of Berlin, will make your memories … Read more

Munich / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing? Sightseeing

Marienplatz in Munich / Check out other Munich attractions

Munich is one of the most visited cities in Germany. The Bavarian capital is associated mainly with the autumn beer festival – Oktoberfest, but it has much more to offer tourists. There are many monuments and attractions in Munich, to the extent that it is impossible to visit everything in one day. Tourist attractions of … Read more

Prices in Berlin / Attractions, museums, cigarettes, alcohol, food, beer, metro

Prices of tourist attractions in Berlin / Museums, places of interest, monuments and attractions in Berlin. Ticket prices.

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is not the most expensive city in this country, not like Hamburg or Munich. Although Berlin is often visited by tourists, it always significantly increases costs. It also depends on what and where we buy. If we come to visit the capital of Germany, we can eat in fashionable pubs, … Read more

Berlin flea markets: Mauerpark, Schoneberg, Nowkoelln Flowmarkt, Treptow Arena

Berlin flea market

It is widely known that Berlin is a great place when it comes to shopping. There are plenty of shops with various goods, luxury boutiques, and large department stores. Everyone who goes shopping in Berlin will not leave empty-handed. The list of shopping places and even entire streets with shops in the German capital is … Read more

Accommodation in Berlin: ho(s)tels or apartments?

Hotels in Berlin / What is the best? How much is a night at a hotel in Berlin?

Accommodation in Berlin is a wide range of hotels, apartments and hostels. Berlin as the capital of Germany belongs to highly touristic cities. This place is visited by millions of tourists every year, which translates directly into the condition and quantity of accommodation. There is certainly no shortage of places to stay in Berlin. The … Read more

Prices at Lake Constance / Dinners in restaurants, drinks and food in shops

Lake Constance is one of the most interesting regions in terms of tourism in Central Europe. Unfortunately, this also translates into nearby prices for accommodation, meals and attractions alike. Of all the countries in which Lake Constance is located, Germany has the lowest prices and it is worth heading there if you want the best … Read more

Dresden / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Dresden is the most beautiful city of Saxony, often called Florence of the North and the pearl of the Baroque. Despite the hard years of history and huge damage after World War II, the city recovered from defeat and is now one of the prettiest places in Germany. The city attracts with its monuments, full … Read more

Lake Constance: What is worth seeing? Tourist attractions, monuments, weather and beaches

Lake Constance is the third largest inland reservoir in the central part of Europe. Located on the northern edge of the Alps, within three countries – Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This large lake is called the Swabian Sea, due to its large area (538.5 sq km) and tides that create quite large waves. The reservoir … Read more