Fuel prices in Italy at gas stations and highways / How much does fuel, diesel and gas cost in Italy?


Fuel prices in Italy are unfortunately among the highest in Europe. Even in neighboring Austria, it is cheaper, although at gas stations just before the Italian border, it is already sold at inflated prices. Therefore, people traveling with their own car to sunny Italy should refuel before the Italian border.

So at what level are fuel prices in Italy?

Fuel prices in Italy / How much does fuel, diesel and gas cost in Italy?
Fuel prices in Italy / How much does fuel, diesel and gas cost in Italy?

Fuel prices in Italy

It is worth noting at the beginning that fuel prices on Italian highways are usually higher than on other roads. The difference sometimes reaches even 0.3 eurocents per liter.

Gasoline 95 price in Italy:

  •     gas stations on highways 1.60 euro per liter
  •     gas stations outside motorways 1.45 euro per liter

Diesel fuel price in Italy:

  •     gas stations on highways 1.40 euro per liter
  •     gas stations off the motorways 1.20 euro per liter

LPG gas price in Italy:

  •     at gas stations where 0.65 euro per liter will be available

How to save on fuel prices in Italy?

These quite high refueling prices in Italy are going to lower slightly. The first way to do this is first of all refueling at stations outside of highways. Then the price for fuel is a little cheaper.

It is also worth coming to self service distributors, marked with the Italian name FAI DA TE. Refueling with a station employee is more expensive by 0.10 eurocents per liter.

These types of places are marked with the Italian word SERVITO.

And of course it’s best to refuel even before the Italian border. For example, in Austria, where fuel prices are definitely lower, especially at gas stations off the highway.

Refueling at gas stations in Italy

When traveling by car in sunny Italy, it’s worth knowing the names in Italian of the given fuel:

  1.     unleaded petrol is senza piombo
  2.     diesel is diesel, but also gasolio
  3.     LPG gas is GPL in Italy

At this point, it should also be noted that on motorways, only every third station will have LPG in its offer.

Gas stations in Italy / How much does fuel cost on motorways in Italy?
Gas stations in Italy / How much does fuel cost on motorways in Italy?

Gas stations in Italy

In Italy, it is best to choose well-known network gas stations, where the fuel will be of adequate quality. There, we will always observe local residents refueling their cars (you’ll know them by license plates). It is better not to use gas stations, so-called no name, usually located near holiday resorts, where the fuel can be of suspicious quality.

Proven gas stations in Italy include:

  1.     Esso
  2.     Shell
  3.     Erg
  4.     Total
  5.     eni
  6.     Q8
  7.     lp
  8.     Tamoil

Gas stations located on motorways in Italy usually offer other travel-related services. For example, you can buy good Italian coffee or do some small grocery shopping here. On the plates before leaving the motorway, such a station will be marked with the inscription – area di servizio.

Autogrill is one of the best known chains of roadside restaurants and bars. This is where you most often get, stopping when traveling around Italy.

The biggest advantage of this place is not only a varied gastronomic offer, but also free toilets. Although apparently in the northern part of Italy, small fees are charged for using the toilet.

In turn, refueling off the highways in Italy looks a little different. You rarely fill up your own fuel here, because service is usually at such a station. However, at scheduled times, usually from 8 to 13, and then from 16 to 19. For such service and pleasure of not leaving the car we will pay 0.10 eurocents per liter more.

The second option at such stations is self-refueling from a self-service distributor, where we pour the fuel ourselves, and then in the machine we have to pay for it. The latter way is also a way out during an Italian siesta after 7pm, and also at night when there is no service. Even if at a given station it says that it is a 24-hour facility (Aperto 24 ore), we can still be condemned to such a self-service machine, because there will be no people at it. You can also meet vending machines in which you have to pay in advance first, and only then you can pour fuel, of course from the appropriate distributor number.

At the end, many people warn against evening and night self-service refueling. Mainly due to safety and the lack of possible help from the service.


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