Frankfurt am Main – tourist attractions, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Frankfurt am Main are a combination of historical monuments and modern architecture. Unfortunately, the city suffered a lot during World War II and most of the historic buildings were simply reconstructed here. Nevertheless, the local old town still impresses tourists. In addition, in recent decades, Frankfurt am Main has strongly focused on modernist urbanism, which gave rise to the skyscraper district called Mainhattan.
The city is mainly associated with the world of finance and trade, including international fairs and exhibitions. Many foreign tourists who come here see mainly the great international airport without visiting the biggest attractions that Frankfurt am Main hides. For another, the city is associated mainly with the more widely known sausages (frankfurters). This place is somehow less popular and known as a tourist destination, even though there is definitely plenty to see here.

Frankfurt am Main - tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments. What is worth visiting?
Frankfurt am Main – tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments. What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Frankfurt will mainly appeal to lovers of modern architecture, because the panorama of the city strongly resembles that of New York. The skyscraper district can really impress here. It is also a good place for people who like to stroll the streets of the Old Town, which radiate a peculiar charm, or visit interesting museums. There are also many historic temples and city parks in Frankfurt am Main, where you can relax after a day of sightseeing. Lovers of night entertainment will also find here, because there are definitely a lot of discos, bars and pubs open until dawn. After all, it was in Frankfurt am Main that electronic music was born ?
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Sightseeing in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main can be explored on foot, especially when it comes to the city center or shopping streets. All other attractions can be reached by public transport, which in this city consists of bus and tram lines as well as the metro.
Allow at least two days to visit Frankfurt am Main. The city has so many interesting places and attractions to offer that we need some time to see it all. The city can be visited practically all year round. However, the best weather for excursions is here in spring and summer. Then the whole city is teeming with life, and many people spend their time outside, especially around the banks of the River Main. It is also worth planning trips to Frankfurt in August, when the Apfelweinfestival, i.e. the cider festival, takes place here. At that time, numerous concerts and other cultural events take place here, and at the stalls you can try many local products, of course, with cider at the fore. In turn, in winter, like in every major German city, Christmas markets are organized here.

Sights of Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main - monuments, interesting places / What to see in Frankfurt?
Frankfurt am Main – monuments, interesting places / What to see in Frankfurt?

Old Town

A place that is hard to miss when visiting Frankfurt am Main is Altstad, or the Old Town. Unfortunately, most of its buildings are not original, because bombing during World War II meant that everything had to be carefully reconstructed. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the Römerberg square, which is located in the heart of the city’s old town. It is here that all important events for the city took place, and the annual Christmas market is also held here.

In addition, sights such as the Church of St. Nicholas from the fifteenth century, which now belongs to the Evangelical community, or the rebuilt old merchant tenement houses. In the old town, it is also worth paying attention to the town hall, Goethe House and the cathedral, which will be more on later.

Town hall

Another monument within the boundaries of Frankfurt’s Old Town is the Römer town hall, which dates back to the 14th century. Its shape stands out from other buildings with neo-gothic stepped gables. Initially, the town hall was a single tenement house, to which the city council bought additional adjacent buildings. In this way, a very large complex was created, which, unfortunately, was almost completely destroyed during the bombing in 1944.

Currently, you can admire only a part of it that has been rebuilt (9 out of 11 original buildings). However, the basic shape of the town hall has been recreated fully and with all details. There are also six courtyards adjacent to the entire building.

Goethe House

A monument in Frankfurt am Main that attracts more interest among tourists is undoubtedly the Goethe House. It was in this three-story tenement house that the famous poet was born. Unfortunately, this tenement house was also completely destroyed in 1944. However, it was later rebuilt.

Today, the Goethe Museum was created inside, where the furnishings of some rooms were reconstructed. So you can see, for example, a wooden writing desk with which he wrote his first version of Faust. In addition, you can also admire period furniture or other personal belongings of the poet.

Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew

An important monument on the tourist map of Frankfurt am Main is also the Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. It is the oldest and the largest religious building in the city. Built in the Gothic style, it took its present shape in the 15th century. In order to see it fully from the outside, you have to move a little further away, because the dense buildings on the cathedral square do not allow it.

Inside, it is worth paying attention to its two parts, one of which was dedicated to the ruler (western), and the other was intended for the monarch of the church (eastern). It was in the cathedral that all the most important events took place, from the coronation to the burial of subsequent rulers. It is also worth knowing that in the 13th century, the relics of the apostle – St. Bartholomew, from whom the temple takes its name.

Tourist attractions in Frankfurt am Main

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One of the biggest attractions of Frankfurt am Main is the skyscraper district, called by everyone Mainhattan. It is here that, without leaving the borders of Europe, you can feel like you are in Manhattan in New York. Tall glass buildings are the seats of the largest banks in the world and other international companies. It was in this financial district that the European Central Bank was located (now its newer headquarters are located in a different part of the city). Right in front of it, a Euro monument was erected as a sign of creating a single currency for the entire European Union.

One of the tallest skyscrapers here is the Main Tower, at the top of which there is a viewing platform. The building, which is over 200 meters high and 55 floors high, is impressive from the ground level. The Commerzbank Tower (300 meters) and the Messeturm (257 meters) are higher than the Main Tower, but neither of them can be entered without the appropriate permission.

The Art Museum

A great attraction, also in the literal sense of the word, is the Städel Museum of Art in Frankfurt. It is the largest art gallery in the city, founded by the local merchant and banker Johann Friedrich Städel in 1815. During the Second World War, the most valuable part of the collection was hidden in a Bavarian castle, which was later found.

Today, the Städel Museum houses the works of brush masters from the 14th to the 21st century. The most famous painters include Picasso, Rembrandt, Dürer, Holbein and Carnach. The painting by Hieronymus Bosch is considered the most valuable work here.

Palm House

Another attraction for tourists in Frankfurt am Main is the local palm house. It is one of the three botanical gardens in the city. The perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle. The whole area covers 22 hectares and is divided into climatic zones. So you can admire vegetation from all over the world, be it from tropical forests or from the more severe tundra. Around the palm house there is a large park with a large playground for children.

What’s worth seeing in Frankfurt am Main?

Frankfurt am Main - interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?
Frankfurt am Main – interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

St. Paul’s Church

In Frankfurt am Main, it is worth visiting the Church of St. Paul. It stands out against the background of urban buildings with the color of its facade, which was built of red sandstone. It was built in the nineteenth century in the classical style. However, what is most interesting is hidden inside. Because the church has not fulfilled its role for a long time. Currently, it houses a museum on the ground floor, where you can see a historical exhibition. At the top, however, the meetings of the Frankfurt Parliament are held, which began its meetings here in 1848, right after the outbreak of the revolution.

Old Opera

Worth seeing, even from the outside in Frankfurt, is the building of the Old Opera. This building was erected in 1880 in the Neo-Renaissance style, with a characteristic pegasus on its top. Unfortunately, like most buildings in Frankfurt, the opera house was destroyed during the bombing. It was rebuilt only at the turn of the 70’s and 80’s. Currently, there are several congress halls and two concert halls. The first (Great) of them can accommodate 2,500 spectators, the second (Mozart’s) only 700.

Museum Coast

A place definitely worth visiting in Frankfurt is the Museum Coast, located in the Sachsenhausen district. The entire complex consists of 13 galleries and museums, located not only on the waterfront, but also among elegant, bourgeois buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. It includes objects such as the German Film Museum, the Städel Art Museum, the Museum of World Cultures, the Museum of Communication and the Museum of Applied Arts.

Interesting places in Frankfurt am Main

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Nizza Park

An interesting place in Frankfurt am Main, especially if you want a break from sightseeing, is the Nizza park. Considered the prettiest in the city, it is located right next to the River Main. Traditionally, you can have a picnic, run or ride a bike, or just sit on a bench. However, what distinguishes it from other urban green areas in Frankfurt is its specific microclimate. Sheltered from the wind, planted fig trees or Mediterranean olives can easily grow in it.

Jewish cemetery

Another interesting place in Frankfurt am Main is also the Jewish Cemetery. Its creation dates back to 1180, which makes it the second oldest Jewish cemetery in Germany. It was used until 1828. Currently, apart from very old graves, you can take a closer look at the wall surrounding it. It is in this concrete fence that metal cubes with the names of Jews murdered during the Holocaust are embedded. Among them you can also find Anne Frank, the author of the famous “Diaries”.


A place that is also worth seeing in Frankfurt am Main is the main shopping street – Zeil. This is where you will meet the largest crowds in the city. It’s a place that almost never sleeps. Planted trees with benches between them add to the charm of this street. You can not only shop here, but also eat or just drink coffee. Zeil is said to be one of the largest shopping streets, not only in Germany, but all over Europe.

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