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Weather in Paris / Long term weather forecast in Paris

Ah, Paris! The city of dreams, one of the most crowded tourists in Europe, if not the world. A city of history, culture, music and fashion –

Weather in Paris

Weather in Paris / Long term weather forecast in Paris

The capital of France is located relatively close to the sea, specifically the English Channel, which connects the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to which

Prices in France

Current prices in France / Dinner at a restaurant for the family, pizza, breakfast / Food and food in shops

Prices in France do not differ much from what we can expect in other Western European countries. Considering the country as a whole, of course. When it

Highways in France / Tolls, vignettes and prices

A map of highways in France

France is another country with a well-developed network of highways. Their total length is almost 12,000 kilometers. In this there are paid and free fragments. Tolls for