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France is one of the oldest European countries: its first city, Marseille, was established by Greek settlers in 600 BC. At about the same time, Celtic Gauls invaded the territory nowadays known as Metropolitan France, conquering all of it by 3rd century BC. Soon after, the concept and national identity of Gaul arose, and thus France was born, even if it was very different from modern France and the people were not even speaking French! Learn about the characteristics of the country, when it is best to visit it and what do you need to prepare before arriving (both in terms of currency and baggage and passports or visas!), what is worth seeing and visiting in various destinations (including sights, monuments, national parks, beaches and more), how to travel (with special attention paid to highways and motorways), the prices of various goods and services, accomodation, weather, maps, tourist guides, opinions of visitors and other practical pieces of information!

Islands: Corsica
Cities: Paris