Cheap flights to Lisbon and Lisbon airport

The airport in Lisbon is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Located in the center of the Portuguese capital, it is a good example of how well you can organize transport links with the city. On the other hand, during the holiday season it can be very crowded, where you wait in check in a really long queue. It is therefore not a flawless airport.

Lisbon airport

Lisbon Airport (IATA: LIS, ICAO: LPPT) is the largest airport in Portugal. Since 2016, it is called Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, given in honor of the Portuguese general, a political activist who fought against the dictatorship of Salazar’s rule.

Lisbon Airport is located about 7 kilometers from the city center. However, we can easily reach the center due to numerous transport connections.

See on the map where the Lisbon airport is located:

In 2018, Lisbon airport served almost 30 million passengers and this number is increasing every year. For this reason, it is planned to expand it and build a new airport in Montijo. This is one of the ideas to unload air and passenger traffic a little, which is sometimes delayed by autumn fog from the Tagus.

Lisbon airport is old.

It was opened in 1942 and fulfilled not only passenger but also military functions. Especially for stopovers of the Allied army, on the route to Gibraltar or North Africa.

In the 1950s there was a rapid development of the Lisbon airport, where the runway also underwent modernization, at which heavier aircraft could eventually land. In 2012, the entire airport underwent a number of structural improvements, replacement of equipment and expansion. From lighting, to the renovation of the waiting room, to the renewal of baggage claim areas. However, the most important renovation point was the addition of the second terminal (T2).

Cheap flights to Lisbon
Cheap flights to Lisbon

Terminals at Lisbon airport

At present, Lisbon airport has two terminals and, unfortunately, only one runway. The first terminal (T1) is used for international flights, while the second (T2) is the place from which low-cost airlines depart only and domestic flights depart. The division between them also looks like all arriving passengers pass through the T1 terminal, while only low-budget travelers depart from the T2 terminal. A free bus service runs every 10 minutes between the terminals.

The ride takes literally a few minutes.

Facilities at the Lisbon airport

At the airport in Lisbon there are a number of traditional amenities that we can customarily meet at other airports. You can rent a car here (rentals are at the T1 terminal) or use the currency exchange office or tourist information. Of course, there are also duty-free shops (interestingly located before passport control), restaurants and cafes, and ATMs.

It is also possible to store luggage for an additional fee (depending on its weight) at the T1 terminal. In general, the first terminal has many more shops, catering and service outlets than T2. There are also vending machines for food and drinks everywhere, but at inflated prices.

The T1 terminal has a large waiting room with a separate dining area, VIP area and a place for children to play. However, when traveling outside the Schengen area, one should bear in mind that this part of the Lisbon airport is the least organized. There are not many places to sit here, nor a lot of shops or cafes.

The entire facility is adapted for the disabled and free wi-fi is available on its premises (after logging in by email). As for parking lots at the airport in Lisbon, two short-term (P1 and P2) are located at terminal 1.

There is a free bus to the P3 long-term car park.

Flights to Lisbon
Flights to Lisbon

Airlines and international flights at Lisbon airport

The airport in Lisbon is primarily the main hub of the domestic carrier TAP Air Portugal and low-cost airlines – easyJet and Ryanair. The first terminal serves, among others, airlines such as: Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Egyptair, Finnair, Germanwings, Iberia, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, Royal Air Maroc, Swiss International Air Lines, TACV, Tunisair, Turkish Airlines or Ukraine International Airlines.

So from Lisbon you will reach most of the major European cities and those located in other parts of the world – Dublin, Paris, Rome, London, Brussels, Dubai, Cairo, Madrid, Frankfurt, Casablanca, Oslo, Budapest or Cape Verde.

The other terminal (T2), in addition to domestic flights, TAP Air Portugal and SATA International, which will fly to Funchal, Horta, Pico, Faro or Porto, also low-cost airlines: Ryanair, easyJet, Wizzair, Blue Air and Transavia.

See what the Lisbon airport looks like:

How to get from the airport to the center of Lisbon?

Lisbon airport is well connected to the city. First of all, its location is due to its proximity to downtown. Dense development on the one hand prevents further expansion of the airport, on the other hand it provides an excellent field for connecting the port with public transport. And so, landing in Lisbon, when it comes to transport we have a metro, city buses, airbus and of course taxis. You can also rent a car and travel on your own.

Metro to Lisbon airport

A subway line to the airport was added in 2012. The airport is the last station of the red metro line (metro plan). The cost of such a ride to downtown Lisbon is about 1.50 euro. You pay nothing for luggage. The ticket can be bought at the vending machine before entering the metro. The station is easy to find because it is well signposted at the airport. The metro stop is next to the first terminal. You just have to remember that the metro is open every day from 6.30 to 1.00 at night. Trains run every few minutes. It’s probably the cheapest way to get to the center of Lisbon from the airport.

City bus to Lisbon airport

Another way to reach your destination in Lisbon is by city bus. A stop of several bus lines is also close to the first terminal. 705, 708, 722, 731, 744, 750, 783 buses depart from here, which will take you to different regions of the Portuguese capital (timetable by stop). The ticket can be bought in a vending machine at the metro station, then its price will be around 1.5 euro. You can also buy it from the driver, although the cost will be higher, because we will pay 2 euro. Also consider that you will not get on a city bus with a large suitcase (a carry-on will pass). A big advantage of this transport is the night line (208), which, unlike the metro, runs from 0.30am to 5.30am.


Like city buses, the aerobus is operated by Carris. Like them, it departs practically from under the first terminal. The Aerobus reaches the most important places in the whole of Lisbon, such as, for example, the train station, the main square of the capital or the bus station. We have a choice of one of three lines, with the first two running from 8am to 9pm every 20 minutes. The third one runs from 9am to 5pm, almost every hour. A single ticket costs 4 euroand can be purchased online  or from the driver. The advantage of traveling by aerobus is that there are no problems here to take our large suitcase with you.


This option is available around the clock and, contrary to appearances, not so terribly expensive. For the course from the airport to the center of Lisbon we will pay around 12-15 euro, depending on where we want to get. At night, the bill will be higher by about 20%. The taxi rank is located directly at the exit of the departure and arrival hall. Many people advise that the driver turn on the taximeter. Otherwise, the journey can take us a bit more expensive.

Lisbon airport
Lisbon airport

Contact, address and practically information about the Lisbon airport

Lisbon airport address: Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa
Useful telephone numbers for information: +351 218 413 700 or 800 201 201.
Email address:
In addition, it should be mentioned that the information for airport passengers operates from 5:00 to 24:00 and is located in terminal 2 of the airport.

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