First Minute Holidays in Tenerife / When and where is the best to buy? What price and offer at travel agencies?

Holidays in Tenerife are one of the most frequently chosen offers in travel agencies because there are direct flights from many airports across Europe and North America, the climate is stable and pleasant all year round and the extensive tourist accommodation base on the island causes competition among hoteliers and other entrepreneurs associated with this industry, which results in reasonable local prices.

Holidays in Tenerife, as in the case of all other destinations, are now more profitable to book well in advance in the so-called first minute offer. Then we have a real chance to find a holiday with a much larger discount than waiting until the end in the so-called last minute option. First minute holidays to Tenerife are now a much more attractive offer, for people who can afford such an early booking, in addition collecting various types of bonuses.

First minute holidays in Tenerife / Travel agency offers
First minute holidays in Tenerife / Travel agency offers

Let’s start from the beginning – what are first minute holidays?

First minute holidays are an offer of trips and holidays to be bought a long time before departure. Usually the first appear even in September, just after the end of the summer season.

Their biggest advantage are discounts of up to 40 or even 60% from the starting price of the trip.

An additional bonus is the benefits added by selected travel agencies such as a guarantee of price stability, the lowest price guarantee (until the day of departure), higher insurance options, or free booking changes. Sometimes these types of promotions also include discounts for children, which for some organizers can reach up to 80%.

First minute holidays mean also a wide selection of hotels in Tenerife that still offer a full range of all their rooms, in different countries. The best spots sell like hot cakes, especially if accommodation is of a high standard and the price is extremely favorable.

Low sums of advance payment, which must be paid to book a given trip in the first minute, are also encouraging. Sometimes even 5% of the whole trip is enough to book the right time in the dream hotel. The rest of the price is usually payable 30-40 days before departure.

Tenerife vacation first minute / Where to buy? What price and reviews?
Tenerife vacation first minute / Where to buy? What price and reviews?

Is it worth buying a holiday in Tenerife in the first minute?

Tenerife is a popular holiday destination. The island’s economy is mainly based on tourism. There is no shortage of hotels in Tenerife and they are at quite pleasant prices, although when it comes to the offer of holidays available at the travel agency, the amount is also influenced by the price for the flight:

The cost of flights to Tenerife is not cheap, which is reflected in the price of the holiday, which is why it is worth looking for savings in first minute offers in Tenerife.

People interested in traveling to the Canary Islands, according to their own observations, say that holiday prices are the lowest in September or October.

Where to buy first minute holidays in Tenerife?
Where to buy first minute holidays in Tenerife?

When is the best time to book First Minute holidays in Tenerife?

Even from the statistics of travel agencies, it can be concluded that the first minute offers available in the early sales phase are more affordable than the last places already issued in the last minute option.

The difference in the case of Tenerife may not be spectacular, because it ranges from 40 to 100 euro per person (for example, in a four-star hotel, with full board, for a week-long stay at the beginning of August), but if it concerns a family of four, you can really save a lot.

Interestingly, the percentage of holidays purchased so early is less than 10%. There is probably still some conviction among customers that it is worth waiting for the price to drop over time. However, it is clear from the data that this is unlikely to happen. Therefore, it is better to buy first minute to Tenerife from the very first moment the new offer appears.

Who are the first minute holidays in Tenerife for?

The first minute in Tenerife is a vacation for people who can plan their vacation well in advance. A flexible vacation schedule, your own business or just the opportunity to take time off at any time will definitely be helpful in this situation. In addition, it is a vacation for those who are already determined where they want to fly specifically and it is not about the direction itself, but even about the town or the already chosen hotel. Then you can really get the first minute offer at a great price.

The first minute offers for Tenerife will also be ideal for large families and groups of friends. It is much easier to immediately book a hotel with family rooms that are sold out as one of the first (especially in facilities with water parks and activities for children). The situation is similar if several people are traveling and several rooms are needed. At that time, practically every hotel has the right amount at the beginning of sales. In the case of last minute offers, it is unlikely that everyone will be in one facility.

Tenerife holidays in the first minute option are also an ideal way to fly to your dream hotel at the lowest possible price. People who hunt for bargains or those with a limited budget should be as interested in trips as soon as possible at the beginning of their sale. In addition, checking whether the offer also includes a guaranteed unchanged price, which ensures that if the cost of travel decreases during the whole time (up to the holidays), the travel agency will refund them the difference.

Another way to avoid the fact that booking such a distant date will not be made is to buy an appropriate insurance policy in advance, from canceling the trip. Then even if for some unforeseen reasons, illnesses or accidents, we will not be able to go to rest, we will recover the entire cost of our vacation.

If you decide on a First Minute vacation then you have a lot of time to get to know the most interesting tourist attractions in Tenerife, which you will later quietly visit and see there.

Where to buy a holiday in Tenerife first minute?

Every self-respecting travel agency has first minute deals on Tenerife. Starting from the largest companies on the market, to small intimate offices. So there is a lot to choose from. Before buying, however, it is worth comparing not only the price itself, but also all the additional benefits that are included in early bookings. Each travel agency has its own marketing strategy and tempts with other free items already included in the holiday price.

Reviews about Tenerife first minute holidays

Let us know in the comments what your experience with travel agencies and specific hotels in Tenerife is. Your reviews and opinions about Tenerife’s first minute vacation will help you better choose future offers.

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