Tourist cradle

What is the best tourist cradle? Ranking, price and opinions

A travel cradle is an indispensable gadget in a layette for a child whose parents like to travel – it is extremely comfortable for both the parent and the child, so it’s no wonder that it beats travel cots especially in the first months of life. If you, even when traveling, prefer to avoid sleeping … Read more

Zoo around the world / Live Webcams!

Zoos of the world/ Live Webcams!

Cameras transmitting images from the zoo are a special category of web cameras. Thanks to them, we can see what animals from all over the world are doing at a given moment. For many viewers, especially younger ones, it will be great entertainment, especially when we cannot visit the zoo on our own. Since the … Read more

International Space Station / Live webcams!

International Space Station (NASA photo) / ISS live camera online.

The most unusual webcams (i.e. cameras transmitting live view to the internet) are undoubtedly the ones that are not on Earth at all! The International Space Station (ISS for short) is probably known to you – its launch in 1998 was a great event, and due to its research and prestige, it often appears in … Read more

What can you take on the plane in hand luggage?

What you can take on the plane in hand luggage

What can you take on the plane in hand luggage? This question keeps novice travelers awake at night. If you still have doubts about the first air trip ahead of you or even with several flights behind you, please read our article. Why is it worth taking care of the contents of hand luggage? Safety … Read more

Exercise on the beach

How to exercise on the beach / The best exercises for the beach

Exercising on the beach will keep you in shape even during your vacation. If you want to know why and how to exercise, be sure to stay with us. Why is it worth doing exercises on the beach? Vacation is a special time when we allow ourselves a little more, also when it comes to … Read more

Pets on a plane

Transporting animals by plane

The transport of pets by plane is a topic that interests mainly owners of pets such as dogs and cats. Currently, our pets can travel with us, not only by cars or trains, but also by sky-high transport. For this reason, more and more people decide to travel by plane with a pet, whether it … Read more

Helipad lighting

Helipads can be located in extremely different places, and not all types of lights can be found in every such facility. However, of course, there are markings and lighting systems with which landing pads intended for night flight operations must be equipped. What does such a landing pad look like? How are the landing areas … Read more

Obstacle lighting

Obstacle lighting provides visibility of tall objects from long distances, therefore it plays a significant role in ensuring air traffic safety. Not only the light intensity is important here, but also the color and type (solid, flashing). Due to the fact that they are installed outdoors and at high altitudes, they must simultaneously meet many … Read more

Airport lighting

A passenger landing at night at an airport might think that the lights on it are simply used to improve visibility. And of course they would be partly right, but only to a small extent. Airport ground lighting (AGL) is primarily intended to navigate the pilot. Each light provides the pilot with information necessary for … Read more

Cheap flights and tickets search engine!

In our opinion, the above SkyScanner flight search engine is the best tool on the market that will show you an extensive list of cheap flights at your chosen departure and arrival times including connections to and from specific airports! After all, holiday travel by plane is the fastest and most comfortable means of transport … Read more

Mandatory vaccinations for travelers

We travel more and more, further and further. There is practically no such place in the world that a determined traveler is unable to reach. Airline tickets and last-minute offers are becoming more and more affordable, and our travel appetites are reaching ever more exotic places. However, all this makes us more vulnerable to various … Read more

Holidays with a travel agency step by step

How to vacation with a travel agency

Are you planning a vacation but don’t  know how to start? We will guide you step by step through the process of organizing and buying tours at a travel agency! Holidays purchased at a travel agency are convenient. There is no doubt about it. All formalities are dealt with by the employees, we are insured … Read more

Where not to go on holidays

Dangerous tourist destinations. The threat is not only terrorist attacks but also dangerous weather conditions such as storms or hurricanes

When choosing a specific tourist destination and country, you are hoping for a carefree time, but in the current geopolitical situation and with terrorist threats, it is not so safe everywhere. For this reason it is worth checking on UK Government’s Travelling Advice website before arranging a holiday. Each country of the world is described … Read more

Journey Around The World

A cruise around the world without calling at the port? It can be done. See what the price is and how to prepare.

Traveling around the world is the dream of many a traveler. Such an expedition allows you to see a good chunk of the world during one trip, including many places that you could only dream about seeing before. Sounds great? However… This is not a simple matter, let alone cheap, but entirely possible. Dreaming is … Read more