Ebook reader / With backlit screen, dictionary or color display? 6, 8 or 10 inches?

Bookworms on vacation usually have to face many difficulties that will prevent them from indulging in their passion for reading. One of them is the need to take much heavier and larger luggage – after all, books are not light; )

Fortunately, the perfect solution is the ebook reader. How many books will fit, is the battery enough for a week of vacation and is it worth investing in such equipment at all? Let’s find out!

Electronic book reader and more

Ebook readers are primarily used to read ebooks, but they also often have other functions, such as storing notes, reports or other materials.

The most-supported formats for book readers are MOBI and EPUB, as well as DOC, TXT and PDF.

Which ebook reader should you choose and buy for the holidays? Discover the opinions of tourists and check prices.
Which ebook reader should you choose and buy for the holidays? Discover the opinions of tourists and check prices.

Screen diagonal in eBook readers: 6, 8 or 10 inches?

Speaking of screen diagonal in ebook readers, we are also talking about one of their biggest advantages. Readers resemble, in both construction and size, ordinary tablets.

(And how many books they contain! What will be about in a moment).

The e-book reader will easily fit in a small pocket of a backpack or suitcase, and even in hand luggage.

If you are afraid that your luggage at the airport will weigh too much, you can relieve it by putting an ebook reader in the pocket of a jacket or cargo pants! It is worth adding here that a standard e-book reader weighs together with the case about 300 g. 😉

Which book reader should you choose?

The most popular option is a 6-inch (12 cm x 9 cm) book reader. On such a reader you can comfortably read books without tiring your eyes.

However, the stores also have models with a screen size of 5 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches.

The largest ones are used when you need to view very capacious PDF files. As you can guess, such devices are, however, more expensive than standard six-inch readers.

Reader memory, i.e. how many books a small device can hold

The memory of an ebook reader is – next to its small size and weight – one of its biggest advantages. Most models are equipped with memory from 2 GB to 4 GB, so that a standard device will fit about 1000 books!

Even if your reader has smaller memory, it can be expanded using SD or micro SD cards.

Doesn’t that sound promising?

Especially in the context of the possibility of taking with you on vacation such a number of books weighing together just as much as … one book?

Good eBook Reader / How many books can be stored and how long the battery lasts?
Good eBook Reader / How many books can be stored and how long the battery lasts?

E-paper and e-ink

Probably, wanting to take an ebook reader with you on vacation (for example, to the beach), we are wondering if reading in the sun will be possible at all.

The answer will be very satisfactory!

Electronic book readers are equipped with a special screen that imitates a piece of paper (e – paper). It is matte and does not reflect light. What’s more, the more light falls on the screen, the better the visibility it offers.

In addition, book readers use so-called electronic ink, which does not strain your eyes (does not shine or flickers).

Backlit ebook reader

Going to a tent, or sharing a house with other residents who do not share your passion for reading at night?

No problem! The stores also have readers with a backlit screen, and actually – with over-exposure. The light here comes from the LEDs illuminating the text from above. Thanks to this, you avoid excessive eye strain.

How long does the e-book reader work?

The length of the ebook reader’s work is really impressive – after one charge, the device can work up to several weeks!

So you can take it to a tent or anywhere with limited access to electricity – without fear that the battery will run out when the heroes’ adventures reach their climax. A long battery is also useful when flying an airplane.

Additional equipment

Book readers, as befits modern devices, are often equipped with additional functions that significantly increase the comfort of their use. So in the stores you will find an ebook reader with the function of a touch dictionary, a reader with a color display, or an MP3 player.

An interesting feature is the Text To Speech function – a speech synthesizer.

Readers can also connect to the internet.

Ebook reader or tablet for reading books?

Although the tablet can also be used to read books, the reader has a huge advantage over it:

A fully charged battery lasts longer

E-paper and e-ink do not tire your eyes and allow you to read even in full sun, and for that – let’s admit:

The reader will not be distracted by any information from social media, emails or text messages.

Which ebook reader will be the best? Read tourist reviews.
Which ebook reader will be the best? Read tourist reviews.

Price of ebook reading devices

You will buy the cheapest e-book reader for around 40-50 euro (which is equivalent to 5 books …). The price of the most expensive models may exceed 100 euro.

Manufacturers of ebook readers

Among the manufacturers of eBook readers, it is worth mentioning brands such as Kindle, Onyx, Prestigio, Inkbook, PocketBook, and LarkFreeBook.

Opinions about ebook readers

Going on vacation certainly an ebook reader will be a relief for every tourist, especially when the device has a large library.Therefore, your opinions and reviews about book readers will be very helpful to us. Under what conditions did you use it, how many books could it hold, how long did it work? Such reviews will help you choose the best ebook reader.

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