Highways in the Czech Republic / Vignettes, tolls and expressways

Vignettes in the Czech Republic.

Motorways in the Czech Republic are not appreciated by drivers at all – many of their users criticize the condition of the high-speed roads in this country, as well as the passenger service areas. The latter include both fuel stations and toilets, as well as gastronomic and commercial facilities. The condition of motorways in the … Read more

Brno / What is worth seeing and visiting? Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno / Brno and surroundings / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Brno is a city located among the Moravian hills. Despite its apparent size – over 400,000 inhabitants, which puts them as the second most populous city cluster in the Czech Republic, is not overwhelming. Even people who avoid visiting cities can find secluded, interesting places and several interesting monuments that are not crowded with tourists. … Read more

Motorways in the Czech Republic: Vignette prices, toll roads, fuel prices at gas stations

Motorways in the Czech Republic / Vignettes: price, where to buy, and where to stick? Fuel price at a gas station in the Czech Republic!

The road network in the Czech Republic consists of highways and roads for motor vehicles. The former are primarily to connect with each other major Czech cities, but also to co-create international transport corridors. Motorways in the Czech Republic, with the exception of short sections of the beltways of major cities, are paid, so you … Read more

Brno attractions: interesting places and monuments

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, called the gateway or metropolis of South Moravia, and even the Tuscany of Central Europe or the Czech Manchester. The city is the center of academic, cultural and artistic life. Brno is also the historical capital of Moravia, which, like other cities, suffered during World … Read more

What is worth seeing in Prague? Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places / Prague tourist guide!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, offers many attractions, monuments and interesting places that make you want to keep coming back to it. Prague did not suffer much during World War II, so ancient monuments are mixed with modern facilities and interesting installations of local artists. One day to visit the attractions of Prague … Read more