Cyprus prices: Food, drink, alcohol and dinners at restaurants

Cyprus has for years been among hottest holiday destinations in Europe. Although closer to the Asia, the Republic of Cyprus is within the borders of the European Union and its currency is euro.

Prices in Cyprus are moderate. Some say it is a little more expensive than in Spain or Greece. Others, however, believe they are at a similar level.

It all depends on the wealth of the wallet, the quality of products and services bought, and the season in which we intend to spend our holidays in Cyprus.

Prices in Cyprus / Check how much money to take with you on vacation in Cyprus.
Prices in Cyprus / Check how much money to take with you on vacation in Cyprus.

Current prices in Cyprus

The most expensive city is of course Nicosia, the capital of the island and places of large tourist accumulation such as Ayia Napa, Paphos or Limassol, where it will be more expensive, especially closer to the sea and historical monuments.

Lower prices will be in well-known and crowded resorts, such as Larnaca.

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When it comes to shopping in Nicosia, it is worth going to the Turkish part and stocking up on souvenirs or food there.

In general, on the north side of the island is a bit cheaper.

However, trips there take place on their own, due to the complicated political situation of this island.

Let’s get to the specifics and check what are the specific and current prices in Cyprus.

 Prices of food and drink in Cyprus / Check what are the current prices in stores in Cyprus.
Prices of food and drink in Cyprus / Check what are the current prices in stores in Cyprus.

Prices of food and drink in stores in Cyprus

As everywhere, the cheapest grocery shopping will be done in supermarkets. However, before traveling to a given town, it is worth checking if there is one nearby, because not always and not in every place we will find e.g. one of the cheaper supermarket supermarkets, which is Lidl.

And if it will be more on the outskirts of the city than in the center.

It is worth checking discount stores, Metro and Alphamega stores, as prices will be at a decent level.

The most expensive purchases are made in small stores, e.g. Periptero, where prices can be up to two or three times higher.

When it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, we buy them at the stalls the cheapest. The same applies to some spices, sweets, dried fruit and fresh fish. However, when it comes to bread, it is worth buying them in small bakeries.

  1. bread 1-2 euro for a loaf
  2. toast bread 1.20 euro per package
  3. baguette 0.90 -1.50 euro (depending on size)
  4. bread roll of 0.20 euro
  5. milk 1-1.80 euro per liter
  6. butter 2.60-3.60 euro per cube 250 g
  7. eggs 1.50-3.50 for 10-12
  8. fruit yogurt 1-1.50 euro per packaging
  9. sandwich cheese 3 euro per packaging
  10. yellow cheese 2 euro for 200 g
  11. halloumi cheese 2.50-3 euro per packaging over 200 g
  12. ham sandwich 10 euro per kilo
  13. sausages for breakfast 3.5 euro for a large package
  14. cereal for milk 3-3.50 for a large package
  15. nut-chocolate cream 2.50 euro for 200gr
  16. ketchup 1-2 euro per packaging
  17. mayonnaise 2 euro for a jar
  18. olive oil 1.35 euro per liter
  19. noodles 1-1,20 euro for a package of 500 g
  20. rice 1.20 euro for a package of 400 g
  21. minced meat from 4 euro for a package 650 g
  22. chicken breast fillet 4.50-9 euro per kilo
  23. beef 7-12 euro per kilo
  24. octopus 6 euro per kilo
  25. fish fillet from 6 euro per kilo
  26. potatoes 0.40-1.20 euro per kilo
  27. tomatoes 1-3 euro per kilo
  28. cucumbers 0.50-1.30 euro per kilo
  29. lettuce 0.30-0.80 euro per vegetable
  30. sweet potatoes 2.20 euro per kilo
  31. orange 0.80-2 euro per kilo
  32. bananas 1-1.80 euro per kilo
  33. watermelon 0.80 euro per kilo
  34. mango 2.60 euro per kilo
  35. kiwi 2.20 euro per kilo
  36. ground coffee: 3 euro per packaging 250 g
  37. instant coffee 1.80 euro per packaging 50 g
  38. tea 1.70 euro for a pack of 20 bags
  39. chocolate bar 0.50-0.65 euro per piece
  40. chips in a tube 1.70 euro per packaging
  41. chips 90 g 1.20 euro

Prices of drinks in stores and supermarkets in Cyprus

  1. mineral water 0.30-1.50 euro for a 1.5 liter bottle
  2. cola 1.10 euro per liter
  3. fruit juice 1.5 euro per liter
  4. Iced tea 2 euro for 1.5 liters
  5. cider 1.50 euro for half a liter
  6. local beer 0.75-1.50 euro for half a liter
  7. imported beer 1-3 euro for half a liter
  8. local wine approx. 4 euro per bottle
  9. vodka 14 euro for 0.7 liters
  10. gin 15 euro per liter
  11. rum 16 euro for 0.7 liters
  12. whiskey 13-14 euro for 0.7 liters
  13. ouzo 9 euro for half a liter
  14. cigarettes 4-5 euro per packet
Prices for dinners in restaurants and local bars in Cyprus
Prices for dinners in restaurants and local bars in Cyprus

Prices of dinners in restaurants and bars in Cyprus

The prices of meals in pubs and dinners at restaurants in Cyprus vary. We have to pay around 8-14 euro for a meal in a cheap eatery. A similar dish, but in a better restaurant it will cost us 15-20 euro or more.

The cheapest we will pay for the so-called street food (4-7 euro).

The most expensive premises will be located near the sea and pubs in the capital of Cyprus.

A popular dish ordered in pubs is meze, which is a set of small portions of various dishes (vegetable, meat or fish). In this way, by paying a one-off amount, we have a chance to try different delicacies.

1.set 5-7 euro

  1. pita with meat or cheese filling from 3 euro
  2. souvlaki from 4 euro
  3. fries around 2 euro
  4. moussaka 3-6 euro for portion
  5. pasta from 5 euro for portion
  6. pizza from 7-8 euro
  7. meze 5-10 euro for a small portion per person
  8. meze 15-20 euro for a large portion per person
  9. salads 3.50-6 euro for portion
  10. seafood dish from 15 euro
  11. fish 10-15 euro
  12. meat dish from 10 euro
  13. breakfasts 5-6 euro
  14. grilled halloumi cheese 3-5 euro

Dessert and drink prices in Cyprus restaurants and bars:

  1. desserts from 4-5 euro
  2. ice cream in fastfood bar from 0.60 euro
  3. scoop of ice cream from 2 euro
  4. Cypriot coffee from 1 euro
  5. cappuccino 2.5-3 euro
  6. frappe 2.50-3 euro
  7. tea 1.20-2 euro
  8. water 0.50-1.20 euro for 0.33 liter
  9. cola 1-2 euro for 0.33 liter
  10. juice 2-3 euro for 0.25 liter
  11. freshly squeezed juice 3-4 euro

Alcohol prices in Cyprus:

  1. local beer 2-4 euro for half a liter
  2. imported beer 3-5 euro for 0.33 liter
  3. drink from 4-5 euro
  4. a glass of ouzo 2-4 euro
  5. a glass of home wine from 1 euro
  6. a glass of commandaria 3-4 euro
  7. a glass of local zivania liqueur 3 euro
  8. a glass of brandy 3 euro
  9. a carafe of homemade wine from as little as 4 euro for half a liter
Prices of accommodation, souvenirs and tours in Cyprus
Prices of accommodation, souvenirs and tours in Cyprus

Prices of accommodation in Cyprus

Prices of accommodation in Cyprus vary depending on the date when we arrive. In high season (July, August), as you know, it will be the most expensive, so you even have to spend 40-50 euro per night at a 1- or 2-star hotel. In the remaining months you can find accommodation cheaper by half. A more economical option will be a night in a hostel, whose prices average over 20 euro per night. The most expensive city is Nicosia (all year round) and well-known resorts (in summer). Then prices for one night in a hotel, not top class, reach up to 100 euro per room.

In Cyprus, you can also take advantage of many optional trips. Let’s check their prices:

Prices of attractions and optional trips in Cyprus

  1. archaeological site in Limassol 2.50 euro
  2. Royal tombs in Paphos 2.50 euro
  3. Larnaca Castle 2.50 euro
  4. Museum of Cyprus in Nicosia 4.50 euro
  5. Observatory in Nicosia 2.50 euro
  6. Aquapark Ayia Napa 38 euro
  7. Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates in Episkopi 2.50 euro
  8. castle in Kolosi 2.50 euro
  9. archaeological site in Tamassos 2.50 euro
  10. boat trip with a glass bottom approx. 10 euro
  11. zoo in Limassol 5 euro
  12. trip to the Troodos mountains combined with a wine tasting 45 euro
  13. trip to the capital of Cyprus – Nicosia + a visit to the village of Lefkara (lace) 54 euro
  14. admission to the Wine Festival in Limassol 6 euro
  15. Akamas Peninsula by jeeps + boat trip 96 euro
  16. cruise on the Turkish part of Cyprus to Famagusta 35 euro
  17. 3 hours quad safari 65 euro
  18. diving lessons 55 euro
  19. car rental per week (in season) from 100 euro
  20. fuel price 1.25 euro per liter
  21. deck chair on the beach approx. 2.50 euro per day
  22. umbrella on the beach approx. 2.50 euro per day
  23. set (umbrella + two sunbeds) 7.5 euro per day

Now a few words about the prices of souvenirs in Cyprus.

Prices of souvenirs from Cyprus

  1. souvenir magnet 1-2 euro
  2. postcard from 0.30 euro
  3. scented soap 2-3 euro
  4. a material bag from 1.50 euro
  5. a decorative plate or bowl from 5 euro
  6. embroidered napkin from 3.50 euro
  7. eye of a prophet bijoux from 1 euro
  8. a packet of spices 1.5-2 euro
  9. fortified Cypriot Commandaria wine from 5 euro for 0.7 liters, depending on the vintage
  10. Cypriot ouzo from 7 euro for 0.7 liters
  11. Zivana Cypriot liqueur from 13 euro for 0.7 liters

We also invite you to visit the official tourist website of Cyprus.

Current map of Cyprus

On the map of Cyprus below you will locate most attractions and places of interest. You will also plan to move around the island:

If you spent a great holiday in Cyprus, remember about us and let us know in the comments what are your opinions about Cyprus and the prices on the island in shops, stalls and restaurants. Every opinion counts and matters.

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