Prices in Split / Dinner for the family, food and drink in shops, cigarettes, alcohol

Food prices in Split / Fast food, pizza, dinner for the whole family

Split is a city mentioned in one breath right next to Dubrovnik and Trogir. A well-known place visited by tourists in Croatia. One of the most interesting issues that bother people going there – are the current prices in Split. Unfortunately, large and popular Croatian cities and resorts are considered simply expensive. Hence, such interest … Read more

Split: attractions, monuments and interesting places / What to see and visit?

Split Palace of Emperor Diocletian / Attractions and sights that are worth visiting in Split

Split is a city mentioned in the same breath, next to Dubrovnik when it comes to visiting Croatia. Associated mainly with the Diocletian’s Palace, but recently it is probably more famous, thanks to the famous series – “Game of Thrones”, which served as the background. It impresses not only with the great weather prevailing for … Read more