Tourist attractions in Pakoštane / Sights, places of interest and sightseeing!

Tourist attractions in Pakoštane

Pakoštane is a typical holiday resort, located in the middle of the Zadar Riviera. Surrounded by national parks and Lake Vrasko Nature Park it’s an attractive spot for a great holiday. Local beaches, the azure sea and the intimate nature of Pakoštane  attract crowds of tourists eager for rest in the sunshine every year. Additional … Read more

Accommodation in Pakoštane: Beach apartments, hotels, private accommodation, camping

Accommodation in Pakoštane / Apartments, private accommodation and hotels. Check opinions and prices.

Pakoštane is a quiet location, ideal for a great holiday in Croatia. The village is located between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Vransko, more precisely halfway between Šibenik and Zadar. It is inhabited by over three thousand inhabitants, who mostly rely on tourism by renting apartments and private accommodation. Pakoštane is a resort that families … Read more

Beaches in Pakoštane: Bužakovina (Pine Beach), Pilatuša, Punta, Janice, Porat

Beaches in Pakoštane

Pakoštane is a holiday resort in North Dalmatia. It is located exactly in the middle of the Adriatic Sea coast, right next to Lake Vransko. Pakoštane is a quiet resort that has been popular among tourists for years: the magnet here are next to lush vegetation, blue sea and proximity to national parks, certainly sandy … Read more

Weather in Pakoštane / Air and water temperature / Long-term forecast

Long-term weather forecast for Pakoštane / Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Pakoštane is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Adriatic coast in Northern Dalmatia. It enjoys interest due to its convenient location in the heart of Croatia, amazing nature and numerous beaches surrounding the resort of Pakoštane. In addition, the great advantage of holidays in Pakoštane is also the weather here, beautiful and … Read more