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Interesting places in Omiš

Omiš is a small port town, which with its extraordinary charm attracts crowds of tourists every year. In addition to the tempting and quite rare in Croatia sandy beaches, the resort also offers visitors other attractions and interesting monuments. The surrounding mountain massifs and the local Cetina River only add tourist attractions to Omiš. This … Read more

Sandy beaches in Omiš. The most beautiful and the best. Opinions, photos and videos. Which one is the best?

The best, most beautiful and most popular sandy beaches in Omiš

Omiš is one of the nicely situated towns on the Croatian coast. Picturesquely surrounded by the Mosor mountain range, it turns into a lively resort in the summer. The town is an ideal starting point to such attractive places as Split, Trogir or Makarska Riviera. Today in our tourist guide around the city of Omiš … Read more

Weather in Omiš / May, June, July, August, September / Long-term weather forecast and water temperature

Weather in Omiš in spring, summer and autumn. LoOmiš beaches / Reviews, photos and videos. Which one is the best? Which summer should you choose?

Omiš has great weather, where the number of sunny hours per year is over 2,700. The city is influenced by the continental Mediterranean climate, which translates into dry and hot summers and quite mild, but rainy winters. The average annual air temperature in Omiš is 16 degrees Celsius. The warmest month of summer is July, … Read more