Beaches in Brela: Punta Rata, Berulia, Soline, Stomarica, Podrače

The most beautiful beaches in Brela are one of the best rated in all of Croatia: Punta Rata, Soline, Berulia.

Beaches in Brela are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in Croatia. The combination of blue, crystal-clear water, along with light gravel sand, and the lushness and color of the surrounding greenery, gives an unearthly landscape. For some, it is so delightful that they come back here for holidays every year. The outstanding beauty of the … Read more

Accommodation in Brela: Beach apartments, guest houses, hotel or camping?

Sleeping in Brela / What to choose? Hotel, apartment, private accommodation or camping? Price of accommodation in Brela.

Brela is one of the most attractive and popular destinations to spend your vacation in Croatia. This is probably due to the extremely charming natural environment, because the entire municipality of Brela is located in the Biokovo Nature Park. This place is therefore sheltered by a mountain massif, which results in long, hot summers and … Read more

Weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in spring and summer

Long-term weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in May, June, July, August and September.

Brela’s climate is classified as warm and temperate, Mediterranean. This is also significantly influenced by the proximity of the Biokovo massif, which protects the town against the influence of a much sharper continental climate. The result is a long vegetation period, which directly translates into lush vegetation that grows around. Winter and summer in Brela … Read more