Prices in Mandre / Dinner in a restaurant, food and drink in shops, beer, pizza, coffee

Mandre prices of food, drink in shops and lunch, pizza in restaurants

A successful holiday spent in Mandre on the island of Pag in Croatia will surely remain in your memory for a long time, and even on cold winter days, you will be wrapped in a warm blanket of pleasant memories. Who has not been to Mandre and has not used the endless beaches, does not … Read more

Prices in Baška Voda / Food and drinks in shops, dinners in the restaurant, alcohol, cigarettes

Prices in Baška Voda / Food, drink, dinner in a restaurant, cigarettes, alcohol

A former settlement of farmers and fishermen, Baška Voda has been transformed into a thriving tourist resort with all the comforts and attractions you need for a vacation. When you come to Baška Voda on vacation, you only need to pack your wallet in your bag, because you can easily buy everything there. The prices … Read more

Prices in Split / Dinner for the family, food and drink in shops, cigarettes, alcohol

Food prices in Split / Fast food, pizza, dinner for the whole family

Split is a city mentioned in one breath right next to Dubrovnik and Trogir. A well-known place visited by tourists in Croatia. One of the most interesting issues that bother people going there – are the current prices in Split. Unfortunately, large and popular Croatian cities and resorts are considered simply expensive. Hence, such interest … Read more

Beaches in Crikvenica / Crni Molo, Podvorska, Gradsko kupalište, Omorika

Rovinj interesting places, tourist attractions and monuments.

Crikvenica is one of the holiday resorts in Croatia on the Crikvenica Riviera, less than 35 kilometers south of Rijeka. The resort itself is located between the sea and mountain areas, thanks to which there is a specific microclimate here. On the other hand, opposite Crikvenica is the island of Krk, which in turn makes … Read more

Tourist attractions in Rovinj / Interesting places, monuments and sightseeing

Rovinj tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments that are worth seeing and visiting.

Rovinj is one of the most beautiful cities in Istria. It is often compared to the Italian Venice or the French Saint Tropez. This atmospheric resort tempts with its historic buildings, green areas ideal for walking and the surrounding beaches, where you can simply relax. There is no shortage of tourist attractions in Rovinj, and … Read more

Split: attractions, monuments and interesting places / What to see and visit?

Split Palace of Emperor Diocletian / Attractions and sights that are worth visiting in Split

Split is a city mentioned in the same breath, next to Dubrovnik when it comes to visiting Croatia. Associated mainly with the Diocletian’s Palace, but recently it is probably more famous, thanks to the famous series – “Game of Thrones”, which served as the background. It impresses not only with the great weather prevailing for … Read more

Prices in Dubrovnik: Food in shops, cable car, entrance to the ramparts, lunch at a restaurant

Dubrovnik: prices of food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol in stores and bars.

There are legends about prices in Dubrovnik, some of which are unfortunately true. Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in Croatia. Prices for accommodation, food and tourist attractions are much higher here than in other Croatian cities, such as Split, Trogir or Zadar. Therefore, you need to prepare for such expenses so that you do … Read more

Prices in restaurants in Croatia: Dinners for the family, pizza, kebabs, fast food

Prices in restaurants in Croatia

Croatian cuisine is rather not among the most famous in the world. Still, you can find several tasty dishes that are definitely worth trying during your holiday vacation. Restaurant prices in Croatia are certainly not among the lowest. However, even for relatively small money you can eat to your heart’s content even by street fast … Read more

Trogir / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Trogir and its tourist attractions. What is worth seeing and visiting? Sights and interesting places.

Trogir is a charming port city that impresses with its old town entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as the picturesque promenade planted with palm trees and a large number of atmospheric pubs where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere of this place. The narrow, stone streets here take us almost … Read more

Tourist attractions in Pakoštane / Sights, places of interest and sightseeing!

Tourist attractions in Pakoštane

Pakoštane is a typical holiday resort, located in the middle of the Zadar Riviera. Surrounded by national parks and Lake Vrasko Nature Park it’s an attractive spot for a great holiday. Local beaches, the azure sea and the intimate nature of Pakoštane  attract crowds of tourists eager for rest in the sunshine every year. Additional … Read more

Accommodation in Pakoštane: Beach apartments, hotels, private accommodation, camping

Accommodation in Pakoštane / Apartments, private accommodation and hotels. Check opinions and prices.

Pakoštane is a quiet location, ideal for a great holiday in Croatia. The village is located between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Vransko, more precisely halfway between Šibenik and Zadar. It is inhabited by over three thousand inhabitants, who mostly rely on tourism by renting apartments and private accommodation. Pakoštane is a resort that families … Read more

Bošana / Island Pag / Beaches, weather, tourist attractions, interesting places and practical information

Vacation in Bošana

Bošana is another place on the map of Croatia that we thought we would spend a blissful vacation. Oh how wrong we were … but more on that in a moment; ) Before Bošana, I invite you to familiarize yourself with our account and at the same time a tourist guide to Stara Baška on … Read more

Beaches in Pakoštane: Bužakovina (Pine Beach), Pilatuša, Punta, Janice, Porat

Beaches in Pakoštane

Pakoštane is a holiday resort in North Dalmatia. It is located exactly in the middle of the Adriatic Sea coast, right next to Lake Vransko. Pakoštane is a quiet resort that has been popular among tourists for years: the magnet here are next to lush vegetation, blue sea and proximity to national parks, certainly sandy … Read more

Weather in Pakoštane / Air and water temperature / Long-term forecast

Long-term weather forecast for Pakoštane / Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Pakoštane is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Adriatic coast in Northern Dalmatia. It enjoys interest due to its convenient location in the heart of Croatia, amazing nature and numerous beaches surrounding the resort of Pakoštane. In addition, the great advantage of holidays in Pakoštane is also the weather here, beautiful and … Read more

Omiš / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments or everything that is worth seeing and visiting

Interesting places in Omiš

Omiš is a small port town, which with its extraordinary charm attracts crowds of tourists every year. In addition to the tempting and quite rare in Croatia sandy beaches, the resort also offers visitors other attractions and interesting monuments. The surrounding mountain massifs and the local Cetina River only add tourist attractions to Omiš. This … Read more

Beaches in Brela: Punta Rata, Berulia, Soline, Stomarica, Podrače

The most beautiful beaches in Brela are one of the best rated in all of Croatia: Punta Rata, Soline, Berulia.

Beaches in Brela are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in Croatia. The combination of blue, crystal-clear water, along with light gravel sand, and the lushness and color of the surrounding greenery, gives an unearthly landscape. For some, it is so delightful that they come back here for holidays every year. The outstanding beauty of the … Read more

Accommodation in Brela: Beach apartments, guest houses, hotel or camping?

Sleeping in Brela / What to choose? Hotel, apartment, private accommodation or camping? Price of accommodation in Brela.

Brela is one of the most attractive and popular destinations to spend your vacation in Croatia. This is probably due to the extremely charming natural environment, because the entire municipality of Brela is located in the Biokovo Nature Park. This place is therefore sheltered by a mountain massif, which results in long, hot summers and … Read more

Weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in spring and summer

Long-term weather in Brela / Sea and air temperature in May, June, July, August and September.

Brela’s climate is classified as warm and temperate, Mediterranean. This is also significantly influenced by the proximity of the Biokovo massif, which protects the town against the influence of a much sharper continental climate. The result is a long vegetation period, which directly translates into lush vegetation that grows around. Winter and summer in Brela … Read more

Sandy beaches in Omiš. The most beautiful and the best. Opinions, photos and videos. Which one is the best?

The best, most beautiful and most popular sandy beaches in Omiš

Omiš is one of the nicely situated towns on the Croatian coast. Picturesquely surrounded by the Mosor mountain range, it turns into a lively resort in the summer. The town is an ideal starting point to such attractive places as Split, Trogir or Makarska Riviera. Today in our tourist guide around the city of Omiš … Read more

Weather in Omiš / May, June, July, August, September / Long-term weather forecast and water temperature

Weather in Omiš in spring, summer and autumn. LoOmiš beaches / Reviews, photos and videos. Which one is the best? Which summer should you choose?

Omiš has great weather, where the number of sunny hours per year is over 2,700. The city is influenced by the continental Mediterranean climate, which translates into dry and hot summers and quite mild, but rainy winters. The average annual air temperature in Omiš is 16 degrees Celsius. The warmest month of summer is July, … Read more

Weather on the island of Vis / May, June, July, August, September

Vis is a Dalmatian island furthest from the Croatian coast. An ideal place for rest and holiday relaxation. Vis is an island of fishermen and wine growers, with a rather complicated history. This place was inaccessible to tourists until the 1990s. Today you can enjoy not only the island’s lush nature and warm, crystal-clear sea, … Read more

Weather on the island of Hvar / Current and long-term weather forecast for May, June, July, August and September

Hvar is not only the longest, but also the sunniest island of Croatia. This place boasts the largest number of hours of sunshine per year. Hvar is dominated by the continental Mediterranean climate, making winters mild and dry and summers hot . Temperatures on the island almost never fall below zero, but in the colder … Read more

The best and most beautiful campsites on Hvar

On the island of Hvar, as well as throughout Croatia, in addition to apartments, campsites are also popular accommodation. Places where we can pitch a tent, park a trailer or rent a holiday home. Camps are scattered all over the island on Hvar. They also represent different levels of standards, depending on what you expect. … Read more

Trogir / Weather for May, June, July, August and September! Long-term forecast.

Trogir is one of the cities in Croatia that we gladly visit, especially if we spend holidays in Dalmatia. Trogir is a port city, located off the Adriatic coast, which is reflected in the climate. This picturesque corner of Croatia is known not only for its historic old town inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage … Read more

Camping in Croatia

Camps in Croatia is one of the most popular forms of spending holidays in this country. Among such tourist empires as Italy or Spain, Croatia also has a well-developed base of campsites. And we don’t mean a small plot for several tents or a few trailers. The most popular and best campsites in Croatia are … Read more

Makarska Riviera / Beautiful beaches, sunny weather and many tourist attractions

Makarska Riviera is undoubtedly the tourist heart of Croatia. One of the most popular touristic places due to its sandy beaches, sun and crystal clear sea water. This region is located in the very center of Dalmatia, along the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of the Biokovo mountain range. Makarska Riviera stretches for over 53 … Read more

Weather and water temperature in Croatia: July, August, September

Croatia has been an extremely popular holiday destination for years. And it is not surprising – guaranteed warm and sunny weather, warm blue sea and friendly hosts attract crowds of tourists every year. One of the main factors that lures tourists in is definitely prevailing, beautiful long-term weather and warm water in the Adriatic. The … Read more

KRK Waterfalls National Park: Price list, attractions and access

National Park KRKa Waterfalls / How to get there by car? Check the map!

Krka Waterfalls National Park is a must-see on the map of Croatian tourist attractions. Right next to the Plitvice Lakes National Park it is another natural landmark of this country, which cannot be missed, especially if you are in the vicinity of Šibenik, in central Dalmatia. Krka Waterfalls National Park was founded in 1985 in … Read more

Prices of highways in Croatia

Motorways in Croatia - Current prices on gates, bridges and tunnels and vignettes.

Do you know that there are no vignettes in Croatia? You will find a lot of practical information about visiting Croatia by car here! You will learn about current prices and what surprises you can expect on Croatian highways! Croatia is a frequent holiday destination. A common mode of travel to Croatia from Central Europe … Read more

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Veliki Slap - A 78-meter high waterfall is the highest in all of Croatia!

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions in Croatia. During the tourist season, it is visited by several thousand tourists a day! This area protects unique environment, along with its entire flora and fauna. For this reason, in 1979 it was included on the list of UNESCO World Cultural … Read more

Stara Baška: Tourist attractions, accommodation, prices, beaches and arrival

The main beach in Stara Baška located just by the port.

s in Stara BaškaThe holidays I spent in Stara Baška on the Krk Island were an unforgettable experience! We went there to let you get to know with this place even better, and we prepared a guide based on our last trip to that place. Regarding the fact that the Stara Baška guide is long, … Read more