Do I need a passport or ID for Croatia?

The trip to the very popular Croatia brings with it many dilemmas and some ambiguities, especially if it is the first such trip. Most of the questions concern documents and whether you need a passport for Croatia or an ID card?

Croatia: passport or ID card?

So if you want to spend your vacation without unnecessary stress, you need to prepare yourself properly before leaving. Today we will discuss all the necessary documents to Croatia, both when traveling by car and any other transport.

From border controls, health care, to paperwork that every driver should have. So that all people going to Croatia on vacation are properly prepared.

Do I need a passport for Croatia?
Do I need a passport for Croatia?

Entry documents needed in Croatia

Most questions when it comes to vacation in Croatia are about entry documents. Many people wonder if you need a passport or if you only need an ID card to enter Croatia?

These questions are the result of the fact that many people do not realize that Croatia has been a member of the European Union since 2013. The second aspect is that the country is still outside the Schengen area.

This means that border controls are still in force.

Passport or ID card to Croatia?

Citizens of the European Union only need an ID card or passport to enter Croatia. It is essential that both documents are valid for at least another 90 days.

Traveling by plane to Croatia – What documents are needed?

When it comes to traveling by plane to Croatia, just like driving your own car, all you need is an ID card or passport. However, both documents must be valid for at least another three months.

Before departure, it is worth making sure that the chosen airline accepts an ID card as a pass to board the plane. Sometimes it will require a passport, but this happens less and less.

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Entry documents to Croatia for children

The case with entry documents for children to Croatia is the same as for adults. All you need is a valid ID card or passport. However, traveling with minors in some cases requires additional documents.

Children and adolescents who come to Croatia, who are not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, should have a special power of attorney.

Such consent confirmed by a notary public must include:

  •     personal data of parents or legal guardians
  •     child’s name data
  •     purpose and duration of the child’s stay in the Republic of Croatia
  •     address and telephone number of parents or legal guardians
  •     signature of parents or legal guardians

It is also important that this document is translated or drawn up in Croatian or possibly English. The exception when such consent is not needed are situations where children travel by plane, as a whole organized group (such as school trips, summer camps, sports or cultural events).

Entry documents for pets to Croatia

Dog or cat owners must bring their pet passports and vaccination certificates. Such documents are issued by veterinarians. In addition, if we take a dog on a trip to Croatia, it must have a microchip or an identification tattoo.

Medical documents needed when traveling in Croatia

When traveling around Croatia, we will definitely need an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). It allows you to use medical services in the territory of the European Union or UEFA, including, of course, Croatia. It is also worth knowing that in the Republic of Croatia, sometimes you have to pay for medical services. However, these are rather small amounts, as they range from 1 to 5% of the full amount. For example, for issuing a prescription or an appropriate referral, such a bill may be around 10 HRK.

As part of the EHIC in Croatia, we can count on emergency assistance, but to a limited extent. Examples are random situations, accidents, colds or fainting. For this reason, it is definitely worth buying an additional insurance policy, which will cover the rest of the expenses or more complicated treatment.

A day in the hospital alone can cost around 50 euros, while a private medical visit on average is 20-30 euros. Not counting the amount for operations or medications.

Croatia ID or passport
Croatia: ID or passport?

Insurance documents for your vacation in Croatia

Additional travel insurance is not obligatory during holidays in Croatia. However, voluntarily it is worth buying such a policy in case of illness and accident insurance, the so-called accident insurance.

It is necessary to pay attention in travel policies to the amount of coverage of the cost of medical transport to the country, because it is usually very expensive. However, when it comes to drivers, obligatory insurance in Croatia is of course having paid civil liability. However, it is worth considering buying an autocasco (AC) or Assistance policy.

The assistance package allows you to cover the costs of a possible towing of our car, as well as accommodation on the route, or even a replacement car, which we will continue the journey with. During some unforeseen situations, we are provided with care from the insurer’s office, which helps us organize all the necessary services. She can also be our translator in some cases. Of course, everything depends on the variant of the policy we have purchased.

Documents needed by drivers to travel in Croatia

When it comes to the documents drivers need when traveling around Croatia, the driving license is obvious. Each European one is fully recognized by the Croats. For this, we need a registration certificate, as well as confirmation of the validity of the technical inspection of our car.

As we mentioned above, a mandatory document to travel by car in Croatia is also valid civil liability insurance. In addition, there should be reflective vests in the car, not only for the driver, but also for fellow passengers.

Plus, of course, a warning triangle and a first aid kit.

As for the so-called green card, it is not compulsory in Croatia. However, if we travel to Dubrovnik and pass through a fragment of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, then it is mandatory there. At least until the Croats finish building the bridge to resolve this situation.

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