Attractions for children in Cracow

Attractions for children in Krakow are a proposal to spend many nice hours in the unique, multicultural atmosphere of this beautiful city in the south of Poland. We associate them mainly with monuments such as Wawel or the Barbican, and no wonder – for centuries it was the capital of Poland and the center of political, scientific and artistic life at that time. However, it is worth knowing that even for the youngest children there will be interesting places that must be visited.

Attractions for children in Krakow / What is worth seeing with children?
Attractions for children in Krakow / What is worth seeing with children?

Our guide to attractions for children in Krakow is a great hint on what to see and where the kids will have the most fun. There are so many of these places that we had to choose the most interesting from the perspective of the whole family, but we are also open to your suggestions, which you can share in the comments.
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Visiting attractions for children in Krakow

Before going on a trip to the former capital of Poland, you need to be well prepared. Spontaneity can be an asset, but not with children – so let’s check on the Internet whether the attractions for children we have chosen in Krakow are open, where there is a convenient parking lot and how much it costs, and take the right amount of snacks and drinks. Fortunately, the city has extensive dining facilities and shops where we can replenish our supplies. If we go there without a car, we can easily handle public transport.

Attractions for children in Krakow – what is worth seeing?

When it comes to the best attractions for children in Krakow, it is difficult to choose the most interesting ones, because there are so many of them. Taking into account also less known places, we decided to bring you closer to:

  • The Wawel Dragon,
  • Water park,
  • History Land,
  • Stanisław Lem’s Garden of Experiences,
  • Zoological Garden in Krakow,
  • Museum of Wax Figures,
  • GOjump MEGApark Sikorki,
  • Museum of Illusions.

Wawel Dragon

The Wawel Dragon is the most famous attraction for children in Krakow, which must even be checked during a trip to this city. The sculpture at the foot of the Wawel Castle brings a lot of joy to viewers. The youngest have a lot of joy when the dragon breathes fire and when we tell them a well-known legend, while older children like to climb it. When does the Wawel Dragon breathe fire? This takes place around the clock, every ten minutes, so no one should be disappointed. Let’s get ready for the fact that our pupils will want to stay there for at least two such shows.

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Near the sculpture of the Wawel Dragon, there is also another attraction for children in Krakow, namely the Dragon’s Den. This is a karst cave worth seeing. The sightseeing itself is short, but the tickets are so cheap that it is worth going there at least once in your life. Also at Wawel, a related attraction awaits us – the alleged dragon bones at the western entrance.

What attractions for children in Krakow are worth seeing? Playgrounds, museums and amusement parks
What attractions for children in Krakow are worth seeing? Playgrounds, museums and amusement parks

Water Park in Krakow

Another attraction for children in Krakow takes us from the world of ancient legends and monuments to the present day. The Water Park is a place where we can rest from the heat, relax and take some exercise. A lot of experiences await our pupils – the youngest can splash in the shallow paddling pool and play on small slides, while older children will be pleased with the dose of adrenaline provided by the largest, winding slides.

What is worth praising the Water Park in Krakow is adaptation to the needs of disabled people and families with even the smallest children, as well as attractions related to the history of the city – for example, the three-headed dragon. When bathing, we do not need a cap, we can also use the cloakroom and changing mats.

History Land in Krakow

History Land is an extraordinary attraction for children in Krakow, which combines fun and education, and our children soak up knowledge here like a sponge. How it’s possible? All thanks to … Lego bricks! In this specific museum, we can find over a million of them, including a model of the settlement in Biskupin. In addition, we can also find illuminations, interactive tablets, virtual reality goggles and other elements that allow us to directly move to important events in the history of Poland. No school lesson can replace that.

What other attractions for children in Krakow can be found at this address? The playroom, where our children can go wild, is very popular. It is not a classic object of this type, but a huge model of the city, in which children can run, play and build their own objects from Lego bricks. Nearby, there is also a shop with these blocks and a cafe where parents who are tired of sightseeing can relax.

Stanisław Lem’s Garden of Experiences

Another attraction for children in Krakow, a little less known, but also worth attention, is the Stanisław Lem’s Garden of Experiences. The place is located in the open air and allows for intense play, involving all the child’s senses. We will find here a sensory playground, illuminations and interactive attractions that will take the child into a futuristic world, allowing them to learn the basics of science and physics.

What exactly can you do in the Garden of Experiences? This attraction for children in Krakow allows you to create your own whirlpool and watch how it behaves, find yourself inside a kaleidoscope, swing on a gyroscope, roll in a zorba ball or take advantage of attractive workshops led by animators.

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Zoological Garden in Krakow

One of the most popular attractions for children in Krakow is the local zoo. This is a classic entertainment for toddlers, older children and adults – noteworthy, for example, the giraffe farm and the demonstration feeding of animals. We can admire several hundred species here, many of them very rare, and we must plan at least a whole day to visit this place – and it is possible that we will not be able to see everything.

Museum of Wax Figures in Krakow

An attraction for children in Krakow, which is the Museum of Wax Figures, will also bring them a lot of fun. The wax captures not only events and personalities from Polish history, but also heroes of fairy tales, cartoons and famous pop culture personalities. Our toddler can take a realistic photo with Shrek, Dobby, Avatar, but also their favorite athlete or Einstein, depending on their interests.

AttraThe best attractions for children in Krakow
The best attractions for children in Krakow

GOjump MEGApark Sikorki

Peaceful sightseeing, strolling around a museum or park does not fit in with your family’s way of being? In that case, an excellent attraction for children will be GOjump MEGApark Sikorki, a huge trampoline park. In addition to the “adult”, slightly demanding attractions, we also find a toddler zone, adapted for children up to six years of age. The place is colorful, friendly and safe, and in addition, we can take advantage of general development activities conducted by specialists in this subject.

Museum of Illusions in Krakow

The last attraction for children in Krakow that we present is the local museum of illusions. We guarantee that your children will be delighted when they see the exhibitions prepared for them. This place has nothing to do with the classic view of the museum, which we sometimes associate with silence, dignity and boredom. The next rooms are filled with laughter and sounds of excitement, we can also touch everything. Each subsequent installation deceives our eyes in a way that we do not expect.

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Attractions for children in Krakow – summary

As you can see, there is no place for boredom in this city, and thanks to changing exhibitions and a wide range of attractions for children in Krakow, we can visit many times. Now we are waiting for your favorite tips – share them in the comments below!

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