Where to go for Christmas? Holidays abroad in warm countries. All inclusive and last minute / Christmas package

Every year more and more people decide to spend Christmas abroad in warm countries. However, the basic question remains the same every year: where to go for Christmas.

Where to go for Christmas or last minute and all inclusive holidays. Christmas offer and package.
Where to go for Christmas or last minute and all inclusive holidays. Christmas offer and package.

So let’s start our guide to the most popular foreign destinations for Christmas:

Holidays abroad or where to go for Christmas

The motivations for those traveling abroad for Christmas are high temperatures and the sun, which we often miss at the end of December. Not everyone likes snow and frost outside the window.

For this shopping madness, preparing lots of dishes and family gatherings are not for everyone an encouraging vision. For this reason, we will present here our suggestions where to go abroad for Christmas.

Where to go for Christmas abroad (Europe)?

Christmas in Malta

Malta‘s big advantage is certainly the temperature around 18 degrees during the day and 161 hours of sunshine in December. Also relatively low prices for the stay attract like a magnet. Malta during the Christmas period is beautifully decorated with lights (especially the capital city of Valletta), and the curiosities presented in the windows will be a curiosity for us.

During the holiday season, the island is full of Christmas-related performances (e.g. the festive pantomime at the Manoel Theater) or singing Christmas carols.

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Christmas in Spain (Canary Islands)

The average temperature in December in the Canary Islands is about 20 degrees Celsius, and the sun shines here for over 300 days a year. In addition, a well-prepared accommodation and tourist base and lower prices than in the season are extremely encouraging. There is no shortage of attractions in Tenerife and Fuerteventura, and all this makes the Canary Islands a frequent destination for holidays.

Christmas in Portugal

Portugal – and more precisely the island of Madeira is another destination where you can go for Christmas. As with the Canary Islands, the climate is mild and temperatures in December reach over 20 degrees.

Town streets are decorated with lights and Christmas decorations. In Madeira you can also taste local Christmas delicacies such as bolo del mel or arroz doce. There is also a ponch for adults who are a combination of juices squeezed directly from fruit and local rum. Madeira’s tradition is Christmas nativity scenes and the Mass of the Rooster, which is followed after the Christmas Eve supper.

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Christmas in Cyprus

Cyprus – another island where you can go for the holidays, in search of slightly warmer climates. The average temperature in December is around 18 degrees and almost the same in the sea.

Those who are braver can try a festive Cyprus bath. It is also worth adding that on this island Christmas is celebrated only one day, i.e. December 25. In addition to local sweet delicacies, you also eat a lot of roasted mutton. Lack of snow Cypriots compensate for themselves with a lot of lights and Christmas decorations, which can be seen on the streets.

A big plus of holidays for Cyprus is the low price, because the season on this island ends around November. So there will be no crowds.

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These are not all the directions that we have in your offer for Christmas abroad!

Where to go for Christmas? Package and Christmas offer for the holidays in the hotel.
Where to go for Christmas? Package and Christmas offer for the holidays in the hotel.

Where to go for holidays abroad (white Christmas)?

Often a trip abroad is combined with skiing or snowboarding. Countries such as Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland boast the best ski infrastructure and snow guarantee. High mountains, picturesque towns and a cozy Christmas atmosphere will be the perfect background to spend an unforgettable Christmas. Even if you are not skiing, you can always try it here and enroll in one of the schools.

For others, a fairy-tale atmosphere of a snow-covered mountain village and a hotel SPA are enough.

A completely different proposition to spend white Christmas will be a trip to Finland. More specifically it is about Lapland and the city of Saint Nicholas – Rovaniemi. There is probably no better place in Europe to spend this Christmas time. The fact is, this type of trip will not be the cheapest, after all it’s Scandinavia, however, impressions from visiting the post office or Santa’s office are unforgettable. It is a trip proposition for people who are looking for Christmas, surrounded by snow, reindeer and the magical village of Santa Claus.

Small children will be delighted.

Where to go for holidays abroad (cities)?

Big European cities are another suggestion to spend Christmas. They tempt not only with a unique atmosphere, unusual lighting decorations that take on the most important streets, but also with Christmas markets.

An example here is certainly Vienna, which boasts one of the prettiest attractions of this type. In turn, in Rome, in addition to the festive atmosphere, it is possible to take part in the night mass led by the Pope himself, in the Basilica of St. Peter. In addition to holiday markets, Budapest has many other attractions for tourists, such as the December Danube cruise, ice skating in the park, or a parcel in Saint Stephen’s Basilica. New York will also be a great idea for a holiday trip – there is nowhere else in the States like the atmosphere in this city. One of the largest Christmas trees in the world located in front of Rockefeller Plaza, the famous ice rink or local markets are just some of the truly Christmas attractions that await tourists in New York.

Holidays in warm countries! Last minute and all inclusive for Christmas / Best holidays in the hotel. Holidays and holiday packages for the whole family
Holidays in warm countries! Last minute and all inclusive for Christmas / Best holidays in the hotel. Holidays and holiday packages for the whole family.

Christmas in warm countries

If you are looking for real tropics or just good, sunny weather, you need to go a little further, outside Europe. Many people at Christmas want to take a break from everyday duties and pre-Christmas craze.

Choose places where there is no lack of sun to be able to sunbathe and swim in the sea. Let’s check the all-inclusive Christmas offers at the hotel!

Christmas in Turkey

Turkey is a good direction for a holiday getaway, to bask in the sun, but to avoid real heat. The most frequently chosen destination is of course the Turkish Riviera, with its well-known resorts such as: Alanya, Side and Belek. During Christmas time, the crowds are not here and you can go sightseeing in calm and good weather. Prices of stays in December are also at a pleasantly low level.

Christmas in Egypt

Egypt has been at the forefront for years when it comes to winter trips. The reason for this is the Red Sea coast, where in December the temperature is about 25 degrees. To this must be added 8 hours of sunshine per day and warm water in the sea. Egypt has long focused on tourism, so there is no shortage of luxury hotels and resorts, where your stay will not ruin your wallet.

Resorts such as Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa Alam are real tourist bastions. You can use sandy beaches, diving base or hotel infrastructure all day long. A good place to recharge your batteries with pleasant warmth.

Christmas in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – a place for real Christmas under the palm tree. Excellent sunny weather awaits us on site, where temperatures reach 30 degrees and the water in the sea is not much cooler. In December in Dominican Republic we can count not only on excellent rum, but also on over 8 hours of sunshine a day. In addition, kilometers of white beaches with a palm tree next to it, good hotel infrastructure and amazing nature – all this means that more and more tourists are choosing this Caribbean island to spend Christmas here.

Christmas in Thailand

Thailand is a direction that is gaining more and more popularity, from year to year, also during the holidays, when temperatures in this hemisphere are over 32 degrees. To this must be added paradise beaches, great cuisine, and almost virgin nature. That’s enough for crowds of tourists to come to Thailand in search of blissful relaxation. Although this country is not Christian, upon arrival around Christmas you can see traditional Christmas decorations, such as decorated Christmas trees, Santa Clauses and even stables.

Christmas in Mexico

Mexico is a Catholic country, but its Christmas traditions are slightly different from what you know. Therefore, a trip to Mexico for the holidays will be not only a great adventure, but also the opportunity to experience a different culture. Christmas celebrations start here as early as December 16 and continue until February. Then processions are held here with prayers and carols that symbolize the journey of Joseph and Mary. Mexican cities are decorated with lamps and Christmas decorations, as well as nativity scenes that are more popular than, for example, Christmas trees. In addition, visitors will find fantastic Mexican cuisine, known all over the world, and wide, white beaches. Along with the weather, where the sun heats the thermometers to over 21 degrees, makes Mexico the perfect choice for a December getaway.

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – a place that you can visit properly all year round. However, people who are looking for real warmth during December days, Sri Lanka will hit the spot. Temperatures in December oscillate around 29 degrees, and at night do not fall below 22 degrees. The water in the ocean encourages you to swim, and the sun and good weather will definitely be there. Maybe there will be no typical Christmas atmosphere, but there is something to do there: national parks, wildlife and wildlife reserves, waterfalls and coral reefs, are just some examples of local attractions. However, for a moment of reflection and reflection, you can go to one of the Buddhist temples. After a holiday in Sri Lanka, everyone will come back refreshed and happy with the time spent.

All inclusive and last minute holidays? Why not!

Now it’s time for opinions!

Christmas abroad / Where to go? Opinions, last minute prices and all inclusive for Christmas!
Christmas abroad / Where to go? Opinions, last minute prices and all inclusive for Christmas!

Opinions about Christmas abroad

If you’ve ever been able to spend Christmas abroad in warm countries, we look forward to hearing your reviews and opinions. Let us know where you have been, how you managed to make such holidays abroad and whether you plan to go on holidays this year. Your opinions will be very helpful to us.

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