Children’s museums in Warsaw

Children’s museums in Warsaw are an interesting offer to spend time during a trip to the capital. Although the word itself is associated with boring, serious sightseeing, the museums below refute this belief, and the exhibitions and attractions that we find in them are perfect entertainment for our children of all ages.
Do you want to combine a visit to the capital with education and entertainment at the same time? Be sure to check out our guide to the best museums for children in Warsaw. We advise on how to find them and what you can see there.

Children's museums in Warsaw. What is worth seeing and visiting with children?
Children’s museums in Warsaw. What is worth seeing and visiting with children?

Visiting museums for children in Warsaw

Children’s museums in Warsaw usually do not require additional preparation, but it is worth checking the website of the selected place in advance. Ticket prices vary significantly, sometimes exceeding $10, but usually the youngest children can join us for free, and older school children will receive discounts. Disabled people or retired grandparents can also count on cheaper tickets to children’s museums in Warsaw.
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Children’s museums in Warsaw and age

The term “children’s museums in Warsaw” can be understood in many different ways. We will choose other exhibitions for a busy, active 3-year-old, and different for an older child who already has the knowledge and awareness needed to understand all kinds of natural phenomena or history. So we tried to choose the most universal suggestions, creating a list of places worth visiting with the whole family.

What museums for children in Warsaw are worth visiting?

Do you want an interesting trip in which there is no place for boredom? In that case, we can honestly recommend some of the most interesting museums for children in Warsaw:

  • Copernicus Science Center,
  • Children’s Museum at the National Ethnographic Museum,
  • Invisible Exhibition,
  • Candy Manufacture,
  • Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys,
  • 3D Illusion Gallery.
What museums for children to visit in Warsaw? What is worth seeing? Ticket prices
What museums for children to visit in Warsaw? What is worth seeing? Ticket prices

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Copernicus Science Center

The Copernicus Science Center is the most famous museum for children in Warsaw, which is definitely worth visiting, and more than once. Everyone can count on a solid dose of entertainment and news here, from the youngest toddlers, just discovering the world around them, to adults. At this point, we learn through play, and the visit may arouse our descendants’ interest in the exact sciences, which will certainly bear fruit for the future.

What specific attractions await us in this place? We can mention, for example, the Buzz Gallery, where children can enjoy a bit of exercise, the Planetarium, the Robotic Theater or the High Voltage Theater, and the DIY store. In this museum for children, you can not only see the exhibitions, but also get to know reality through all kinds of fun and activities.

Children’s Museum

The Museum for Children is a branch of the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, which was established in 2012 and since then has been gradually providing entertainment to the youngest visitors. As in the case of the previous proposal, everything can be touched here, and we learn curiosities and attractions through experience.

The Warsaw Children’s Museum deals with awakening the curiosity of the world of our children and teaches them ethnographic curiosities in an accessible way. Employees prepare interesting educational programs, permanent and temporary exhibitions, family events, concerts. We can find here, among others, world alphabets, theaters, a bookcase, a place for art works, giant blocks or a tree of children’s rights as perceived by Janusz Korczak.

Invisible Exhibition

We treat the concept of a museum for children in Warsaw quite broadly, encouraging you to visit the Invisible Exhibition with your children. It is a unique place that impresses both the youngest and adult visitors. It teaches tolerance and understanding of the problems of people with disabilities – namely the blind and visually impaired.
The Invisible Exhibition is divided into two parts. In the visible hall, we can see everyday objects designed for the blind, as well as learn how they function and how to solve mundane problems. It takes a bit of courage to move on to the second part as there is not a bit of light there. It is worth doing this in order to become aware of how a blind person feels on a daily basis.

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It may not be the most popular place when it comes to children’s museums in Warsaw, but in our opinion it is worth visiting. Our children may surprise us with how much they understand and how much natural empathy they have.

Candy Factory

This is an extremely interesting experience straight from the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – another museum for children in Warsaw, where we not only watch, but also experience the hard way. We learn as in the past, before production was dominated by huge factories and robots, sweets were made, and we can even try them. Contrary to appearances, there are plenty of attractions at Candy Factory.

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Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys

This extremely interesting museum for children in Warsaw was established in 2016 and was originally called the Dollhouse Museum. We find here exhibitions about games and toys in different historical eras. Particularly noteworthy is the rich exhibition of dollhouses. They come from various times and parts of the world, and the collection has gained international fame.

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3D Illusion Gallery

It is not a classic children’s museum in Warsaw, however, as we have already mentioned, our approach to this concept is quite loose. We wanted to recommend this attraction to you because it is one of the most interesting exhibitions that the capital has to offer, and also leaves an unforgettable impression. During the tour, we can be very surprised at what pranks our brain can play on us!

What can we find in the 3D Illusion Gallery? Pictures, but not ordinary ones, but using shadows, perspective and other phenomena to cause consternation in us. We look at them, and although we realize that they are ordinary frescoes or paintings, we get the impression that they are spatial. Or on the contrary – we cannot see the objects in the room because they fit perfectly into the wall. You can have a great time there and take interesting photos for your family album.

The best museums for children in Warsaw
The best museums for children in Warsaw

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Children’s museums in Warsaw – summary

By choosing the right museums for children in Warsaw, we can convince our children that this form of spending free time does not have to be boring. They will certainly be grateful to us for the attractions they will experience, and they will learn a lot from the trip.
Or maybe we did not include your favorite places in our list? Can you recommend any other exhibitions in the capital that will be equally fascinating for children and adults? We are waiting for your feedback on museums for children in Warsaw!

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