Camping in Croatia

Camps in Croatia is one of the most popular forms of spending holidays in this country. Among such tourist empires as Italy or Spain, Croatia also has a well-developed base of campsites.

And we don’t mean a small plot for several tents or a few trailers. The most popular and best campsites in Croatia are real tourist centers with swimming pools and full gastronomic and service facilities.

Of course, there are also smaller, more intimate centers run by a family. However, when it comes to the most popular campsites in Croatia, these are large facilities, equipped with all amenities, where you can choose accommodation in camping houses, tents or on a rented plot.

It is a real holiday paradise, both for families with children and couples.

Where are the most popular campsites in Croatia?

In general, campsites in Croatia are mainly located along the Adriatic coast, including on the islands. There are far fewer of them in the interior of the country. The most popular ones are located in Istria and Dalmatia.

What camping in Croatia should you choose for your vacation?
What camping in Croatia should you choose for your vacation?

Prices of the most popular campsites in Croatia

Camping prices in Croatia depend, like all hostels, on the date when you want to rent them. The hottest period, read: the most expensive, covers both holiday months: July and August.

The length of your stay can also affect its price – the longer, the better price will be.

To this you must always add a fee for additional amenities you use on site.

What exactly is the price per night for a campsite in Croatia?

Approximate prices per day start from 40 euros for two people, car, caravan and electricity. Is such camping cheap? It depends on who answers.

Below we present the details of one of the most popular campsites in Croatia:

Price list for camping in Croatia
Price list for camping in Croatia

What to look for in a campsite?

First of all, you should think about the place where you intend to book the camping. Usually popular resorts are located right by the sea. It would be good if the beach (if any) is available and above all safe. Especially when travelling with children. Secondly, when you are going to explore the area, it’s a good idea to choose a good base. Camps in Croatia, similarly to hotels, are categorized, therefore if you want a higher standard then you must choose four- or five-star resorts. Familiarize yourself with the detailed description of the selected object to make sure that everything you need is on site (laundry, restaurants, sports equipment rentals, etc.).

Camping with pet

If you’re traveling with a pet, you need to find out if your camping allows to take your pet with you. When you go with children, swimming pools, slides, animations for children and a playground will be important.

You will also need some greenery to hide in the shade during hot weather. If the resort is really big, it would be nice if there was a trackless train on the spot, so as not to walk kilometers with kids for example to the beach.

On the other hand, barbecue enthusiasts will definitely be interested in the possibility of grilling, because it is not allowed at every campsite. In these better resorts, the quarters sometimes have private barbecues equipped.

it’s important if you don’t have your own equipment.

For people who want to spend their holidays actively, the sports facilities at the campsite will be important – pitches, gyms, the possibility of renting water equipment: kayaks, boats, etc. and bicycles. Aqua-aerobic exercises and competitions of all sorts also fill the time for holidays.

Additional attractions such as evening shows, dance parties, mini-golf or go-karts are always a nice addition, both for children and adults.

What to bring camping in Croatia
What to bring camping in Croatia

Types of lodging and camping houses

As for the choice of accommodation itself, there are three options – a camping house or apartment, a tent or a tent villa or a plot on which you place your own tent or caravan.

Apartment or bungalow

The first option, i.e. a house or apartment that can be rented at the campsite in Croatia, is the most comfortable housing environment. At the same time, it is the most expensive way to spend your vacation. It will be useful, however, when traveling out of season, when it gets a bit cooler, because these houses are usually heated.

If you do not have or do not want to transport your own tent, you can rent one with the equipment. This is a cheaper option than renting a cottage, while maintaining its camping character – after all, it’s tents.

Tent villas

Tent villas are a peculiar phenomenon, in which there are several rooms with bedrooms in which there are beds. However, the bathroom is not in them and you need to go to the common sanitary facility.

Campsites in Croatia

The third option for accommodation on the camping site is to buy your own plot, where you put up our own tent or put a trailer. Then you have to take all the equipment with us.

It’s the cheapest form of camping, but after all it’s a great adventure.

For families with the smallest children, however, the best form will be a house or apartment; older ones can sleep peacefully under the tents.

When choosing the best campsite, it is also important if you are not going to use the bars and restaurants at the resort, or if there is a store nearby where you can buy the products you need to prepare your meals. Otherwise, a few kilometers walk in the morning for bread rolls will be part of everyday pleasures.

If you are going to walk around the center in your birthday suit, you need to aim at nudist facilities, which are a plenty in Croatia. There will even be something for lovers of healthy eating and living in harmony with nature.

Campsites for the disabled  in Croatia

Some campsites are also adapted for the disabled – sanitary facilities and driveways, sometimes even a beach.

Below we present our top list of best camping places in Croatia – click the links in the names to check prices and reviews and book your accommodations.

Camping in Croatia
Camping in Croatia

The most popular campsites in Croatia

Solaris Camping Beach Resort

Solaris Camping Beach Resort – a four-star campsite, located in Dalmatia (Sibenik) by the coast. Guests have at their disposal swimming pools, slides, sports equipment rentals, full gastronomic facilities and even a SPA.

Map of Solaris Camping Beach Resort
Map of Solaris Camping Beach Resort

Lanterna Premium Camping Resort

Lanterna Premium Camping Resort – another four-star resort, this time located in Istria (Tar). There is a complex of renovated swimming pools, a water playground, a sandy beach and full gastronomy and sports facilities.

Camping Straško

Camping Straško – another four-star facility, located in Dalmatia (Novalija). Its advantages are the proximity of the sea, swimming pools for youngest children, greenery and wonderful areas for hiking.

Camping Straško Prices
Camping Straško Prices

Umag Park

Park Umag – a large, well-known, award-winning camping in Istria (Novigrad). The categorization has four stars and all comforts. Ideal for families with children focused on active leisure – swimming pools, bicycles, animations, playgrounds and tennis courts.

Zaton Holiday Resort

Zaton Holiday Resort – another four-star hotel from Dalmatia (Nin), located next to the sandy beach. First of all, it tempts with water attractions for children and adults. There is everything needed for vacationers, from extra activities, through shops and restaurants, to sports facilities (especially mini-golf).

Camping Bijela Uvala

Camping Bijela Uvala – a four-star resort, located in Istria (Porec). Surrounded by bays, it is ideal for romantic walks at sunset. There is everything you need on vacation – the sea, swimming pools, shops and sports facilities. It’s a great area for snorkelling.

Camping Park Soline

Camping Park Soline – a small, four-star facility, located in Dalmatia (Biograd na Moru). The big advantage of this camping is a sandy beach and large forest area. A promenade leads to the city, and guests can enjoy all kinds of sports. The facility has all amenities – a shop, restaurant, laundry and money exchange.

Camping Polari

Camping Polari – this time three star camping, located in Istria (Rovinj). It’s the perfect place for those who spend their holidays actively. There are plenty of pools and opportunities for water sports. A bike path runs along the coast, and the resort is famous for its additional activities.

Camping Valkanela

Camping Valkanela is also a three-star facility, located in Istria (Vrsar) by a long beach. Focused mainly on families with children. There is a newly created swimming pool complex, activities for children and two beach bars. There are good conditions for diving to the sea.

Camping Bi Village

Camping Bi Village – is a four-star camping, also located in Istria (Fažana). It is distinguished by water facilities – swimming pools, an attractive additional activities program and proximity to visiting interesting places – Pula or the town of Fažana. The beach is not only charming, but also awarded the Blue Flag award for its cleanliness.

Map of campsites in Croatia

See on the map of Croatia where the most popular camping sites are located:

The most searched campsites are located in Istria and Dalmatia but also on the Makarska Riviera and next to popular cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Trogir.

Opinions about camping in Croatia / Read reviews and write yours!
Opinions about camping in Croatia / Read reviews and write yours!

Reviews and opinions about camping and campsites in Croatia

Of course, there are many more popular and well-known campsites in Croatia than our list (we promise to successively add more places and locations). There are also many smaller and less known campsites you can use, of course.

That is why your reviews, reports and opinions about camping in Croatia are so important.

Thanks to a good description of each of them and presentation of our opinions and impressions, we give each other the opportunity to avoid places that are not suitable, for example, for traveling with small children, places that are too crowded or whose infrastructure leaves much to be desired.

Let’s share opinions on the forum to help you spend your dream vacation in Croatia, which many of us have been waiting for so long!

Remember to also look at the official website of the Croatian Camping Union where you will find a lot of useful and necessary information about camping in Croatia.

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