Burgas and its tourist attractions


Burgas is a large port city located in the southeast of the Black Sea coast. It is here that planes that most often bring tourists to Bulgaria land.

Burgas is also an important industrial and cultural center of the country.

The city is surrounded by three lakes: Burgas, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko, and from the east by the Burgas Bay. In addition to undoubted tourist attractions, Burgas is also known for its hot thermal springs, which are used in the municipal spa complex, but also in SPA rooms.

Tourist attractions in Burgas / Interesting places, monuments and everything that is worth visiting!
Tourist attractions in Burgas / Interesting places, monuments and everything that is worth visiting!

The city is a great starting point to nearby resorts. To Pomorie (18km), Sozopol (33km), Nessebar (35km), Sunny Beach (38km) or Sveti Vlas (44km).

Burgas was founded in the 18th century, exactly on the site of the 14th-century Pirgos stronghold. Previously, these areas were occupied by the Thracians, Romans and Turks. After returning to the borders of Bulgaria, the city grew and became an important economic and cultural center of the southern part of the coast.

Current map of Burgas

If you are going to Burgas for a holiday, it is worth having a look at the map of this city before, where you will find all the places of interest, attractions, monuments, accommodation as well as places and streets where the destinations are located:

The excellent location that you had the opportunity to see on the map and one of the largest airports in Bulgaria makes Burgas a fantastic place for vacation in Bulgaria.

Tourist information about Burgas

The city attracts with its wide beaches, developed accommodation base and rich night life. In the nearby bars and discos, the party lasts until the morning.

Despite the high dose of entertainment, Burgas is a good place for vacation for the elderly and the sick, because nearby spas help fight various types of diseases.

Places to walk provide a large Sea Garden, and nearby cafes will not let us get hungry. There are many monuments and museums to visit, and numerous festivals provide cultural sensations.

Burgas is not only excellent and almost certain good weather, with long and sunny summer, it is also close to nature, which is ensured by the salt lakes surrounding this place, along with numerous birds living here.

Burgas is a beautiful city with many possibilities. See for yourself:

Let’s start exploring Burgas:

Accommodation in Burgas

In such a large city with a well-developed accommodation base, it is quite easy to find accommodation. You can choose from hotels of various standards, from two- and three-star, to apartments and luxury (five-star) facilities with a full SPA and wellness offer.

Most hotels are located in the center of Burgas. The alternative are aparthotels and private apartments for rent.

Most of these types of offers are with two or three beds, fully equipped and what is important in close proximity to the beach. You can also rent the entire holiday home, which pays for more people.

Campsites in Burgas

When it comes to camping, there is one in Burgas itself (Camping Neptun vel Bungalow Megi), but it’s a rental of summer houses, rather than a place to park a trailer or pitch a tent.

Luxuries should not be expected either.

There are more camping places around Sozopol.

See on the map how to get to the Neptum campsite in Burgas:

Prices in Burgas

Due to the fact that Burgas is not only a summer resort and the destination point of people spending their holidays in Bulgaria, the prices of food in shops or restaurant dinners are slightly lower than in nearby towns.

When it comes to grocery shopping, it’s worth doing it in chain stores or larger supermarkets. Eating in a restaurant is not too expensive compared to more popular resorts.

Prices in Burgas / Prices of food in shops, dinners in restaurants, alcohol and cigarettes.
Prices in Burgas / Prices of food in shops, dinners in restaurants, alcohol and cigarettes.

Prices of drinks, alcohol, beer and tobacco in stores in Burgas:

  1. bread 0.90-1 lev for a loaf
  2. cheese 5 lev for half a kg
  3. milk 1.50-1.90 lev per liter
  4. eggs 2.60-2.90 lev for a dozen
  5. rice 2.16 lev per kg
  6. onion 0.95 lev per kg
  7. lettuce 1.50 lev per head
  8. beef 11.50 lev per kg
  9. bananas 2.56 lev per kg
  10. oranges 2.10 lev per kg
  11. water 0.95 lev for 1.5l
  12. cola 2.20 lev for 2l
  13. beer 1.20 lev per half liter
  14. wine 7-9 lev for the bottle
  15. cigarettes 5.20-5.50 lev per packet

Prices of dinners in restaurants in Burgas:

  1. fast food set 8 lev
  2. meal in cheap restaurant 10-12 lev
  3. meal for two in an Italian restaurant (three-course, with wine and appetizers) 46 lev
  4. drink in club 6 lev
  5. beer 2 lev for half a liter
  6. cappuccino 2 lev
  7. cola 1.66 lev for 0.33l
  8. water 0.94 lev for 0.33l

Prices in Burgas, as we have mentioned, are not excessive in comparison with large tourist resorts but they are also not low. The rule here is “the closer to the sea the more expensive”. However, a similar rule prevails almost everywhere where tourists spend their holidays and vacation.

Let’s look at the tourist attractions in Burgas or what to see and visit because there are many interesting places.

Holidays in Burgas are not only beautiful weather but also sandy beaches and parks!
Holidays in Burgas are not only beautiful weather but also sandy beaches and parks!

Sandy beaches in Burgas

In addition to beautiful weather, Burgas also attracts with wide and sandy beaches along which the promenade stretches. The sand here has a slightly unusual shade, but it is due to magnetite, which has healing properties. The main beach is adjacent to the Sea Garden, it is fully developed, there are plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, as well as volleyball courts and all kinds of water equipment rentals.

On the promenade there are bars and cafes where you can dine. There is also a T-shaped pier, which is a great viewpoint.

View of the city beach in Burgas and the pier:

In the evening, the beach is vibrant with night life, and once a year there is also a sand sculptures festival, which is an attraction in itself and completely free.

What do these sculptures look like in reality? Check it out yourself! From this video you will also learn what and where to eat in Burgas:

Spas in Burgas

As for the more spa-like nature of Burgas, about 15 km from the center there is a complex – Burgaskie Mineral Baths (Burgaski Mineralni Bani). Treatments and healing services are offered here at a fairly affordable price. You can also use popular mud baths here, and thermal springs have a temperature of over 40 degrees here. The diseases most commonly treated here are: problems with the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal and kidney diseases, as well as gynecological ailments. The local treatments help strengthen the body and immunity, as well as improve physical condition and at the same time relax. The resort itself is picturesquely located among the local landscape.

See on the map how to get from Burgas to the spa town of Burgaski Mineralni Bani:

It’s not everything!

Burgas is full of life, even after dark.

There are plenty of clubs and discos where you can go crazy. The main promenade of the city is Aleksandrowska Street and Bogoridi Boulevard, where there are various shops and eateries.

However, the central point of tourists’ walks is the Sea Garden.

It’s a large patch of greenery, directly adjacent to the beach. Among the planted trees, shrubs and flowers, you can find respite from the summer heat. In addition, the park has an open-air theater, in which various performances, but also monuments are staged.

Among the attractions for children, in addition to playgrounds, there is also a mini zoo and municipal swimming pool. In turn, adults can enter the casino, restored in 2011.

What else is worth seeing while in Burgas?

As for the natural attractions of Burgas, their main strength is in the nearby lakes. One can observe numerous birds living in these areas. However, this is not all, at the lakes Burgas and Atanasovsko you can also see the old salt works and remains of a Roman settlement discovered relatively recently.

On the shores of Lake Burgas you can watch pelicans, ibises and herons settling here. By contrast, Lake Mandrensko, which is no longer salty, is partly an ornithological reserve. In turn, Atanasovsko Lake is the seat of almost 3/4 species of birds, which occurs throughout Bulgaria.

Burgas is also a cultural center.

This is evidenced by the fact that in addition to cinema, you can go to the opera or ballet. There is also a State Puppet Theater and Dramatic Theater. Various festivals take place here practically throughout the year. In the summer, the International Folklore Festival, Children’s Art Week, Sand Sculpture Festival and the Emil Chakyrov Opera Festival take place here. In August, the International Folk Music Festival and MTV Festival Spirit of Burgas with guest performances by international music stars.

What to see in Burgas?

From the religious monuments of Burgas – it is worth seeing the Cathedral Church of St. Cyril and Methodius with a richly decorated dome, iconostasis and frescoes. The second object of interest is also the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross (Surp Khacz), is a one-nave church, built in the Armenian style.

One of a kind in all of Bulgaria.

Also interesting is the church located on the island of St. Anastasia on Lake Atanasovsko. You can go there because of the rich history of this place and the lighthouse and small museum.

When it comes to museums, there are also a lot of them in Burgas, lovers of ancient history will definitely love the Archaeological Museum, with its collections from the Thracian, Roman and Byzantine times. We will see here, among others, jewelry, coins, ceramics and stone tablets with Roman inscriptions. The Ethnographic Museum is also interesting with regional costumes, old everyday objects and masks (puppets). In the summer there are handicraft workshops of regional products. We will learn the history of the city of Burgas and the whole of Bulgaria in the Museum of Modern History. In turn, in the Natural History Museum we will see stuffed animals and prepared plants from this part of the continent.

Souvenirs from Burgas

Burgas is a large city, which is why there are also large shopping centers. However, for souvenirs it is worth going to small shops, galleys or just to the bazaar.

You can get a good Bulgarian wine in wine shops, where sellers can advise you on choosing a drink.

We suggest that you be interested in jewelry in small jewelry stores or art crafts in mini art galleries. We can choose from: sculptures, embroidered tablecloths, hand-woven rugs and rugs, colorful bedspreads, hand-painted glass as well as leather and fur products.

Ladies will certainly be interested in cosmetics based on local gold, i.e. rose oil.

As an encouragement, we present one more video showing how attractive Burgas is:

Weather in Burgas and the route to the city

The fastest way to get to Burgas is by plane. The local airport simplifies everything. If you are driving your own car, it is better to choose a route through Serbia than Romania because of the condition of the roads.

It is no secret that the best weather conditions in Burgas prevail from May to early October. The hottest months are July and August, when the temperature during the day exceeds an average of 27-28 degrees and there is virtually no chance of rainfall. Then the water in the sea is the warmest – 23-24 degrees and keeps it until the end of September. In summer, the number of sunny hours is 10 per day. The day is so long that you can safely take advantage of your vacation.

For more information about where to eat in Burgas, what to see and see, and what other attractions and useful information about urban transport, visit the official website of the city of Burgas.

We are waiting for your opinions on spending your holiday vacation in Burgas. Let us know how prices and accommodation conditions have changed.


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