Sofia / Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Sofia - what is worth seeing and visiting? Monuments, interesting places and tourist attractions in Sofia!

Sofia’s attractions are, above all, the remains of the city’s extremely rich past. The history of the capital of Bulgaria has both the times of reigning in the local lands of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, as well as the period of the communist regime. Each of them brought with them remains in … Read more

Bulgarian phrasebook and basic phrases

Basic Bulgarian phrases / English-Bulgarian words and phrases

Basic Bulgarian phrases will certainly help to make your holiday in the country of the sun even better. Bulgaria is a destination that attracts with the beautiful Black Sea coast, numerous and ancient monuments and relatively low prices. If you are just going there, native Bulgarians will certainly look at you favorably when you try … Read more

Sunny Beach: Interesting places, attractions, sandy beaches and weather

Accommodation in Sunny Beach / Hotels, lodgings, apartments and camping.

Sunny Beach is one of the two most popular holiday resorts in Bulgaria, which attracts crowds of vacationers every year. There is no wonder, after all, such a convenient location at the center of the Bulgarian Riviera, perfect weather, clean water, soft sand and a rich accommodation and catering base encourages tourists from all over … Read more

Primorsko for kids, youths and seniors!

Beach in Primorsko / See the weather and sea temperature.

Primorsko is a fairly well-known but small resort on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. It’s located on a small peninsula between the Devil’s Bay and Stampol’s Bay. Primorsko is about 50 kilometers from the Burgas airport and 85 kilometers from the most famous holiday resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach. During the tourist season, this … Read more

Opinions on holidays in Bulgaria

Tourists' opinions about trips to Bulgaria

Opinions of other travelers about holidays in Bulgaria are an invaluable help, especially when going to a new place for a vacation. This applies to accommodation, restaurants and bars, as well as attractions for tourists, monuments, weather, beaches, as well as the country itself and the place where we intend to hook up. Nothing will … Read more

Varna: weather, prices, beaches, monuments, tourist attractions and interesting places


Varna is one of the three largest cities in Bulgaria. Often called the country’s maritime capital, it boasts a really rich history. In the city you can see the remains of ancient times, there is also the second largest Bulgarian airport (check out cheap flights to Bulgaria). Varna is located in the northwestern part of … Read more

Sozopol: Weather, beaches, monuments and tourist attractions

Holidays in Sozopol

Sozopol is a well-known resort on the Black Sea coast, called the cultural capital of the Bulgarian Riviera. It is the oldest coastal city in Bulgaria, whose history dates back to times even before the Bronze Age. Although in recent years this resort has strongly developed its holiday tourist base, you can still find places … Read more

Accommodation in Bulgaria: Hotels, apartments, camping and lodging

Most popular campsites and camping in Bulgaria / How much is a night at a camping in Bulgaria? Check opinions and prices

Accommodation base in Bulgaria has been experiencing a real boom in the last fifteen years. Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union in 2007 also helped. Many investments and new hotels and private accommodation have appeared. Whole apartment complexes were built, where you can find accommodation, not only from Bulgarian, but also foreign entrepreneurs. The lion’s … Read more

Holidays in Bulgaria with a travel agency / Which travel agency should you choose? Which will be the best for Bulgaria?

Package holidays in Bulgaria: ranking & reviews!

Bulgaria is the hit of recent years when it comes to holiday destinations, tempting with attractive holiday prices, sunny weather and kilometers of beaches on the Black Sea, but also a well-developed tourist base. Vacation in Bulgaria with a travel agency The greater part of summer trips to Bulgaria is organized, which means that tourists … Read more

Long-term weather in Bulgaria: May, June, July, August, September

What will the weather be like in Bulgaria? Check long-term forecasts for May, June, July, August, September and October

The weather in Bulgaria, as everywhere, is conditioned by the climate. In this country it is moderate, rather warm and dry. By the sea much more humid (subtropical). It’s somewhat Mediterranean character means that the tourist season lasts from May to October, and in other seasons the temperature is also quite pleasant. The coldest month … Read more

Bulgarian cuisine / Recipes, soups, cheese, wine, salads, main dishes, alcohol / What to eat in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian recipes for dishes

Bulgarian cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in Europe. Bulgaria’s geographical diversity and its warm climate provide all the richness of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. For centuries, the current shape of traditional Bulgarian cuisine has been affected by countries such as Greece and Turkey, but also by Hungary, Italy and the Middle East. … Read more

Airports in Bulgaria: Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv / Cheap flights to Bulgaria

There are a dozen or so airports in Bulgaria, but only four are interesting to the tourists due to their location. These are the airports in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv, each of them being an international airport, from which planes depart to almost 400 destinations. This applies to scheduled airlines as well as charter … Read more

Bulgarian Riviera: attractions, weather, temperature and opinions of tourists + map

Sandy beaches stretching for kilometers, charming towns and larger resorts with monuments from ancient times. See all of this for yourself on Bulgarian Riviera! The climate of the Bulgarian Riviera is favorable for relaxation, and the temperature of the water in the Black Sea encourages bathing. Today the Bulgarian coast offers everything that foreign tourists … Read more

What to buy in Bulgaria

Wine from Bulgaria: Red and white / Souvenirs from Bulgaria

“What should I buy as a souvenir from Bulgaria?” is a question every foreign tourist visiting the country ponders on. Maybe wine, red or white? Hand-painted icons? Local treats? Whether you are in Zlatni Pyasatsi or Slanchev Bryag, you can bring beautiful and valuable souvenirs from Bulgaria, which will remind you of lovely holidays for … Read more