Bulgarian phrasebook and basic phrases

Basic Bulgarian phrases / English-Bulgarian words and phrases

Basic Bulgarian phrases will certainly help to make your holiday in the country of the sun even better. Bulgaria is a destination that attracts with the beautiful

Fuel and vignette prices in Bulgaria

Prices of vignettes in Bulgaria and the price of fuel and gasoline

Driving on national roads outside cities in Bulgaria is paid. This means that you just have to buy vignettes. Until 2019, they were still sold in the

Primorsko for kids, youths and seniors!

Beach in Primorsko / See the weather and sea temperature.

Primorsko is a fairly well-known but small resort on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. It’s located on a small peninsula between the Devil’s Bay and Stampol’s Bay.

The currency of Bulgaria – Lev

Bulgarian currency, Lev - Check the current BGN exchange rate in the exchange office / How to pay in Bulgaria?

The currency in Bulgaria is lev (1BGN), meaning “lion” in Bulgarian. It has been used since 1881. One lev is divided into one hundred stotinki (1BGN =

Burgas and its tourist attractions

Tourist attractions in Burgas / Interesting places, monuments and everything that is worth visiting!

Burgas is a large port city located in the southeast of the Black Sea coast. It is here that planes that most often bring tourists to Bulgaria

Opinions on holidays in Bulgaria

Tourists' opinions about trips to Bulgaria

Opinions of other travelers about holidays in Bulgaria are an invaluable help, especially when going to a new place for a vacation. This applies to accommodation, restaurants

Spa holidays in Pomorie!

Vacation in Pomorie

Pomorie is a small town on the Black Sea coast. Not as known as nearby Sunny Beach, but also less crowded in the season. This resort is

Highways in Bulgaria / Vignettes and tolls

Bulgaria, like other European countries, has its own network of highways and expressways. As in other countries, the use of them is payable through the vignette system

What to buy in Bulgaria

Wine from Bulgaria: Red and white / Souvenirs from Bulgaria

“What should I buy as a souvenir from Bulgaria?” is a question every foreign tourist visiting the country ponders on. Maybe wine, red or white? Hand-painted icons?