Prices in restaurants in Bulgaria: Lunch for the family, pizza, kebabs, fast food


Prices in restaurants in Bulgaria vary. You can eat dinner for as little as 6-10 lev, but it will be fast-food rather than a typical dinner. You can also spend 15-30 lev for a meal in a pretty decent place. It also depends on the location. Prices in restaurants in seaside resorts will definitely be higher, especially around the beach. The further from the center and the waterfront, the more attractive the prices in pubs in Bulgaria. The situation is similar in the capital – Sofia, the closer to the center and attractions for tourists, the more expensive meals are. So it’s always worth a little distance from the beaten paths and look for some nice local gastronomy.

Dinner and fast food or pizza prices in Bulgaria: Lunch for the whole family in Bulgaria.
Dinner and fast food or pizza prices in Bulgaria: Lunch for the whole family in Bulgaria.

Fast-food prices in Bulgaria

  •     piece of pizza 5 lev
  •     fries 2-3 lev per serving
  •     kebabs from 5 lev
  •     kebab on the plate approx. 12 lev
  •     whole pizza 7-8 lev
  •    cheese burger 1.50-3.30 lev
  •      fast food set  5-11 lev

Prices of dinners in restaurants in Bulgaria

  •     soup 5-6 lev per serving
  •     shopska salad 3.50-4.50 lev for portion
  •     tarator (Bulgarian cold soup) 3-4 lev for portion
  •     seafood 10 lev for a bowl
  •     grilled meat 7-8 lev for portion
  •     beef steak 18-25 lev
  •     large salad with meat or fish 8-9 lev
  •     pizza 10-12 lev
  •     pasta 6-8 lev for portion
  •     fries with local cheese 3-4 lev for portion
  •     kebab + salad + fries 9-11 lev for portion

Prices of desserts and drinks in cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria

  •     ice cream from 0.50 to 2 lev for portion
  •     sweet pancake 2.50 lev
  •     serving of cake 4 lev
  •     desserts 3-4 lev
  •     Coke 1-2.50 lev
  •     water 0.50-2 lev for 0.33 liters
  •     coffee 0.85-2.20 lev
  •     cappuccino 1.20-3.20 lev
Prices in restaurants in Bulgaria
Prices in restaurants in Bulgaria

Alcohol prices in bars and restaurants in Bulgaria

  •     local beer 1.20-3.50 lev for half a liter
  •     imported beer 2-5 lev for 330 ml
  •     drink from 2.5 lev
  •     bottle of wine 15-25 lev


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