Fuel and vignette prices in Bulgaria

Driving on national roads outside cities in Bulgaria is paid. This means that you just have to buy vignettes. Until 2019, they were still sold in the traditional form of stickers, but now they can only be purchased in electronic form. The purchase of a vignette is simple, either we enter the website enabling such a purchase, or after crossing the Bulgarian border we are looking for special vending machines where they can be purchased. Usually you can find them right next to the border or standing at gas stations. And what are the prices of vignettes in Bulgaria?

Vignette prices in Bulgaria

Each car weighing up to three and a half tons must purchase a vignette. Most passenger cars are in the K3 category, including those with a trailer, if their total weight does not exceed 3.5 tons. Prices of vignettes in this category in Bulgaria are as follows:

  •     weekend vignette costs 10 lev
  •     weekly vignette costs 15 lev
  •     monthly vignette costs 30 lev
  •     quarterly vignette costs 59 lev
  •     annual vignette costs 97 lev

Road prices in Bulgaria have not changed much over the years. However, the condition of the roads can be described as decent, with highways being in the best condition. It is worth knowing that motorbikes are exempted from purchasing vignettes. However, the lack of them, in the case of cars, can be punished with a fine of 300 lev.

Prices of vignettes in Bulgaria and the price of fuel and gasoline
Prices of vignettes in Bulgaria and the price of fuel and gasoline

Fuel prices in Bulgaria

The most comfortable way of getting around Bulgaria is by car, whether your own or rented. National driving license is sufficient to drive a vehicle. As for fuel prices, they are as follows:

  •     gasoline 95 costs 2.60-2.80 lev per liter
  •     gasoline 98 costs 2.70-2.90 lev per liter
  •     diesel fuel costs 2.60-2.70 lev per liter
  •     gas costs 1.15-1.30 lev per liter

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