Budapest / Live Webcams!

Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, is a city of many monuments, which largely avoided the devastation of the war, thanks to which we can still admire monuments related to the golden age of Budapest – namely the nineteenth century, but not only! Many of the city’s attractions can be seen without leaving your home, thanks to cameras – whether it’s holiday recordings on social networks, whether it’s webcams broadcasting live images on the Internet, or thanks to drone recordings showing the city from an unusual perspective. We will deal with the latter in this article!
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Budapest – Online cameras – drone compilation

Budapest – Webcams – 4k video from the drone

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Budapest – Live Cams – Night View

Budapest – Online cameras – cinematographic compilation

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Budapest – Webcams – bird’s eye view

Budapest – Live cameras – “abandoned” city during the lockdown

Budapest – Webcams – the best attractions of the city

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Budapest – Online cameras – high-quality drone view

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