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Bratislava is one of the youngest and more intimate European capitals. A bit underestimated, because tourists usually prefer nearby Vienna or Czech Prague. However, in the capital of Slovakia, there is no shortage of attractions or interesting places to visit.

Its rich history and peculiar traditions can captivate every visitor. It is also a good address when it comes to economic travel, because Bratislava is not an expensive city, which is confirmed by many young English people who come here.

Tourist attractions of Bratislava

Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia, picturesquely situated on the Danube. The attractions here are not only the bridges connecting the two banks of the river and the Danube boulevards, but also the historic remains of ancient times. The atmospheric old town and the winding, narrow streets that extend from it are a favorite place for walking, for most tourists.

This is where the nightlife center is located after dark. Bratislava has many more monuments and places worth seeing.

Therefore, the myth that there is nothing to do in the capital of Slovakia and what to see must be sent out once and for all.

What is worth seeing in Bratislava? Interesting places, monuments and tourist attractions that are worth visiting.
What is worth seeing in Bratislava? Interesting places, monuments and tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

Map of Bratislava

Locate all the monuments, interesting places and tourist attractions of Bratislava on the map:

The biggest advantage of Bratislava is the fact that you can actually visit it on foot. All major sights and attractions are within walking distance. Even a weekend in the capital is enough to see most of the most interesting places and try local delicacies.

Bratislava is a rather compact city that is worth exploring by walking and enjoying the local atmosphere. Although some people are said to only need three hours to pass all the most important points on the tourist map of Bratislava.

Which we do not personally recommend.

Sights of Bratislava

One of the biggest and hard to miss monuments of Bratislava is Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky hrad). Located on a hill, it reigns over the Danube. From a distance, it looks a bit like a table turned upside down. Bratislava Castle is a stronghold with characteristic four towers that has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.

Currently, it is also a great viewpoint of the entire city.

Inside, you can visit some of the rooms that house the exhibitions of the Slovak National Museum. You can also see the castle chambers and the Treasury.

Dóm sv. Martin

Another noteworthy monument in Bratislava is the Cathedral of St. Martin (Dóm sv. Martin). It is a three-nave Gothic building with a characteristic tower, finished with a dome with a replica of St. Stephen’s crown.

Inside, you can admire the bronze statue of St. Martin, a Gothic baptismal font from 1402 and the richly decorated chapel of Saint John the Merciful, where his relics were placed. St. Martin’s Church is the largest religious monument in Bratislava. It was here that the rulers of the Kingdom of Hungary were crowned in the old days.

Primaciálny palace

The most representative building in the old town is the Primate’s Palace (Primaciálny palác). It is an excellent example of classicist architecture, the construction of which dates back to the 18th century. The palace was once the seat of the Archbishop of Esztergom. Currently, you can admire the tapestries discovered during the renovation and representative salons with original furnishings, including the most popular Mirror Room.

The building of the Primate’s Palace stands out against the background of all buildings with its pink facade.

These are not all interesting places worth seeing and visiting in Bratislava.

Tourist attractions of Bratislava / Monuments, interesting places and everything worth seeing during a trip to Bratislava.
Tourist attractions of Bratislava / Monuments, interesting places and everything worth seeing during a trip to Bratislava.

Sightseeing of Bratislava

One of the most beautiful monuments that we can visit in Bratislava is definitely the Church of Saint Elizabeth (Modrý Kostol). It is a charming, small church with a blue facade and interior.

The temple itself has a rather unusual shape, built in the style of Hungarian Art Nouveau. In addition, numerous decorations – mosaics, floral motifs or the Heart of Jesus – make the whole thing a bit like a fairy-tale gingerbread house.

It is also worth visiting the interior of the church to pay attention to the local ceramics, which come from the manufacture in Pécs and are called majolica.

Hodžovo námestie / Grasalkovičov palác

Another interesting object when visiting Bratislava is the Presidential Palace, also known as the Grassalkovich Palace (Hodžovo námestie / Grasalkovičov palác). It was erected in 1760 by order of the Croatian Count Anton Grasalković.

Currently, it is the seat of the President of the Slovak Republic. The building itself was built in the Rococo style, but the garden in front of the building is even more impressive. It is a well-kept park, decorated in French style, where politicians from all over the world planted their trees.

There is also an impressive fountain on the other side of the palace.

Hrad Devín

However, the most popular monument that tourists in Bratislava most often visit is Devín Castle (hrad Devín). Picturesquely situated, on top of a limestone hill above the mouth of the Morava River to the Danube.

This attraction is a bit distant from the center of Bratislava, about 8 kilometers. However, it is easy to get here either by city bus or by car. On site, you can admire today only the ruins of the medieval castle Devin, which was erected in a strategic area where the former trade routes – the Danube and the Amber ones – intersected.

Currently, you can also visit the underground exhibition entitled Devin Castle Development.

What else is worth seeing in Bratislava?

Interesting places in Bratislava

One of the most interesting places in Bratislava that is hard to miss is definitely Novy Most (Most of the Slovak National Uprising). It connects the center of Bratislava with the residential district of Petržalka. It is the first asymmetrical rope bridge in Slovakia. However, the most interesting element of it is definitely the restaurant in the shape of a UFO flying saucer.

The Vyhliadková veža UFO is located right at the top of the pylon of the new bridge. It is suspended at a height of 84 meters, with a normal restaurant inside for over 400 people. By the way, it is a good vantage point over the entire city.

However, if we are not guests of the local restaurant, we have to pay to go up (about 7 euros). It is also worth noting that the prices in this restaurant are not the smallest.

However, the views are priceless.

Interesting places in Bratislava
Interesting places in Bratislava

See on the map of Bratislava where this bridge is located:

Michalská brána

Another interesting place in Bratislava is also St. Michael’s Street, where there is a well-known object, which is the St. Michael’s Gate (Michalská brána). It is the only preserved city gate in the Slovak capital, and also the entrance to the old town.

It is a structure with a characteristic form of an octagonal tower, finished with an onion-shaped roof. One clock is placed at the top of each wall of this tower, and its top is decorated with a statue of Michelangelo from the 18th century.

Inside, there is now a museum of medieval fortifications with exhibits from the 20th century, and on the sixth floor there is an observation deck. Whereas St. Michael is the main pedestrian street of Bratislava, with beer bars and restaurants, bustling with life until late at night.

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

An interesting place on the tourist map of Bratislava is also the Museum of Modern Art – Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum. It is less than 20 kilometers from the center of the Slovak capital, but can be reached by city bus in about half an hour.

The museum is located on a small promontory protruding into the Danube. You can admire the exhibitions of the most eminent artists, not only from Slovakia, but also from all over the world. Right next to it there is a sculpture park, where we can see the works of, among others El Lissitzky, Magdalena Abakanowicz, or Jim Dine.

It is also worth going to the observation deck, located in the museum building. It is from here that there is a fantastic panorama of the Danube and Bratislava.

Finally, additional attractions of Bratislava.

What’s worth seeing in Bratislava?

When visiting Bratislava, it is also worth seeing the Old Town Hall (Stará radnica). Its creation dates back to the 13th century, although the building itself is a cluster of different styles as a result of numerous renovations.

At one time, the old town hall served as a prison, mint and even an arsenal. Inside, there is now the Museum of the City of Bratislava, and the beautiful town hall courtyard is also worth paying attention to. It is in front of the old town hall in Bratislava that various concerts, performances and film screenings are organized, and in December there is a Christmas market.

While strolling around the old town of Bratislava, it is worth paying attention to the numerous sculptures located here. You have to look around, because you can overlook a very well-known figure, which is the Bratislava sewer cleaner Čumil. Only the upper body protrudes from the open channel. Apparently, touching his head is supposed to bring happiness.

You can find Cumil’s sculpture at the intersection of Laurinska, Panska and Brama Rybacka streets.

Another famous figure immortalized in sculpture is Schöner Náci, or Beautiful Ignac.

Interestingly, such a person really existed and walked the streets of Bratislava, always elegantly dressed in a tailcoat and top hat. It was Ignác Lamár, who was the good soul of this city. He was famous for his good manners and a smile widely distributed to passers-by. A sculpture was created in his honor and placed next to his favorite cafe in Bratislava.

The third quite popular sculpture within Bratislava’s old town is the figure of the Napoleonic soldier. It stands against one of the benches in the main square, near the Maximiliánova fontána, which is the oldest in the city.

When visiting Bratislava, it is also worth seeing Slavín, which is a monument to Soviet soldiers and, importantly, the only war cemetery in the city. It is to commemorate the liberation of the Slovak capital by the Red Army after World War II.

This is where nearly 7,000 Soviet soldiers are buried. The monument itself is shaped like an obelisk, almost 40 meters high, with a statue of a Soviet soldier holding a flag on top. Slavín is a frequently visited place because of the perfect walking area and the view over the whole of Bratislava.

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