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Bošana is another place on the map of Croatia that we thought we would spend a blissful vacation. Oh how wrong we were … but more on that in a moment; ) Before Bošana, I invite you to familiarize yourself with our account and at the same time a tourist guide to Stara Baška on the island of Krk in Croatia, in which we spent a really successful holiday in 2018. That’s it for introduction and now let’s get to the specifics of holidays in Bošana.

Vacation in Bošana
Vacation in Bošana

Why did we choose Bošana as a holiday destination?

Every year we try to visit a different place in Croatia. After the islands of Hvar, Mljet, and Krk, this time we chose the island of Pag. We systematically bypass larger cities and choose small towns that are charming, accessible and seem to be the perfect place to spend a vacation in them.

How are we looking for them?

Usually it just starts so that we turn on Google Maps, choose Croatia and find places that seem to be interesting and verify whether:

  • Can they be easily reached by car / by boat (we prefer the option with car access)
  • Is there within a radius of 15-20 km is a larger city with shops, a doctor, etc.
  • Are there beaches accessible for children
  • Are there any larger ships sailing in a given place or are there any larger factories, factories etc. in the area. It is about making it clean and pleasant.

Of course, these are only the basic criteria we follow. All this can be seen through Google Maps. Of course, this method carries some risks associated with the fact that reality does not have to look like it can be seen on Google Maps.

This was also the case with Bošana.

From the very beginning we didn’t particularly like this place. Although it met all the requirements for location and cleanliness, we had big doubts as to the availability of beaches and the location of Bošana itself.

Speaking of which, where exactly is Bošana located?

Map of Bošana

Bošana is located exactly in the middle of the island of Pag on its eastern side. It is located in close proximity to the city of Pag. We mention the location of Bošana because it is a small town that can in no way compete with popular resorts chosen by crowds of tourists every year.

Beaches in Bošana

What about them? Viewing photos on Google Maps and elsewhere, it is clear that the Bošana coast is one huge cliff. Even though there are beaches in some coves, however, they are above all very narrow.

On average, a maximum of 3-4 meters wide.

Secondly, their location is such that the sun already around 14:00 (as of September) sets over the mountains above Bošana causing that in the middle of the day we can basically forget about sunbathing and sun rays warming our bodies.

This is probably the worst part. Go to Croatia and not experience the sun?

Thirdly, the descent to the beaches are very steep, even dangerous – especially when Bora blows. The descent is usually steep, narrow stairs from the side of a high cliff.

One wrong move and it could end in a catastrophe …

That is why it is not a good place for families with small children. Especially when you carry bigger luggage.

A beach in Bošana.
Beaches in Bošana.
A beach in Bošana.
A beach in Bošana.

The only advantage of the situation are beautiful views.

Bošana view of Velebit
Bošana view of Velebit
Bošana view of the bay
Bošana view of the bay

Popular beaches in Bošana and its close surroundings are Rozin Bok, Tihana, Klara, Sveta Marija.

Going forward –

Interesting places and tourist attractions in Bošana

The Sveti Vid peak dominates the village, which is undoubtedly a tourist attraction that is worth seeing. We read somewhere that you could climb it but unfortunately we didn’t find the way.

Mountains in Bošana
Mountains in Bošana
Sveti Vid in Bošana
Sveti Vid in Bošana

The previously mentioned beaches are also very interesting attractions, provided that you pay due attention. There are many places that are difficult to reach from the street. However, sailing along the coast you can find sooooo interesting and wild places.

It is also worth just walking along the asphalt road along Bošana. On the one hand, high, beautiful mountains, on the other, a view of Velebit, the bay and the cliffs.

I will not write here about attractions related to the area of Bošana such as the city of Pag or other cities and towns on the island. We want to focus only on Bošana itself.

It is also worth mentioning here that small lizards scramble everywhere in Bošana. Apparently you can also see turtles here, but we did not have the opportunity to see them.

The animals of Bošana
The animals of Bošana

In fact, these are the only attractions in Bošana. This place has very little to offer when it comes to entertainment.

What else?

Shops in Bošana

Hmmm … there are no shops as such in Bošana at all. There is one place where you can buy ice cream and drinks but it is only open when the owner is on site. It doesn’t have much in common with a store and the place is called “Nemčić”.

Shop-restaurant in Bošana
Shop-restaurant in Bošana

To do normal shopping, follow the road to the city of Pag – fortunately it is not far away. There, at the very beginning, you will find a bakery, a shop and two large supermarkets.

And what about restaurants in Bošana?

Restaurants in Bošana

Like shops, there are no restaurants in Bošana at all. The only place where you can eat is the shop, restaurant … “Nemčić”. There you can also eat basic dishes.

The appearance of this place does not encourage, however, I will not refer to the taste and quality of dishes because we simply did not have the opportunity to eat anything there.

What are the prices?

Prices in Bošana

In the photo below you can see the prices of food and drink in the “Nemčić” shop / restaurant in Bošana.

There is not much to say here. This is the only place where you can buy or eat anything in Bošana.

What else is worth knowing if you want to spend your vacation in Bošana?

Temperature and weather in Bošana

We spent our holidays in Bošana in the first week of September. Initially, however, the weather added to the aforementioned ailments associated with the fact that the sun sets over the mountains very early in the afternoon caused some discomfort.

Later Bora began and the holiday ended with it – insiders know what it means.

What is the temperature of the water in the bay?

Due to the fact that Bošana is located in a bay, the water is slightly warmer here than in the open sea. Warmer water is one thing but the downside is the fact that the water here is less transparent.

However, it is still clean 🙂

Weather and water and air temperature in Bošana.
Weather and water and air temperature in Bošana.
Weather and water and air temperature in Bošana.
Weather and water and air temperature in Bošana.
Weather and water and air temperature in Bošana.
Weather and water and air temperature in Bošana.

Water life is also aboundant here. Fish, starfish, water plants. We’ll find it all here.

Access to Bošana

Getting to Bošana is very simple. All you need to do is get to Pag by car and continually driving on road number 106 (Rijecka street), look for the sign for Bošana, which is before the road begins to climb the hill.

The sign will direct you to the right and following this road you will still get straight to Bošana.

The last issue remains to be described, namely accommodation.

Accommodation in Bošana: Apartments, lodgings and hotels

Bošana does not differ from other villages in Croatia in terms of accommodation availability and accommodation options.

We find here mainly private lodgings and apartments, which we can rent directly from the owners or using online booking systems such as Booking.

We booked accommodation directly with the owners.

How much did we pay for accommodation?

From what I remember it was 40 €. What was included in our apartment? One room with a kitchenette, unfortunately no table, so we ate meals on the terrace which caused mainly ailments.

Secondly, there was a bed about 150 cm long squeezed between one wall and another – maybe in this niche there was to be a table …

Access to the beach … that is, to the cliff from which you had to go down to the beach led through a narrow path between the concrete fence and the field of snags … This path was also dangerous in itself.

The apartment itself was surrounded by reeds or bamboo. Such a strange hybrid – maybe someone who knows will comment on this topic. You can see them in the pictures attached to the entry.

Generally it was wet. For Croatia, I’d say it was swampy.

Holidays in Bošana.
Holidays in Bošana.

Of course, this caused further complications because as I mentioned the sun was setting quickly and in the evening you had to burn the light on the terrace. Remember that we had to eat on the terrace because there was no table at home.

It’s hard to eat or relax when mosquitoes, flies, moths and other vermins fly around.

There is something else.

Due to the fact that there is no sun around the swamp, we noticed that our things did not dry at all. Every morning our things were just wet.

After a week, we decided to give up our apartment, which we paid in advance for 2 weeks – we did not recover the money for the second week – and went to another place.

In this other place we found paradise on earth. It seemed to us then when from wet, swampy Bošana we came across a sunny, idyllic landscape.

Well, but you will read about it in our next account of holidays in Croatia 😀

To sum up our vacation in Bošana

At the beginning I mentioned that holidays in Bošana disappointed us a lot. Why? This impression caused several things, but collecting it all you should mention:

  •     No sun at the beach
  •     Difficult and dangerous descent to the beach
  •     No shops and restaurants
  •     Cold and wet
  •     Vermin
  •     Low quality apartment

Were there any pros?


Above all, views. Something that made me very happy was Bora, which made me have the opportunity to take a bath in the big waves that I love. Undoubtedly, plus is the warm water in the bay.

In the pictures attached to this tourist guide around Bošana you will see the aspects I am describing with your own eyes. If you want to see more photos from Bosana, we invite you to view this album on Flickr.

Bošana vacation
Bošana vacation

If you have any questions about Bošana or you want to ask something, let me know in the comments.

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