Bled Lake / Attractions, monuments, accommodation, interesting places and weather

Lake Bled is undoubtedly a tourist postcard of Slovenia, most recognized attraction of the country. Pictures of Lake Bled are decorating almost all guides to Slovenia.

And no wonder, finally a picturesque combination of turquoise water, lush greenery surrounding the lake, and a charming island located in the middle of the reservoir with the church standing on it, all together making an amazing impression.

Bled Lake
Bled Lake

Holidays at Lake Bled

Lake Bled is located in the north-western part of Slovenia, among the Julian Alps, in the town of the same name – Bled. This small town, due to the flourishing of tourism, has become a fashionable resort. You can find more about the town of Bled on the official website.

Lake Bled itself has an area of ​​144 hectares, and its depth reaches over 30 meters. The reservoir was created from the waters of the Bohinjskie glacier that melted and accumulated in the tectonic cavity. Interestingly, Lake Bled is powered only by underground waters, because no larger river falls into it.

Map of Lake Bled

Tourist map of Lake Bled, where you’ll find accommodation, tourist attractions and interesting places to see and visit while spending holidays at Lake Bled:

The water temperature in Lake Bled

As we have already mentioned, Lake Bled is supplied with sources of underground waters, because no river flows into it. The water temperature in the lake reaches even 26 degrees in the summer months, thanks to the thermal springs that are located in the north-eastern part of the reservoir.

This makes Bled one of the warmest alpine lakes.

For this reason, the lake has the longest bathing season, among others. You can therefore expect that the water temperature will be surprisingly pleasant for a post-glacial lake.

And what about the air temperature? What is the weather like at Lake Bled?

The climate here is quite mild because the lake is sheltered by mountain ridges from cold winds. The hottest months are July and August. Then, daytime temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees. At the same time you have to take into account the rainfall, because the biggest chance for rain is also from June to September. However, in these months the days are the longest (up to 15 sunlight hours a day).

Accommodation at Lake Bled - apartments and lodgings
Accommodation at Lake Bled – apartments and lodgings

Accommodation at Lake Bled – apartments and lodgings

The tourist infrastructure in Bled is perfectly developed, so there are no major problems when it comes to finding accommodation in this area.

Of course, if you plan to go blind in the season, it is worthwhile to reserve a room, because there may be no vacancies.

After all, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Slovenia.

Around the lake there are hotels, guest houses and apartments for rent. There is also a large campsite on the west side, where you can park a trailer or pitch a tent.

There is a lot of traffic here during holidays.

As far as hotel accommodations are concerned, you have a choice of three- and four-star facilities, but also luxury, five-resort centers that also have a full wellness offer.

Virtually each of them guarantees beautiful views from balconies or terraces, some of them also help in arranging, for example, transfer to the airport or rental equipment on site. Most of the facilities also have their own parking space and free wifi connection.

Accommodation prices

The prices of accommodation at the Bled Lake vary, but the cheapest ones start at about 16 euro per night per person. Everything also depends on the standard, the location of the place and the date of arrival.

Beaches on Lake Bled

There are no typical sandy beaches at Lake Bled. Bathing and sunbathing areas are rather a form of grassy, ​​small glades with a sandy shore. Probably the largest beach of this type is near a camping site. Strolling around the lake you can come across many similar but slightly smaller places, sometimes also with piers. You can also find water equipment rentals, mainly boats and kayaks.

Lake Bled in Slovenia
Lake Bled in Slovenia

Tourist attractions of Lake Bled

The main attraction of every visit at Lake Bled is primarily the tiny island of Blejski Otok with the church on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary located there.

Interestingly, it is the only island in Slovenia.

You can get it in three ways: swim in, rent a boat or use a pletna (flat bottomed wooden boat).

The first way, although free, poses a certain problem, as after reaching the island you will not enter the church in a swimsuit.

You can swim, but not visit anymore.

For those willing to rent a boat and row, there is even a special place for private boats to moor off the coast of the island.

The third way is to buy a place on the pletna, a traditional boat run by a colorfully dressed boatman. The mini cruise lasts from 10 to 30 minutes.

On the island, after almost 100 stairs, you reach the church, which stands in the place of the Slavic temple of the patron of love – goddess Ziva. It is necessary to go inside and ring the bell three times by pulling the cord hanging from the ceiling. Apparently, it brings happiness and fulfills one wish.

Another tourist attraction is a walk around the lake.

This is possible thanks to a 6-kilometer-long path, which runs around the reservoir. The walk takes about 1-2 hours, depending on how often you stop to take pictures. The area is perfect for this, every now and then you encounter a unique scenery. For those who do not like to walk, it is possible to rent a bike to ride the entire route or ride in horse-drawn carriages (fijakerji), of course for a fee.

What other interesting places to visit around Bled?

Strolling around Lake Bled, you cannot forget about the viewpoints from which you can admire the panorama of the whole area. There are many places that are breathtaking, but two of them are especially popular with tourists: Ojstrica and Osojnica.

Both are located on the south-western shore of the lake, and the beginning of the route leading to them is right next to the local campsite.

Ojstric is probably more famous, because on its top there is a famous bench where tourists take commemorative photographs. In turn, the second peak – Mala Osojnica (685m) is the favorite place of photographers, with even more beautiful views just at sunrise or sunset.

Blejski Grad

A big attraction is also the local castle – Blejski Grad, located on a rock in the northern part of the lake. From it you can also enjoy amazing views of the area and the reservoir.

This is the oldest castle in Slovenia, its origins dating back to 1011.

Initially, there was only a tower surrounded by a defensive wall, but in the Middle Ages it has been more developed. Today, the castle is located on two connected levels. Once there were outbuildings on the lower one and living quarters on the upper one. Currently, there is a museum with a collection of armor and weapons from 16th-18th century and a 6th century brooch. In addition, you can visit the castle wine cellar, the printing house, the forge and the chapel dedicated to Saint Bishop Albuin and Saint Ingeuin with baroque frescos.

Interestingly, the chapel nowadays serves as a marriage chapel. In the castle area there is also a restaurant, a cafe and a shop with local products. In the summer, the Blejski Grad castle is open from 8.00 to 20.00.

What to eat at Lake Bled?

However, the culinary attraction of this region is the local delicacy – kremne  rezine, or mille-feuille. The dessert consists of two outer layers of crispy puff pastry, and inside it is 2/3 of a layer of vanilla cream and 1/3 of a layer of whipped cream. The head of one of the hotel restaurants Istvan Lukacevic developed a perfect recipe for this cake in 1953. Since then, millions of pieces of this delicious dessert have been sold. If you are in the area – it’s worth a try!

Bohinjsko Lake

In addition to the attractions of Lake Bled, there are several other places nearby that are worth seeing. One of them is certainly the neighboring Bohinjsko Lake, which is the largest in Slovenia. In addition to the equally extensive tourist base, you can also walk along specially marked trails, or visit the Romanesque-Gothic church of St. John the Baptist or see the symbol of the Julian Alps – Zlatorog.

Vintgar Gorge

A nice trip is also a trip to the Vintgar Gorge. The attraction lies in the fact that you walk along wooden footbridges to a small Sum waterfall, and at the bottom there’s the swift Radovna River. On the way you can see the largest preserved stone railway bridge in Slovenia.

Holidays with children

Lake Bled is an ideal attraction for families with children. In addition to a well-developed accommodation base, there are gastronomic establishments and water equipment rentals. It is worth taking a boat and swimming on the lake with the kids. With the older ones you can decide on a canoe. There is a green (grassy) beach right next to the campsite and many other places where you can bathe. There is no shortage of places for family walks. The whole road around the lake is suitable for trolleys or bicycles. An attraction for children will also be the crossing of the island with traditional boats – pletna or riding horse-drawn carriage – fijakerji around the lake. You will also love the trip to the Vintgar Gorge. Its length is a little over 1.5km. However, the biggest attraction for children will be simply contact with nature.

A look at Bled lake / Check prices for accommodation and food in shops and restaurants.
A look at Bled lake / Check prices for accommodation and food in shops and restaurants.

Prices at Lake Bled

Generally speaking, the whole of Slovenia is quite expensive, but apparently, however, cheaper than nearby Croatia.

accommodation from 10-15 euro / person

dinner from 10 euro

risotto 13 euro

chicken fillet with mozzarella 14 euro

creamy rezine 3-3,50 euro portion

2.80 euro for half a liter beer

transfer to the island by boat, 12-15 euro / person

boat rental 12-18 euro

church with a belfry on the island of Blejski Otok 6 euro

entrance to the castle is 11 euro

parking by the lake 2-5 euro per night

Vintgar gorge 5 euro / person

We wish you a pleasant holiday and vacation at Lake Bled. Remember to add your opinions in the comments under our guide. We are curious about your opinions about this place.

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