Berlin / Live Webcams!

Berlin is one of the largest and most attractive cities in Europe. Its scale and modernity delight visitors, whose number does not overwhelm them thanks to the reasonable spatial management. Nevertheless, we will not always be able to see what we want most. Here, online videos that show Berlin from every possible perspective come to the rescue, and perhaps the most interesting of them is the perspective that cannot be seen by a tourist – from a bird’s eye view. Here are some of our favorite videos!

Berlin as seen by a drone

A short movie presenting the greatest attractions of the German capital:

See also the top attractions in Berlin.

Berlin from a bird’s perspective

Another look at Berlin from the air:

See also what the weather is like in Berlin.

Berlin ultra HD

High-quality drone footage over Berlin:

Berlin from the sidewalk and air

A longer video combining drone recordings with those made from the tourist’s perspective:

Here is a map of Berlin.

A longer shot of Berlin in 4K

High-quality twenty-minute aerial video of Berlin:

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