Berlin flea markets: Mauerpark, Schoneberg, Nowkoelln Flowmarkt, Treptow Arena

It is widely known that Berlin is a great place when it comes to shopping. There are plenty of shops with various goods, luxury boutiques, and large department stores. Everyone who goes shopping in Berlin will not leave empty-handed. The list of shopping places and even entire streets with shops in the German capital is long.

Therefore, people looking for original items can go crazy here, because in Berlin there are over 50 flea markets (Flohmarkt) where you can buy not only old-fashioned antiques – furniture or family souvenirs for next to nothing, but also many things lying in the homes of local sellers.

Berlin flea market
Berlin flea market

Berlin flea market

Virtually every district of this city has a place where dealers of used things meet. Such flea markets take place here at the agreed place and on certain days, usually on weekends.

Then in the morning you can come and see collections of old works of art, antiques and seemingly unnecessary trinkets. Berlin Flohmarkets are visited not only by bargain hunters, but also by various collectors and tourists.

What are Flohmarkts?

Flohmarkt is the equivalent of our flea market. Civilians sell everything they don’t need, from small items such as jewelry or tableware to household appliances, sports equipment, furniture and more electronics. All at bargain prices, which you can also bargain of.

The history of flea markets dates back to the Middle Ages, when they were in the form of charity fairs, where used clothes were given to the poorest – sometimes with fleas for free! Hence the name.

In Berlin, flea markets usually take place on weekends, where both sellers and buyers come to the designated place. You can not only get rid of the objects lying in the house, but also treat this place as a meeting point with the community. Apart from typical market stands, there are also booths and food trucks with food. It is best to come to the flea market in Berlin in the morning, when the selection of exhibited goods is the largest. Then you can buy or find something really interesting. Around noon, yes, the sellers can still be in positions, but the goods will be limited. Later visits are rather only as a curiosity or ticking off another attraction in the German capital.

Berlin flea market
Berlin flea market

The most popular flea market in Berlin

In Berlin, as we have already mentioned, there are several dozen flea markets. From the small, housing estate, to the large and very known. The most visited Flohmarkt in Berlin are:

The flea market at Strasse des 17. Juni – is the oldest and one of the largest flea markets in Berlin, its history dates back to 1973. Called Original Berliner Flohmarkt is also one of the most popular places of this type. You can buy here a variety of things, from clothes, vinyl records and books, to porcelain, paintings and furniture. Prices at the flea market at Strasse des 17. Juni are not the cheapest, because they are influenced by considerable interest in this place and many professional sellers. However, as at any fair, you can bargain here. To visit Original Berliner Flohmarkt, you must arrive either on Saturday or Sunday, preferably in the morning.

Mauerpark flea market – another well-known and popular place. You can buy not only antiques, works of art or handicrafts. Sales of local fashion designers and local artists are also organized at this market. The choice is wide from T-shirts, jewelry, to original lamps and tableware. There are also a lot of gastronomy stands, which offer a variety of dishes from vegetarian cuisine to Turkish delicacies. Mauerpark flea market is also famous for various artistic ventures. Mini concerts and performances are organized here, or even karaoke (in summer), and all this can be enjoyed in a real picnic atmosphere, for example, sitting on a blanket spread out on the grass. Flohmarkt im Mauerpark is organized every Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

The flea market in Schoneberg – is a market located next to the town hall in Schoneberg, on John F. Kennedy Square. This, in turn, is a place that differs from the previous two. First of all, there are fewer professionals selling antiques and there is a less artistic atmosphere. However, it’s a great market where it’s easy to find real age gems. Antiques, old trinkets, toys and books sold out from the attics are sold here. The flea market in Schonegerg takes place every Saturday and Sunday, from 8 to 16.

Nowkoelln Flowmarkt flea market – is located at Maybachufer Strasse and has been operating here since 2010. It is a place where you can buy artistic antiques, used items and local handicrafts. In addition, there are food stands here, and time is made more pleasant by local music bands and DJ performances. This is not a year-round market, it takes place from spring until the first days of winter, when the break occurs. The Nowkoelln Flowmarkt fair is organized every other Sunday every month.

Not far away is the second, very similar flea market – Kreuzboerg Flowmarkt. It is only 2.5 kilometers from Nowkoelln Flowmarkt. Here you can also buy handicrafts, antiques, music and other items extracted from old attics. This market, like Nowkoelln Flowmarkt, has a winter break from November to April, and is organized every two weeks in the season and open from 10am to 5pm.

The flea market in the Treptow Arena – in turn, is an flea market organized under the roof. In this case, the weather completely has no effect on either buyers or sellers. In the area of ​​3,000 square meters, you can buy furniture that needs renovation, household appliances, car tires, lamps, shoes and watches. The prices here are under-priced and of course you can always haggle. Despite being somewhat out of the way, this market is a meeting place for the local community. The Treptow Arena marketplace is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

What is your favorite flea market in Berlin? What do you like to buy on them?

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