Prices in Belgium

Prices in Belgium / Food and food in shops: Beer, cigarettes, alcohol / Lunch in a restaurant for the family

Prices in Belgium are not the lowest, so visiting Belgium can turn out to be a considerable expense, especially since the prices here are calculated in euro. Even in nearby France it is cheaper. When it comes to the specific region of Belgium where it is the most expensive, it is definitely the capital, i.e. … Read more

Brussels: Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What to see and visit?

Tourist attractions in Brussels / What is worth seeing and visiting in Brussels? The most popular monuments

Brussels is one of the most diverse capitals in Europe. The attractions of this city are not only historic tenement houses and medieval fortifications, but also modern districts with international seats of the most important institutions. The capital of Belgium is the heart of the entire European Union, but also a very modern place. It … Read more