Beaches on Lefkada: Sandy, the most beautiful and the most popular


The island of Lefkada is much less popular than the neighboring Ionian islands of Zakynthos or Corfu. However, every year, it arouses more and more interest among visitors.

Lefkada is a small mountainous island, it stands out from the rest – a bridge that connects it to the mainland. However, what attracts the most here is the blue, warm sea and one of the prettiest beaches in all of Greece.

And we will devote our entire article to the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada today.

Beautiful and sandy beaches in Lefkada / Ranking of the most popular and the most beautiful beaches on the island!
Beautiful and sandy beaches in Lefkada / Ranking of the most popular and the most beautiful beaches on the island!

Beaches on Lefkada

Lefkada is not yet trampled by tourists, nor heavily commercialized. We will also not have a problem finding your favorite beach, because the island offers a wide cross-section when it comes to places for sunbathing.

We have a choice of small, completely undeveloped beaches and white sandy places, with full infrastructure for tourists. We have gravel coasts, or even those with stony ground.

Other beaches, in turn, are protected from the land by high cliffs. We will also find small charming beaches, ideal for snorkelling.

Everyone will find something they like.

The most beautiful of the beaches in Lefkada are on the west side of the island, where the areas are slightly less developed in terms of tourism, but better in terms of landscape.

We will also take spectacular photos there, just like taken out of postcards. However, it is worth visiting the entire Lefkade to see all its beaches and picturesque corners, to see their diversity.

Here is an overview of the most noteworthy beaches in Lefkada:

Porto Katsiki beach

Yes, we also start from this most famous beach in Lefkada. Its name indicates that it was once a beach only accessible to goats.

Porto Katsiki beach on the island of Lefkada
Porto Katsiki beach on the island of Lefkada

This beach is often compared to the Shipwreck Bay, but unlike Porto Katsiki, the more famous beach is also accessible from the land side.

Specially for tourists, stairs have been carved in the rock to get to the shore. At the top there is a large paid parking lot where you can leave your car. And also bars with drinks and snacks.

See on the map where the Porto Katsiki beach is located:

Porto Katsiki beach is partly furnished with sunbeds and umbrellas, but you can easily spread your own blanket. It is worth taking here special footwear for swimming, because the ground is stony (small pebblys).

In the season the beach can be crowded, because in addition to tourists from the island, also guests coming from the sea (by floating boats) are visiting. Due to the high limestone cliffs, Porto Katsiki stays in the shadow until noon, and then it is all bathed in the light.

Afteli beach

Afteli Beach is a small beach, hidden in one of the bays. Often mentioned as one of the prettiest and peaceful places on the island.

Despite the small size there is a beach service (deckchairs, umbrellas) and a small pub and shower. Afteli Beach is a great place for snorkeling and swimming.

You can get away from the everyday hustle and relax completely.

Following the trail of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Lefkada we will find:

Egremni beach

The beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. The azure color of the sea plus the light sand surrounded by high hills are impressive. Before November 2015, a series of stairs led to Egremni Beach, but the structure was destroyed in an earthquake. Currently, you can only get here from the sea, by cruise ships. For this reason, there is no beach infrastructure here.

Egremni is a wide beach, sandy with small stones, reminiscent of those known from the Caribbean or Mexico. Well, maybe except for the vegetation 😉

See the exact location of this beach:

Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach is located near the island’s capital – Lefkada. Interestingly, the place is not crowded at all, even in high season.

This beach is quite wide and long, especially loved by kite and wind surfers. It is distinguished by the remains of stone windmills that can be seen here.

See it yourself:

Only a small part of the beach is developed – with sunbeds and umbrellas. Right next to the windmills, there are also dining options where you can eat and drink.

See how to get to Agios Ioannis beach:

Milos beach

Nice sandy and pebbly beach, one of the longest on the island. Shielded from the mainland by high cliffs, it is at the forefront of the prettiest in Lefkada.

This beach is located near the aforementioned Agios Ioannis:

Its only drawback is that you have to get to it by going down steep hills. Were it not for this fact, it would be an ideal beach for families with children, due to the gentle entry into the sea. There is no infrastructure here either. It is only us and nature.

See how this beach looks in all its glory:

This is not all in our ranking – there are other beaches in Lefkada!

Vassiliki beach

The beach is located in the bay of a small town of the same name. Wide, pebbly, ideal for relaxing and practicing various water sports (clubs, rentals).

However, it is most popular among windsurfers because of the afternoon wind blowing across the bay. It creates ideal conditions for practicing these water sports. Around the beach is full of accommodation and catering facilities, and from the small port you can go on a cruise to the neighboring islands: Ithaca and Kefalonia.

Kalamitsi beach

Intimate, small beach, well hidden in a small village of the same name. The beach may not be impressive, but it is distinguished by rock formations off the coast, between which you can swim (beware – the sea can be treacherous).

Ideal to hide from the crowd of tourists. Right next to it there is a small parking lot where we will leave the car. There is also a snack bar on the beach and the option of renting sunbeds and umbrellas.

Agiofili beach

A small beach, hidden among the hills in a bay. It is easier to reach it from the sea than by land. There is no beach service, bars or water equipment rentals. You can use the nearby rocks and jump into the water.

One should also bear in mind the fact that it gets deep quickly here, which on the other hand is a plus, especially for snorkelers.

And this is how we got to the last beach, which we distinguished in our ranking of the most beautiful, best and most popular beaches on the island of Lefkada.

Kathisma beach

One of the larger and better developed beaches. For this reason, it is often crowded during the season. Kathisma beach is wide, long, pebbly with small stones, toilets and showers.

You can rent a sunbed with umbrella and take advantage of the gastronomic offer of nearby bars and pubs. There are no problems with parking the car, either for free along the road or in a paid parking lot.

An interesting fact is that paragliders start from the nearby cliffs. Their base is located on the beach.

We have gathered in one place the most popular and best beaches in Lefkada. If in your opinion in our ranking is missing some beach that deserves attention, we will gladly read your opinions in the comments. It is worth sharing information about the beautiful places on the island of Lefkada. Especially since it is quite a long journey and it would be worth seeing as much as possible. That’s why beach reviews are welcome!


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