Beaches in Venice: Bibione, Lido di Jesolo, Rosolina Mare, Eraclea Mare

Let’s start with the fact that Venice is almost 120 islands, divided into six districts. This most famous historical part with monuments – Venezia Insulare, unfortunately has no access to beaches.

However, in other districts, e.g. Venezia Litorale, you can already find one. Anyway, as in the entire Veneto region, there are plenty of places to relax by the sea.

The most popular beaches in Venice

To visit the beaches during your stay in Venice, go to the island of Lido di Venezia.

This part of the city is a region with a beach.

Beaches in Venice
Beaches in Venice

Almost half of the coastline of this 12 km island is a sandy beach. First of all, it tempts families with children due to its gentle entry to the sea and relative shallow water, which warms up quickly.

There are of course full gastronomic facilities in the area, although most bars are located in the central part of the beach, by the pier.

On the entire length it is also divided into paid and public sections.

Importantly, the beach in Lido is almost fully protected by lifeguards. Unfortunately in the summer it can be very crowded. It is also worth mentioning that it is on the island of Lido di Venezia that the famous film festival takes place.

Other beaches in Venice

As for the other beaches in Venice, you have to go a little further into the region. The most famous holiday resorts of Veneto include:


-Lido di Jesolo,

-Rosolina Mare,

-Eraclea Mare,



These resorts are famous not only for a very extensive tourist base, but primarily for their wide beaches, mostly sandy. You can not only relax and catch a holiday tan, but also take advantage of the wide range of water sports.

Venice beache
Venice beaches

What can you expect when going to a Venetian beach?

The beaches in the Veneto region are distinguished by an extensive beach infrastructure together with lifeguards and catering facilities. Some of them were also awarded the Blue Flag award for cleanliness.

Families with children, in addition to toilets and changing rooms, may like the pine forest belt just behind the beach, where you can shelter from the sun. On the beaches of Veneto, you can go sailing, windsurfing or waterskiing. Of course, it is also worth paying attention to the current weather in Venice, which usually spoils tourists.

Bibione beach

The beach in Bibione is long, sandy and has a lot of dining options. This famous resort attracts crowds of tourists every year, but the beach itself is tidy – numerous rows of sunbeds and umbrellas do not allow sunbathers to lie on top of each other. This place attracts not only party people, but also families with children due to the gentle entry to the sea and the crystal-clear water.

See on the map where the beach in Bibione is located:

The beach at Lido di Jesolo

The beach at Lido di Jesolo is almost 15 kilometers of sandy rest along which runs a promenade of almost the same length, which is not lacking in pubs and bars, as well as in the evening open loud clubs. People who like to sunbathe without bathing suits will find their haven here, in the designated place. For the purity of the water, the beach at Lido di Jesolo was awarded the Blue Flag award.

See on the map where the Lido di Jesolo beach is located:

Rosolina Mare beach

Rosolina Mare Beach is almost 9 kilometers long and stretches between the Adriatic Sea and the northern lagoons of the Po Delta. Its base is a pine forest, which gives some respite from the scorching sun. It is the only beach in the province of Rovigo, which has an additional advantage located nearby a landscape park with wetlands and rushes. There is also a gentle entrance to the sea on Rosolina Mare beach, which is important for families with children.

See on the map where the Rosolina Mare beach is located:

Beach in Eraclea Mare

The beach at Eraclea Mare is relatively small, barely three kilometers long. Its variety is certainly small dunes, overgrown with tamarisk and a dense pine forest next to it. The town itself is quite calm and often chosen by families with children and the elderly.

See on the map where the Eraclea Mare beach is located:

Beaches in Caorle

The beaches at Caorle are the widest and one of the cleanest beaches in the entire region. The whole is 15 kilometers of sand, which has been divided into three smaller beaches. One of them is Duna Verde distinguished by dunes, lagoons and clusters of pine trees, in which we will find a moment of respite.

Beaches in Cavallino

The beaches at Cavallino are another 15 kilometers of sandy paradise. Known mainly for the large number of campsites located here. The beaches at Cavallino are again full of dunes and lagoons, and you can escape from the sun to the nearby pine forest. Entrance to the sea is gentle, which is eagerly used by the youngest.

What other beaches are worth visiting while spending your vacation in Venice?

Beaches in the Veneto region can also be found, for example, on a private island – Albarella. Here on a four and a half kilometer beach, it is almost never crowded. However, to get here, you need to buy an expensive stay in one of the hotels.

In turn, in the seaside district of Chioggia – Sottomarina, you will find a beach distinguished by mineral sand, gentle descent to the water, rich gastronomic facilities and tourist crowds (especially in August).

There are even swimming pools right on the beach and playgrounds for children.

You can learn more about the most beautiful and popular beaches in Venice from the official tourist website of Venice.

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