Beaches in Pula / Ambrela, Valkane, Brioni, Histria, Stoja

Pula is one of the most historic cities in Croatia. It is famous for its ancient buildings, and above all for the huge amphitheater from the 1st century. Due to a large number of monuments dating back to Roman times, Pula is often called Istrian Rome.

Pula is also an ideal summer resort.

Although there are not many places to sunbathe in the center of Pula, you have to be aware that it is a port city with a large shipyard. But the immediate vicinity of Pula hides many charming coves and places where you can relax by the sea.

Beaches in and around Pula

The beaches in the suburbs of Pula are the most popular. We can choose places located, often in small rocky coves. With azure water and partly sheltered by lush vegetation. These types of beaches are mainly found in the eastern suburbs of Pula.

Pula’s beaches are for the most part pebbly and rocky.

You can not only relax on them or soak up some sun, but also take a refreshing bath. The beaches all over Croatia are usually well developed, where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds and take advantage of the active leisure activities.

Also in Pula, there are water sports bases for tourists, where you can try your hand at windsurfing, water skiing or diving.

So let’s check what specific beaches we can find in Pula.

Pula sandy beaches and beaches for families with children / The most beautiful beaches in Pula
Pula sandy beaches and beaches for families with children / The most beautiful beaches in Pula

Hawaiian Beach

Hawaiian Beach – one of the most popular beaches, located in the tourist part of Pula – Verudela, in a small bay. In the vicinity there is a hotel and a camping site. The beach itself is rather small, and it is gravel and rocky, with a predominance of rocks.

The entrance to the sea is gradual, but it gets quite deep rather quickly. Hawaiian Beach is suitable for families with children as well as for people who like to jump off rocky cliffs.

The place is partially sheltered by rocks and a wall built in, and there is a promenade along the coast nearby. You can use showers and changing rooms, as well as try your hand at snorkeling.

Pula’s Hawaiian Beach is a good place for couples looking to enjoy romantic sunsets. In the part closer to the holiday center, you can rent sun beds or hide in the shade of local trees.

Ambrela Beach

Ambrela Beach – is a very popular beach in Pula, also located in the tourist part of the city – Verudela. About 4 kilometers from the center, it can be very crowded in the season. Ambrela Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award for its cleanliness and ecological management.

The entrance to the sea is quite gentle here, which is used by many families with children spending their time here.

You can also rent sun loungers with umbrellas and take advantage of water sports. These include scooters and pedal boats, banana and tube rides, and an inflatable amusement park. The swimming area is separated and there is a lifeguard’s eye for bathers (from 10 am to 6 pm).

You can also play volleyball on Ambrela Beach, and there are changing cabins, showers and toilets nearby. The great advantage of this place is also the possibility of sheltering in the shade of nearby pine trees.

In the vicinity of the beach, there is also a gastronomic base in the form of bars, restaurants and cafes.

Valkane Beach

Valkane Beach – this is another popular spot by the water in Pula. It is practically a completely concrete swimming pool, of considerable size, which stretches along the bay. There is a promenade, showers, toilets and changing cabins nearby. Valkane Beach is often awarded with the Blue Flag Award for its cleanliness.

It is also partially adapted for disabled people. Vlkane Beach is guarded by lifeguards.

Its great advantage is the green belt where you can shelter from the sun. Which families with children like to use. There is also a playground, volleyball and football fields, and tennis courts.

On Valkane Beach you can rent kayaks and pedal boats, and try your hand at the inflatable amusement park. There are also dining options nearby – restaurants, bars and cafes.

Beaches in Pula for families with children / Sandy beaches in Pula / Beaches around Pula
Beaches in Pula for families with children / Sandy beaches in Pula / Beaches around Pula

Brioni Beach

Brioni Beach – this is another typical Croatian beach in Pula. Its name comes from the local Brioni hotel with swimming pools, restaurants and animations for its guests. The beach is pebbly and rocky and situated approximately 4 kilometers from the center of Pula. It has been partly paved with terraces, where you can now rent deck chairs, umbrellas and sun beds.

Due to its cleanliness and ecological management policy, it is also awarded with the Blue Flag.

Brioni Beach is an ideal place for families with children, groups of friends and the elderly. There is a lifeguard on site (from 10 am to 6 pm), and there are also changing rooms, showers and toilets.

There are also dining options near the beach, such as restaurants, bars and cafes. When it comes to attractions, you can rent scooters and pedal boats, ride a banana or water skiing, and try parasailing.

There is also an inflatable amusement park on the water and a beach volleyball court.

What are some other beaches around Pula?

Histria Beach

Histria Beach – This beach is located right in front of the Park Plaza Histria. This is another place awarded with the Blue Flag award for cleanliness. The beach is pebbly and rocky and there are plenty more shaded areas. There is a lifeguard here for safety, and the entrance to the sea is gentle and gradual.

Unfortunately, there are large stones that you need to watch out for.

As for the attractions on the Histria beach, you can rent water equipment, such as surfboards and pedal boats. The nearby water tempts snorkeling fans, as there is a colorful sea life with colorful fish waiting for them. There is also a shopping arcade nearby.

A large bouncy castle on the water awaits the youngest on the Histria beach. You can also rent sun beds for sunbathing.

Stoja beach

Stoja Beach – is a beach about 3 kilometers from the center of Pula, situated on the Stoja peninsula. It is located in a small bay which, in turn, guarantees bathing without major tides. Most tourists come from the nearby campsite, which makes it crowded in high season.

Stoja Beach is partly pebbly and partly made of concrete terraces.

As for the infrastructure, it is located in the nearby campsite. It is there that there are restaurants, bars, shops and the possibility of practicing various recreational sports. These include mini golf, tennis, volleyball and basketball. In addition, there is a promenade nearby (from Stoja to Valsaline), where you can walk.

There is also a lot of greenery near the Stoja beach where you can escape the scorching sun.

Gortanova Beach

Gortanova Beach – is a beach located in Gortanova Bay. It is situated along the local promenade and surrounded by lush greenery. Due to the shade and the gentle entrance to the sea, this place is often chosen by families with children.

The beach is pebbly and rocky and has partly bricked up terraces. The bathing area has its limits.

There are toilets, showers and changing cabins near the Gortanova beach. When it comes to catering facilities, apart from a small bar, in high season there are usually stands and food stalls. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented on site. From the activities on the Gortanova beach, you can swim and snorkel or rent a canoe or a pedalo.

See on the map of Pula where this beach is located:

Galebove stijene beach

Galebove stijene beach – this is one of the more unusual beaches in Pula. There is not a single piece of normal land here, be it with gravel or stones. The whole thing is just a cliff coast where you can jump from the rocks into the water.

This place is especially liked by young people.

Galebove stijene beach offers not only crystal clear water, but also amazing landscapes. This place is located west of the city center, in the bay of Mužilj. The brave jump into the sea here, and others can simply descend into the water gradually through the rocks. However, it is worth being careful, because this place is also liked by casual kayakers.

Valovile Beach

Valovile Beach – this, in turn, is a proposal of a slightly less known and less crowded beach. An ideal place for people who escape from the crowds. The beach is pebble and rocky, but there are also grassy and concrete places. The shore is quite shallow, which will please families with children, as well as the fact that the place is partly sheltered by greenery.

There is a bar and café on site, and you can go shopping at the local bakery nearby. As for the beach infrastructure, there are toilets and a public parking lot.

You can rent pedal boats and boats, as well as use the inflatable playground, or just lace up.

Map of the beaches of Pula

Locate on the map of Pula all the beaches we have mentioned and all the others in the area:

It is worth visiting the official website of the city of Pula and finding out more.

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