Beaches in Pakoštane: Bužakovina (Pine Beach), Pilatuša, Punta, Janice, Porat

Pakoštane is a holiday resort in North Dalmatia. It is located exactly in the middle of the Adriatic Sea coast, right next to Lake Vransko. Pakoštane is a quiet resort that has been popular among tourists for years: the magnet here are next to lush vegetation, blue sea and proximity to national parks, certainly sandy and pebble beaches (also see other sandy beaches in Croatia) that stretch along the village. Three tiny islets, located opposite the coast, add to their charm.

Beaches in Pakoštane
Beaches in Pakoštane

Pakoštane is an ideal place for holidays for families with children and for people who prefer the quiet atmosphere of small resorts. Whereas the location in close proximity to major cities in Croatia (Zadar or Šibenik), allows for one-day trips to larger agglomerations for sightseeing.

The tourist base in Pakoštane is well developed, there is no shortage of diverse accommodation offer (check the list of the most popular campsites in Croatia), and places where you can eat well. Also local attractions will certainly not disappoint people who want to spend their holidays here.

Beaches in Pakoštane

What mainly attracts vacationers to Pakoštane are the local beaches. The town is generously endowed with pebble beaches of the best quality in Croatia.

Most of them have a gentle entrance to the sea, so it is perfect for families with children.

In addition, some of them are surrounded by pine trees, in the shade of which you can find relief from the sun. When it comes to tourist facilities, you can of course rent deck chairs and umbrellas, take a shower or buy something at gastronomic establishments located right on the beach. On the other hand, there are numerous water equipment rentals, beach volleyball courts and diving centers waiting for active people.

And what beaches are waiting for us in Pakoštane?

Bužakovina Beach (Pine Beach) – the most famous and popular beach in Pakoštane. It is located about a kilometer and a half from the city center. Bužakovina Beach is located at the Pine Beach Pakoštane Resort. It is a holiday resort with reed bungalows for rent, which was built on the site of the former Club Med. It is in this resort that there is a small cove, next to which is Bužakovina beach, surrounded by pine forests and rocks, with a gentle and sandy entrance to the sea.

This is the favorite beach of families with children – fine gravel, with a gradually sloping bottom and shade provided by surrounding trees. In addition, hidden rock blocks and specially built wooden platforms are used for bathing, jumping into the water and sunbathing. Sun loungers with umbrellas can be rented on the beach. In addition, various types of animations are organized here in the season, both for children and adults, for whom there are activities such as water aerobics.

Pine Beach has catering facilities in the form of a bar and restaurant. Plus, there are plenty of attractions here, such as a water park, children’s playground and beach volleyball court. On Buzakovina Beach you can try water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, sailing or even diving. Interestingly, there is even a specially designated section of the beach for dog and other pet owners.

See on the map where Pine Beach is located in Pakoštane:

You have to pay for both the entrance to Pine Beach and the local parking. The cost of entry to the resort is 30 kuna per adult and 15 kuna per child, for the whole day. The price of the admission includes deckchairs. In turn, the price for leaving the car in the parking lot for the whole day is 30 kuna.

Pilatuša Beach – not far from Buzakovina Beach, and actually just behind it is another beach – Pilatusa. In turn, it is a completely free place but also charming. Unfortunately, you also have to pay 30 kuna for parking for the whole day. Only a fence with a sign separates it from Pine Beach – no entrance.

Pilatusa beach is quite wide, sandy and gravelly and surrounded by lush pine forest, where everyone will find shelter from too much scorching sun. On the sides it is surrounded by a rocky shore. Entrance to the water gently slopes, so it is a great place for families with children.

When it comes to attractions, you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach. There is also a pedalo rental available for sunbathers. Nearby is the well-known Mogambo Bar and a restaurant offering meals and drinks.

Punta Beach – is a city beach in the northern part of Pakoštane, distant from the center about 900 meters. You can easily get here by simply walking or using the car. The beach is partly pebble and partly concreted. But the entrance to the sea is sandy.

Although there are not many trees at this beach, it is also a good place for families with children. A playground and a water park await the youngest. On the other hand, adults can rent deck chairs with umbrellas as well as pedal boats and other sports equipment. At the beach of Punta you can also try scooter and water skiing.

As for dining facilities, there are cafes and bars nearby, offering snacks and cold drinks.

Janice Beach – is another city beach, divided into two parts. The first of them is located in the very center of Pakoštane. Part of it is gravelly and partly concreted. However, the entrance to the sea is covered with fine gravel. Many families with children spend time in this part of the beach, although there is not much natural shade here. Unfortunately, in the season it can be very crowded.

Of course, you can rent beach chairs with an umbrella as well as pedal boats and other sports equipment. Nearby there are several dining options where you can order quick snacks and cold drinks. Due to the location close to the city center, there are also grocery stores and those selling souvenirs and beach equipment.

The other part of Janice beach is several hundred meters south. In turn, it is an ideal place for people who like to spend time actively on the beach. There is a lifeguard, pedal boat rental and a beach volleyball court.

The beach is rather pebbly, with a few small, secluded bays. This is the longest beach in the urban part of Pakoštane. There are not too many shady places for sunbathing here either. There is a beach bar and cafe.

Porat Beach – is a 200-meter beach, located in a small cove. Surrounded by a lush pine forest, where everyone will find a moment of respite from the sun. The beach is pebbly and is ideal for families with children. In the near distance there is a playground.

Porat Beach offers tourists beach chair and umbrella rentals, showers and cafes. Pedal boat rental is also available.

These are not all the sandy beaches you will find on vacation in Pakoštane!

Kozarica Beach – is a beach that is part of Kozarica camp, located in the west of Pakoštane. It is only a ten-minute walk along the promenade from the center. Kozarica beach is mostly sheltered from the sun by pine trees. Part of it is gravel, partly concreted or paved. You can also find a fragment with rocks. A place for bathing is designated here by buoys.

Kozarica Beach is equipped with showers, a children’s playground and a small swimming pool. There is also a massage center. Part of the beach is designated for people who like to sunbathe without clothes (FKK). It is also a great location for trips to the nearby national parks of Krka and Kornati and to the Vransko lake.

Divlja Beach – is a small wild beach, located between Pakoštane and the town of Drage. To get here you need to travel about 3 kilometers, counting from the center of Pakoštane. So it’s best to take a car. The car park is about 5 minutes walk from the shore. You just have to go a bit down the path between the pines. The beach itself is narrow, pebble and completely undeveloped. However, it is an ideal place for a romantic walk or sunbathing away from people.

Dolaška draga beach – it is a beach located next to Pakoštane, in the town of Drage. More precisely in its summer part – Dolaska draga. It is distinguished by a very close strip of trees that protects sunbathers from the sun’s rays. This is important because the southern beach is practically fully sunny throughout the day.

Dolaska draga beach is partly gravelly and partly paved with stone blocks (stairs). It is located in a cove sheltered from waves by a stone promontory that separates it from a small port where small ships and boats moor. Entrance to the sea gently falls, so families with children are happy to spend their time here. It is also a great place for romantic walks, due to the view of the nearby islets.

Dolaska draga beach can be reached by car, because the parking lot is very close. Unfortunately, during the season there may be a problem finding a free place. The beach is also full of catering facilities in the form of beach bars, cafes, pizzerias and snack bars and small shops.

Opinions about beaches in Pakoštane

Let me know in the comments which beaches in Pakoštane are your favorite. Your opinions and reviews will be useful for tourists spending their holidays in Pakoštane.

Pakoštane map

See on the map where exactly Pakoštane is located and where are the most interesting beaches in this city:

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