Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is definitely not associated with beaches. The first thought is the old town, ramparts or even the scenery of the TV series “Game of Thrones” than blissful laziness on the seafront. However, Dubrovnik boasts quite atmospheric beaches. In fact, even one of them served as the backdrop for the already famous series. The beaches of Dubrovnik tempt with an excellent location, not infrequently overlooking the walls of the old city and good conditions for rest.

Beaches in Dubrovnik

The beaches of Dubrovnik are small, rocky and partly concreted. Interestingly, however, there is no shortage of places with small gravel, where families with children will find themselves at home. The area also has romantic coves, located away from people, and beaches protected by rocks, which naturists like to use.

Most of them can be easily reached by car or simply on foot, those on the island (Lokrum) need to be reached by boat.

Dubrovnik pebbly and rocky beaches / The best beaches in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik pebbly and rocky beaches / The best beaches in Dubrovnik

As for the attractions on Dubrovnik beaches, some of them are completely isolated, without any amenities, and some have quite extensive beach facilities. You can not only enjoy sunbathing or sea bathing, but also play water polo or go diving. There will also be a place for fishing, sailing and kayaking.

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Below is our ranking of the best and most beautiful beaches of Dubrovnik.

Sveti Jakov beach

Sveti Jakov beach considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Dubrovnik. It is located in a quiet cove, relatively close to the city center. Sveti Jakov (Saint James) beach is pebbly and sandy, with stones in some parts. You can get here from the old town on foot in half an hour, or use public transport (lines 5 and 8), or drive a car (parking at Belvedere hotel).

You have to take the stairs to the beach, which is said to be 160. For this reason, it is not recommended for people who have mobility problems. The way out of this situation can be a waterway – a water scooter or a rented canoe.

Sveti Jakov beach is not very crowded with tourists, you can relax here. It is also a good place for families with children. One of the nicer views of the old town of Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum extends from the beach.

St. James’s beach is developed.

You can rent deck chairs with an umbrella, wash the salt after bathing and play volleyball. There is a café and a dining establishment with a terrace overlooking the sea. It is also possible to rent kayaks, water-skiing and parasailing.

Lapad beach

Lapad Beach is a place named after the Lapad Peninsula. Lapad beach is located in one of the more popular parts of Dubrovnik, in a cove – uvala Lapad. It can be crowded in high season. Near her there are hotels and private accommodation, which significantly affects its popularity. You can get to Lapad beaches by bus number 2 or line 6. It is an ideal place for sunbathing for families with children and active people.

Lapad Beach is partly pebbly and rocky and partly concreted. You can rent sunbeds with an umbrella and take advantage of the local watersports offer. On the other hand, nearby gastronomy provides drinks and food.

In the near distance there is also a children’s playground and a tennis court.

Bellevue beach

Bellevue Beach is another beach located in a cove (uvala Miramare), surrounded by high cliffs and away from the old town by about 20 minutes walk. Nearby is the Hotel Bellevue, which takes its name. Bellevue Beach is pebbly and quite popular, especially among the locals. Its big advantage is the fact that from the very afternoon there is a shadow here.

For this reason, it is a good place for families with children and people who do not like to spend hours in full sun.

On the beach there is a pub serving food and drink. We can reach it by stairs or by elevator from the hotel lobby. The attraction of this beach is located here quite a large cave. Cliff diving and local water polo competitions are also entertainment. Interestingly, locals have been playing this sport here since the late 1920s, creating an amateur league – Wild League Game.

You can also reach Bellevue Beach by bus number 4.

Copacabana beach in Dubrovnik

Copacabana Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Dubrovnik, located on the Lapad Peninsula in the Babin Kuk district. It is the longest in the area, pebbly and rocky and very crowded in the season. You can get here by bus number 6 or by car. From the center the beach is located more than 5 kilometers.

Due to the shallow waters on the shore, Copacabana beach is popular among families with children. Thanks to the surrounding trees, you can also shelter from the sun here. On the beach there is also the option of renting sunbeds with an umbrella or more luxurious four-poster beds.

For this there are showers and changing rooms.

At Copacabana Beach you can take advantage of the wide range of water sports: surfing, water-skiing and banana and water polo. You can also rent pedal boats and kayaks, or try your hand at an inflatable park located on the water. There are cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as a children’s playground.

A lift is installed here for the elderly and disabled, which allows bathing in the sea.

Danče beach

Danče beach is one of the oldest beaches in Dubrovnik, about 5 minutes walk from the old town. Located near the Franciscan monastery and church of St. Maria, below Gradac Park. This beach is partly rocky, partly concreted and equipped with ladders facilitating bathing, popular especially among locals.

Danče Beach overlooks the open sea, which is why it is not recommended for small children and people who are unsure of their swimming skills. It is quite deep here, so you can jump from rocks to water without too much fear. It is also one of the favorite places where locals play water polo.

There is a small bar with food and drink on the beach in high season. There are also showers on site.

See on the map of Dubrovnik where the Danče beach is located:

Banje beach

Banje Beach is another very close to the city walls beach in Dubrovnik. In addition to the pebbly-sandy ground, its biggest advantage is the excellent view of the old town. It can be very crowded in the season. To reach Banje Beach, you have to climb a lot of stairs, which can be troublesome for older people.

Sun loungers with an umbrella can be rented on site, as well as a wide range of water sports, including kayaks, water scooters and motorboats. In addition, you can play water polo and volleyball. There are also bars and restaurants on Banje Beach. This place is especially favored by young people who like to spend time actively at the water.

Buža beach

Buža Beach is a beach located just on the edge of the city walls of Dubrovnik. It is a bit unconventional, because on the rocks small terraces have been concreted here, where you can sunbathe and jump into the water. Access to the sea is also facilitated by ladders mounted here. You can swim and snorkel here.

Buža beach is praised for the magnificent view of the island of Lokrum and the Adriatic Sea, especially at sunset. There is a small bar on site, which is open until late at night. During hot days, you can look here deviating straight from the tour of the old town. Unfortunately, this is not a place suitable for small children, especially due to the entrance to the sea and rocks.

Buža beach is also not adapted for disabled people (you have to climb the stairs to get here).

These are not all the beaches in Dubrovnik. Let’s check the next ones!

Beaches in Dubrovnik / Sandy, beautiful and the most beautiful. Which beach should you choose in Dubrovnik?
Beaches in Dubrovnik / Sandy, beautiful and the most beautiful. Which beach should you choose in Dubrovnik?

Šulić beach

Šulić Beach is one of the oldest bathing resorts in Dubrovnik. The beach is located in a small cove just below Fort Lovrijenac. It took its name from a local family. Its best asset is the fact that it is not very well known among tourists. For this reason, even during the high season, there is no crowds here. The Šulić beach is more popular among local residents.

It was this place that was used by the creators of the series “Game of Thrones”. Šulić Beach served as a stage setting in some episodes of this well-known film work. Probably because of the picturesque views – the open Adriatic Sea and the fortress of Lovrijenac.

Šulić Beach is rocky and concrete with a gravel entrance to the water, and because of the nearby cliffs, it quickly shades over. That makes it an ideal place for people who hate swimming in full sun. There are two bars serving drinks and food, public toilets and showers. When it comes to attractions, you can snorkel, jump from the cliffs, or rent a kayak.

Cava beach

Cava Beach is a beach located on the Lapad Peninsula, in the rich Babin Kuk district, near the center of Dubrovnik. To get here you have to take bus number 6 and get off at the last stop.

Cava Beach is partly gravelly and sandy, partly rocky. Especially the other side (towards Copacabana beach) has been adapted by people who like to sunbathe without clothes. There is a large beach club on site, where there are all amenities to rest and relax. Including drink bars, restaurants with delicious food, as well as showers, toilets and changing rooms. You can rent beach chairs with umbrellas or beach beds or get a massage. And all this with a beautiful view of the Elaphite Archipelago.

Kupari beach

Kupari Beach is a beach slightly away from Dubrovnik (6 km) and located in a former military holiday resort. Although most hotels have been closed here and not renovated since the civil war in Croatia, the same place is still popular among sunbathers.

Kupari is called the Bay of the Dead Hotels. The beach itself is pebbly and rocky, with infrastructure in the form of a bar / cafe and a volleyball court. Sun loungers and an umbrella can also be rented. Apparently one of the abandoned villas is the holiday home of the president of Yugoslavia Tito himself.

In addition to these beaches located in Dubrovnik and in its vicinity, you can go to sunbathing on the nearby islands. An example is the island of Lokrum, where there are plenty of places for sunbathing and bathing.

It is here that the inhabitants of Dubrovnik escape from tourists and heat. In addition, on Lokrum, in addition to trees (mainly rocky) beaches, in the center of the town there is a salt lake, which is connected underground with the Adriatic. Warm and clean especially tempts families with children.

The best and most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik
The best and most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik

It is also worth knowing that the island also has a naturist beach. Some time ago we published a short guide to the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, to which we invite you.

A little further is the island of Lopud (about a 40-minute trip from Dubrovnik). This is where the sandy Šunj beach is located, especially popular with families with children. On site you can rent sunbeds with umbrellas, use the toilet or eat something in one of the two nearby restaurants.

You can play volleyball or wade in shallow water, up to 70 meters from the shore.

What is your favorite beach in Croatia? Let us know in the comments.

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