Beaches in Crikvenica / Crni Molo, Podvorska, Gradsko kupalište, Omorika

Crikvenica is one of the holiday resorts in Croatia on the Crikvenica Riviera, less than 35 kilometers south of Rijeka. The resort itself is located between the sea and mountain areas, thanks to which there is a specific microclimate here.

On the other hand, opposite Crikvenica is the island of Krk, which in turn makes the water in this place slightly warmer and the waves smaller due to the natural cover.

Crikvenica is a great place to improve your health, but also an ideal place for beach lovers. There are plenty of places where you can swim in the calm sea or put a towel on one of the nearby beaches. They are one of the biggest attractions of Crikvenica, for which crowds of tourists come here every year.

Beaches in Crikvenica

All the beaches in Crikvenica are pebbly and rocky, and in some places even sandy and quite well developed. They are shaped like small coves and are located north and south of the city center and the port.

Beaches in Crikvenica for families with children / Sandy beaches in Crikvenica

Most of them are guarded by lifeguards and you can rent deckchairs with umbrellas. Right next to the beaches of Crikvenica there is a seaside promenade that also connects other towns throughout the Riviera.

Some of the beaches in Crikvenica are also sheltered by a green belt, where you can hide from the scorching sun. In the north of the city the beaches are more pebbly. Some parts of them are private places belonging to hotels, but most of the beaches here are public and completely free. In this part of the city, the entrance to the sea is gentle and is ideal for families with children.

In the south of Crikvenica, however, pebbly beaches dominate, but the further away from the center, the more rocky they get. Despite this, you cannot complain about the lack of interest and crowds of tourists.

Importantly, due to cleanliness and ecological management, the beaches of Crikvenica have been awarded the Blue Flag designation. When it comes to beach activities, you can take advantage of a wide range of water sports, such as sailing, rowing and diving schools. You can also play volleyball or water polo on the beaches of Crikvenica. There is no shortage of water, inflatable amusement parks, as well as places intended for children.

Crikvenica and its beaches – Crikvenica town beach

This is the main beach in Crikvenica, only 200 meters from the city center. It is 1.5 km long and is partly covered with gravel and partly with sand. It is not one of the widest beaches, so it is crowded in the season. Right on the beach there is a promenade with dining options and shops.

The city beach of Crikvenica is partly covered with trees that provide some shade on a hot day.

When it comes to families with children, sand and gravel are the ground here, and the sea is almost without major tides. However, the bottom gets deep quite quickly, so you have to be careful about the playing children or go to another, more friendly beach. However, there are numerous sports and swimming equipment rentals as well as sanitary facilities (toilets and showers).

You can also play volleyball and rent deckchairs with an umbrella.

Crikvenica Beach is guarded by lifeguards and also adapted for disabled people. It was awarded the Blue Flag for its pro-ecological policy and cleanliness. It is also a favorite place where young people meet. Especially after dark, it can be crowded and noisy in the nearby pubs and bars.

Crni Molo Beach

Crni Molo Beach is also a popular beach destination in Crikvenica. Willingly visited by people of almost all ages. Crni Molo Beach is located approximately 1.3 kilometers from the city center. It is especially liked by families with children and the elderly. The main reason for this is the sandy ground and the calmly sloping bottom in the sea.

Kids can play beach volleyball without fear. It is also a good place for people who do not feel very confident in swimming.

There are pine trees planted on the Crni Molo beach, so it is easy to find a fragment of shade where you can hide from the sun. Interestingly, in summer, water aerobics classes are organized here, attracting numerous active people. You can also play beach volleyball and mini golf, as well as go water skiing.

There is a slide, showers and sun lounger and umbrella rental.

On the other hand, on the beach, there are restaurants where you can eat and drink and massage parlors.

Crni Molo beach is also adapted for disabled people (elevator). In addition, pets can stay there. The beach is guarded and some sources say you need to pay 2 euros per day per person to use it. You can get here by bus or your own car, or you can just come on foot.

Podvorska Beach

Podvorska Beach in Crikvenica is called the prettiest dog beach in Croatia. It is located near the port of the same name and 300 meters southwards from the mouth of the river. Of course, there are appropriate baskets where you can throw your pet’s waste.

Podvorska Beach is also a place where people without animals spend their free time. The ground is made of gravel and small pebbles. There is a rental of sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, there are also showers and toilets. There is a playground for children, there is also a cloakroom and lifeguards. You can hide from the sun in the shade of nearby pine trees.

On the Podvorska beach there are also bars and restaurants, as well as fast food and ice cream parlors. When it comes to attractions, you can rent pedal boats, play volleyball, go on a water trip or do some letting.

Gradsko kupalište beach

Another beach located close to the center of Crikvenica, therefore we can easily get here on foot. Of course, you can get here by car, because the parking lot is located nearby, and also by city bus. The beach is pebble and rocky, but fragments are also sand. Due to its cleanliness and care for the environment, Gradsko kupalište has been awarded the Blue Flag award many times.

What is important for families with children, the entrance to the sea has a gradual decline here, which means that there is a lot of shallow water to be enjoyed. On the other hand, they protect the nearby trees from the sun. You can also rent sun loungers and umbrellas, there are also changing cabins, showers and toilets. All this is also available for disabled people.

The beach is guarded by lifeguards, and there is also a playground for children.

On the Gradsko kupalište beach in Crikvenica you can rent kayaks, go banana rides, or go water skiing and bikes. For the daredevils, there is parasailing and an amusement park. You can play volleyball, table tennis or enjoy a relaxing massage. There is a water sports center on site, a water slide, and billiards and tennis courts in the vicinity.

When it comes to dining facilities on Gradsko kupalište beach, there are no shortage of restaurants, bars or cafes. There are shops, ice cream parlors, bakeries and kiosks by the beach. You can stock up on groceries and typical beach products, ready meals, drinks, fresh bread and fruit. Some sources on the internet report fees to enter this beach.

Balustrada Beach

Balustrada Beach is also close to the center of Crikvenica. It is another rocky and in some places even concrete sunbathing place. The shore slowly goes down here, but it is recommended to wear special water shoes for swimming on this beach. It is partially sheltered from the sun by trees, but there will not be enough shade for everyone, so it is worth taking your umbrella or deckchair with you to be sure.

Due to its cleanliness and ecological management, Balustrada beach was awarded with the Blue Flag.

Nearby is full dining facilities, with cafes, bars and pubs. There are also shops, bakeries, kiosks and ice cream parlors. You can play volleyball, table tennis and tennis on site. The beach infrastructure also includes showers, umbrellas, changing rooms and toilets, as well as sun lounger and umbrella rentals. There is a playground for the youngest, and a water inflatable obstacle course for the slightly older ones.

Omorika Beach

It is a beach more than 2 kilometers from the center of Crikvenica, towards Drmalj. It is a good place for families with children and people who are just learning to swim. The beach is rocky and gravel in places, and partly concreted. It is partially sheltered from the sun by trees, and if there is no more space under them, you can always rent deckchairs with an umbrella.

You can play volleyball and tennis at Omorika Beach. There is a pedalo rental, a diving school and the possibility of trying out parasailing. You can ride a banana or a jet ski. For the youngest, there is a playground and an inflatable floating island.

There are dining options, shops and kiosks nearby. Omorika Beach is equipped with changing cabins, showers and toilets, as well as lifeguards. You can get here by your own car or by public transport.

While spending your vacation in Crikvenica, you have certainly looked at the beaches there many times. Some are good for families with young children and others are isolated from the rest.

Opinions about beaches in Crikvenica

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