Beaches in Baška Voda

Baška Voda is one of the most famous holiday resorts on the Makarska Riviera. It used to be a small fishing village, which today has become a modern and popular tourist center, which attracts crowds in the summer. It is Baška Voda that attracts the most tourists on this part of the Croatian coast in the season.

The village is located at the foot of the Biokovo massif, in the southern part of Dalmatia. Baška Voda is a good starting point. The neighboring town is also known Brela, and at a distance of 10 kilometers is located just as popular among tourists Makarska.

Baška Voda tempts not only with modern resort infrastructure – there is a large accommodation and catering base, a marina for boats and yachts and a fantastic port promenade, planted with palm trees. In addition, the city boasts clean water, lush green vegetation and, above all, picturesque, bright beaches.

The latter stretch for kilometers here, and thanks to the gentle entry to the sea, they are besieged by families with children.

Beaches in Baška Voda

Beaches in Baška Voda are not very wide and pebbly, but still they are the biggest attractions of this place, which attracts tourists thirsty for sun and swimming in the sea.

 In high season there are real crowds here on the beaches.

Most of the beaches in Baška Voda have catering facilities and other typical beach infrastructure. Holidays in this resort do not only mean lying on the sand or lazy bathing in the sea, this place also offers attractions for people actively spending their holidays.

You can go snorkelling, waterskiing, windsurfing or parasailing. There is where to play beach volleyball and go for a walk, e.g. a very attractive promenade that stretches along almost the entire coast.

Beaches of Baška Voda / The most beautiful, sandy and for families with children.
Beaches of Baška Voda / The most beautiful, sandy and for families with children.

A big plus of the beaches in Baška Voda is the fact that on most of them you can find some shade under the trees growing nearby. On site, it is recommended to use water shoes, because the shore is littered not only with pebbles, but sometimes also with sea urchins.

See on the map where Baška Voda is located:

Beaches in Baška Voda will work well for families with children as well as for active people and packets of friends. If you don’t like crowds, it’s better to come here before or before the season, or try to sunbathe in nearby villages.

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Let’s now review the most beautiful beaches in Baška Voda.

Nikolina beach

Often called the pearl of the Makarska Riviera, it is the main beach in Baška Voda. Her name was given in honor of the traveler, patron of the village – St. Nicholas, whose statue stands on a small pier that separates the beach part from the port.

This is the largest and most popular beach in Baška Voda. Its tourist potential was quickly recognized and since the 1930s this area has been slowly developed (e.g. by planting pine trees along the beach). Since 2006, Nikolina boasts the Blue Flag designation, which guarantees cleanliness and an ecological approach to the environment. In 2008, this beach received the Croatian tourist prize – Blue Flower, for the best decorated and maintained place on the Adriatic coast.

In addition, Nikolina beach was also awarded in the rankings for the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and around the world.

This beach is perfect for everyone, both for parents with children, as well as groups of friends and people who will not sit in one place. You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas here, or take shelter in the shade of trees. The beach is adapted for the disabled (access to the sea and toilet). Lifeguard care is on site during the season, there are changing rooms, showers and toilets.

On the Nikolina beach you can also rent bicycles and water scooters, kayaks and boats. Tourists often enjoy banana rides and parasailing here. You can play picigin and beach netting here, or try windsurfing, snorkeling or trampoline jumping. Right on the beach there is a children’s playground, shops, bars and restaurants.

Podluka beach

Podluka is a city beach, also located in the center of Baška Voda, which stretches towards Brela. Similar to the previous one, it is gravel, and its width does not knock down. Next to the Podluka beach there is a car park where you can leave your car (300 spaces).

A promenade stretches along Podluka, ideal for walks for entire families and the elderly. A playground, trampolines and pedal boats are waiting for the youngest ones. On the beach, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or take shelter in natural shade, under trees. There are showers, changing rooms and toilets.

For active people there are water scooter rentals, parasailing, banana riding or a picigin game. Near the Podluka beach there are catering facilities – cafes, bars and restaurants. There is also a massage salon for those willing.

Ikovac beach

It is a 200-meter long pebble beach, about half a kilometer away from the center of Baška Voda. It stretches towards Brela, and there is a (paid) parking lot nearby. This is another ideal place for rest and relaxation by the water.

Ikovac beach is eagerly chosen by families with children because of the gently sloping bottom, the shade from under the pine forest and numerous attractions for children in the area. Nearby there is a playground, entertainment and trampolines. Of course, you can rent beach chairs with umbrellas and use showers, toilets and changing rooms. Importantly, this beach is guarded.

You can rent bicycles and water scooters, or ride a banana. Along Ikovac beach there are also bars, restaurants and shops.

Baško Polje beach

Baško Polje beach is another gravel-pebble part of the coast in Baška Voda. A good place for sunbathing for everyone. In the season, like other places, it is quite crowded.

On the beach you can take shelter from the sun under numerous trees growing on the shore. As for infrastructure, there are showers, cloakrooms and toilets. Nearby there are shops, restaurants and cafes. A promenade runs along the sea that leads to the center of Baška Voda. One part of this beach is occupied by sunbathing people without clothes.

Baško Polje beach offers beach chair and umbrella rental, playground and diving center. You can swim on pedal boats, kayaks and scooters. For the brave there is parasailing, a banana ride and calmer snorkeling. You can also play basketball and table tennis nearby.

Stazica beach

It’s almost half a kilometer long, bright and pebble beach. Sheltered, like most in Baška Voda, by a pine forest, where you can soothe yourself in the shade on hot days. Part of the beach is open to people with pets. Nearby there is a car park for 100 cars.

Stazica Beach offers tourists showers, toilets and changing rooms. You can rent beach chairs with umbrellas and water scooters. For those willing there is also a volleyball court. Bars, cafes and booths serving fast food are also nearby.

Dječje selo beach

If you are looking for a somewhat less crowded beach in Baška Voda, this is a good address. There are many places nearby where you can park your car for free. Dječje selo beach is located opposite the former youth rehabilitation center.

This is one of the favorite places for families with children. Near the beach there are many small bays that locals like to use. Apart from the few gastronomic points and a small concreted square, there is no infrastructure here. From the full sun, Dječje selo beach is protected by pine trees.

Now it’s time for the beaches around Baška Voda.

Beaches in Baška Voda / What is the best? Which one should you choose?
Beaches in Baška Voda / What is the best? Which one should you choose?

Žbanjica beach

This is another proposal of the beach a bit less crowded. As for natural conditions, similar to other such places in this area is pebble, with small pebbles, and covers it partly with trees. Swimming zones have been designated on site, which are separated by stone mini breakwaters.

On the beach of Žbanjica there is full infrastructure – showers, changing rooms and rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. You can also use the nearby gastronomy and recreation points. For volunteers there are water scooters and banana riding behind a motorboat.

Promajna beach

Promajna Beach also has a buoyant area designated for buoys. On the shore, of course, is gravel with pebbles and the company of trees under which you can shelter from the sun. Near the beach there is a car park, but you can also get here by public transport.

There are showers, changing rooms and toilets. You can use the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas and a playground on the water, all under the guidance of a lifeguard. There are shops, cafés and restaurants on Promajna Beach.

There is no shortage of attractions – you can use the rental of boats, bicycles and jet skis. Take a ride on a banana, water-skiing or try parasailing. The beach is a good place for snorkeling and playing in the amusement park, where there are also trampolines.

Bratuš beach

Bratuš Beach is located in a small village near Baška Voda. It’s the perfect place for both families and couples in love. The beach is located in a small cove with a small sailing port.

Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented on site, as well as wc, changing rooms and showers. Bratuš Beach offers kayak rentals, a children’s playground and, interestingly, a climbing wall. You can snorkel and play basketball in a nearby playground.

In the area there are catering facilities in the form of all sorts of bars, cafes, ice cream parlors and restaurants. There is also a supermarket nearby.

Baška Voda sandy and family beaches. Where to find the best one? Ranking of beaches in Baška Voda
Baška Voda sandy and family beaches. Where to find the best one? Ranking of beaches in Baška Voda

Krvavica beach

Krvavica Beach is another bright pebble beach, partly sheltered by trees. Located in a small town near Baška Voda. You can get here by car and then leave it on the paid parking lot near the beach. For those willing there is also a promenade that we can easily reach on foot to Baśka.

On the beach there are changing rooms, showers and toilets. Umbrellas with deckchairs can be rented here, and a playground for children. The Ramova marina is also located by the beach, where concerts and so-called fishing evenings take place in summer, with drinking and eating.

Krvavnica Beach offers attractions in the form of opportunities for various water sports, including water skiing and scooters. You can also rent a boat and play boules. The beach also has full catering facilities – bars, restaurants and cafes.

For more information about the beaches in Baška Voda, please visit the town’s official website.

What is your favorite beach in Baška Voda?

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