Prices in Austria

Prices in Austria / Food, drink, alcohol, cigarettes in shops.

On the one hand, prices in Austria are not the lowest, and on the other hand, they do not differ much from those in the western part of Europe. The cost of accommodation, food, transport or tickets to tourist attractions is not low. Of course, it is cheaper in neighboring Slovakia, which is used by … Read more

Vienna / Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Attractions in Vienna / See all interesting places and monuments in Vienna

Vienna is a city of attractions, monuments, culture and art. In the Austrian capital, you will find numerous galleries, museums and palaces with rich collections. It is a city closely related to music, because it is here that famous artists such as Schubert, Strauss, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn were born and created their music. There … Read more

Weather in Vienna

Long-term weather forecast for Vienna

The weather in Vienna is good for most of the year. The capital of Austria is situated on a plain in the northeastern part of the country, along the Danube River. It is situated at an altitude of 186 meters above sea level, in a moderately warm climate. This means that there is no dry … Read more

Map of Vienna

Tourist Map of Vienna / Attractions, monuments and interesting places on the map of Vienna / Center, Zoo, Old Town, Opera

The tourist map of attractions and monuments in Vienna is a great start and introduction to an eventful and unforgettable trip to the city! If you have the opportunity to visit the capital of Austria and spend a few days in it, be sure to use our map of Viennese attractions and check the monuments … Read more

Prices in Vienna / Art History Museum, Prater, Zoo, National Library

Ticket prices in Vienna / Schoenbrunn Zoo, Prater, Art History Museum, Natural History Museum, Belvedere Palace, National Library

Vienna is by far the most expensive city in Austria, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting the Austrian capital! Current prices in Vienna – accommodation prices in Vienna In Vienna, the farther from the center or major attractions, the cheaper it is. The date when we are going to Vienna is also important. … Read more

Prices at Lake Constance / Dinners in restaurants, drinks and food in shops

Lake Constance is one of the most interesting regions in terms of tourism in Central Europe. Unfortunately, this also translates into nearby prices for accommodation, meals and attractions alike. Of all the countries in which Lake Constance is located, Germany has the lowest prices and it is worth heading there if you want the best … Read more

Motorways in Austria / Road tolls and vignettes. Where to buy and at what price?

Austria is very often a transit country due to its location. For this reason, it is worth knowing a little more about Austrian highways and expressways. In general, the road network in Austria is very well developed and you can drive here comfortably. However, to move on highways and expressways you need to buy a … Read more

Lake Constance: What is worth seeing? Tourist attractions, monuments, weather and beaches

Lake Constance is the third largest inland reservoir in the central part of Europe. Located on the northern edge of the Alps, within three countries – Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This large lake is called the Swabian Sea, due to its large area (538.5 sq km) and tides that create quite large waves. The reservoir … Read more