Tourist attractions in the Maldives / What to see? Interesting places

Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on earth. A real paradise for vacationers and one of the favorite and most popular tourist destinations for honeymoon. Associated mainly with the incredibly blue ocean, white beaches and hotel houses on the water.

However, this is not all the tourist attractions of this country.

The archipelago offers more than the possibility of sunbathing for days and swimming in warm water. Therefore, not only lovers of passive recreation can find something for themselves. The Maldives are also a good place to vacation for couples, families with children or groups of friends. There are plenty of water attractions, interesting atolls, and even monuments located mainly in the capital of this country.

Some of these attractions are an ideal idea for optional trips.

The Maldives are an archipelago of over 1,200 small islands, of which only about 200 are inhabited. Half of them are entirely luxurious resorts for tourists. It is one of the smallest countries in the world that is an amazing tourist attraction in itself.

Map of Maldives / Find the most interesting attractions and all interesting places

The highest point of the Maldives reaches barely 2 meters above ocean level. Which also changes over time, as the water level is constantly rising and the islands are in danger of being completely flooded just like Venice. However, this place has more to offer than just an exotic stay in a stilt house.

Tourist attractions in the Maldives
Tourist attractions in the Maldives

Tourist attractions in the Maldives

The waters of the Indian Ocean are a place of life for many ecosystems. The local underwater flora and fauna is one of the richest and most interesting in the world. For this reason, the most popular attraction in the Maldives is diving and snorkelling.

Diving in the Maldives

Fabulously colorful coral reefs (Fish Head reef is especially recommended) and the rich underwater life of local aquatic creatures await lovers of descent into the ocean. In turn, diving fans can discover caves hidden in the depths of the ocean or underwater tunnels and overhangs.

The most recommended places for this type of sightseeing are Addu Atoll (reef, fish, shipwrecks), Ari Atoll, Atoll Raa and Atoll Baa (biosphere reserve with manatees and whale sharks). The Maldives are also a good place to learn to dive. More experienced divers can also go down to the water not only during the day, but also after dark.

Diving in the Maldives
Diving in the Maldives

Another quite obvious attraction in the Maldives are the beautiful beaches. They are especially charming on the island of Bandos, Meeru and Villingili. A walk at sunset can be an unforgettable experience. However, on the island of Mudhdhoo there is a beach that clearly stands out from the rest.

It is there on the coast that microscopic critters emerge from the water, which under the influence of environmental movement produce a light phenomenon, called bioluminescence. The beach, littered with turquoise light, makes an amazing impression after dark.

Interesting places in the Maldives / Attractions that are worth seeing / Sightseeing
Interesting places in the Maldives / Attractions that are worth seeing / Sightseeing

Beaches on the Maldives

When it comes to water sports, all types of canoe, surfboard, pedal boat and paddle rentals are available on local beaches. You can try wakeboarding, scooters and water skiing as well as flyborad. On the beaches of the Maldives, you will definitely find fans of surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. The islands have the right conditions to practice these sports. You can also rent a sailboat or admire the coast from a bird’s eye view (parasailing).

Attraction on the Maldives are also various cruises.

From romantic sunsets for couples to family expeditions to observe wild dolphins, sharks and manatees. A popular trip is a cruise to a desert island, where barbecue picnics are organized or couples are left so that they can spend the day alone. Fishing lovers also enjoy this type of attraction. It is for them that daytime and nighttime fishing trips are organized.

A big attraction for the youngest, but not only, will be swimming with turtles, dolphins or small size, harmless sharks.

Attractions at Maldives’ hotels

When it comes to hotel attractions, some facilities organize daily feeding of stingrays or small sharks. They have all SPA facilities and all kinds of relaxation services. You can spend the night in a house on the water, for example with a glass floor and ceiling, to admire the underwater world and the starry night sky. Hotels often offer buffet dinners organized on the beach, or entire wedding ceremonies, which also take place on the sand. For children, there are swimming pools with slides, playgrounds and themed activities, e.g. cooking local dishes with the chef or a pirate battle.

Visiting the Maldives

Actually, the only real sightseeing in the Maldives we can only go to Male, the capital of this country.

The biggest monument in the city is the Grand Friday Mosque, symbol of Male. It is a modern building, crowned with a golden dome, which is difficult to overlook here. It can be visited during hours when there are no prayers. However, appropriate clothing should be kept – women long skirt and covered shoulders, and men long pants.

In turn, the oldest mosque in Male is Old Friday Mosque from 1658, which is distinguished by blocks of corals, which were used for its construction. Honored citizens of this country are buried in his tombs.

A very popular place that tourists like to visit is the fish market, where you can admire all sea creatures drawn from the water. The other less “fragrant” local place is the fruit and vegetable market, where you can also see many exotic specimens not available in the West and buy local delicacies.

In Male it is also worth visiting the National Museum, where we will see historical artifacts, coconut products and a whale skeleton. You can go for a walk to the Sultan Park (Rasrani Bageech), or see the tomb of the local national hero – Mohammed Thakurufaanu. The presidential palace (colonial architecture) also has an interesting shape, while art lovers should visit the National Art Gallery.

What else is worth seeing?

What to see on Maldives?

Interesting and worth seeing places are definitely the local villages in the Maldives. Local residents willingly share their culture and customs with newcomers. Just go to one of the nearby islands to see the ordinary life of the locals. Some of them deal with the production of local crafts, so you can buy quite original holiday souvenirs (vases, chess, boxes) there.

Another place worth visiting is the Tsunami Monument, which commemorates the victims of the disaster that took place in 2004. It is located in the island’s capital, i.e. in Male, right on the ocean. It has an interesting shape of a metal chimney surrounded by balls on a wire.

More information about attractions in the Maldives can be found here or here.

What are your favorite attractions and interesting places in the Maldives that you recommend?

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