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Pakoštane is a typical holiday resort, located in the middle of the Zadar Riviera. Surrounded by national parks and Lake Vrasko Nature Park it’s an attractive spot for a great holiday.

Local beaches, the azure sea and the intimate nature of Pakoštane  attract crowds of tourists eager for rest in the sunshine every year. Additional charm is given to this place by three tiny islands, located directly opposite the local coast.

Let’s check what attractions, monuments and interesting places are worth seeing and visiting, spending holidays and vacation in Pakoštane .

What to see in Pakoštane ? Tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments
What to see in Pakoštane ? Tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments

Tourist attractions of Pakoštane

This typical Dalmatian town does not offer many monuments or places to visit. Its attractiveness is based mainly on natural values. However, it is certainly impossible to get bored here.

Pakoštane , like most cities, has a history that happens to be related to the Turkish invasions and The Order Of The Temple. Therefore, every year cultural and entertainment events are organized here, such as, for example, the summer knightly tournament.

In addition, the resort boasts a fairly wide range of water sports and a large number of nearby hiking trails. However, the proximity of such attractive cities as Zadar or Šibenik makes Pakoštane  not only a fantastic place for vacation, but also a great base for nearby towns.

Beaches in Pakoštane

The biggest magnet in Pakoštane  are undoubtedly the local beaches. Not only are there a few to choose from, but they are mostly sand and gravel. This is not a common type of beach, just in Croatia. For this, entering the sea is usually calm, which is appreciated by families with children. In contrast, adults can take advantage of the rich offer of aquatic activities. An additional plus of the local beaches is the presence of pine forests, which partially protect sunbathers from the scorching sun.

You can find more about this in the article about beaches in Pakoštane , which we published some time ago.

Water activities in Pakoštane

When it comes to water sports that are available on the beaches of Pakoštane, you can play beach volleyball, try windsurfing, or simply enjoy sea bathing. There is a diving school where, with the help of an instructor, you can explore the surrounding underwater world. For the less brave there is always coastal snorkeling.

In addition, in Pakoštane you can rent bicycles and water scooters, boats and sailboats. On the other hand, cruises with a transparent bottom or kayaking are organized for those willing. The surrounding lake – Vransko, in turn, is a paradise for anglers.

Sports and recreation attractions in Pakoštane

In addition to all kinds of water sports in Pakoštane, you can also try other activities here. The area is ideal for hiking. In particular, on numerous hiking trails leading through rocky hills.

The area is also suitable for cycling.

You can rent a bike here and cycle along the picturesque route around the ornithological reserve and the Vransko Lake Landscape Park. The road is 48 kilometers long and is largely unpaved. In addition, in the Pakoštane area you can look at the stud farm to ride a horse, around the local areas or play tennis at the local courts.

Sights in Pakoštane

As we have already mentioned in the town of Pakoštane itself, there are not many monuments. However, even here, some remnants of olden times have survived. One of them is undoubtedly the church of the Ascension of the Lord. The three-nave stone structure was erected in 1906, and its architect was Ćiril Iveković. There are as many as six altars in the church, of which the Ascension and tabernacle are the largest and most important.

Another sacred, historic building is a tiny church, located on one of the micro islands located opposite Pakoštane. The church of Saint Justine was founded in 1794 and was named after the island on which it is located. Masses are held here only twice a year – on Saint Justine’s Day and on All Saints’ Day. In the summer, cultural events are organized here.

The third historical site in Pakoštane is the former summer seat of the Turkish army commander – Han Jusuf Masković. Interestingly, this is an example of Ottoman architecture, the furthest west in Croatia. Currently, the residence has been transformed into a hotel and restaurant for visitors. Thanks to financial resources from the European Union, the building was renovated. In its walls, apart from the hotel part, there is also a small museum, a souvenir shop and a SPA zone.

Nature attractions in Pakoštane  and the surrounding area

The Pakoštane  area is full of natural attractions. One of them is undoubtedly three tiny islets – Babuljas, Sveta Justina and Veli Skolj, located directly opposite the small port in Pakoštane . Each of them is slightly different, and you can see something different on each of them. As we have already written, there is a tiny church on the island of Sveta Justina. The island of Babuljas is covered with forest.

However, a large cross was placed on the island of Veli Skolj.

Vransko Lake is another big natural attraction. It is the largest freshwater reservoir in Croatia. Vransko Jezero Nature Park was created in its area. These areas are the habitat of many birds – among others purple herons, wild ducks and the small cormorant. It is a paradise for everyone who likes to watch birds of all kinds. It is also an ideal place for anglers, because not only fresh water fish but also saltwater ones live here. All because of cryptodepression, thanks to which the lake’s waters mix with the sea. There are also several viewpoints and a nature trail within the lake, showing the habitats of the local birds.

In addition, while on vacation in Pakoštane  is also worth a look to the surrounding national parks. Pakoštane  is located opposite the Kornati National Park, to which boat trips are organized. You can then admire almost 90 mountainous islets and an underwater reef. The second suggestion is the Krka National Park, where in the vast green area you can see cascades, waterfalls and rapids formed on limestone sediments.

It is next to the Plitvice Lakes National Park the biggest attraction in Croatia. On site you can also admire the lakes, swamps and all the surrounding flora and fauna. The third place worth visiting, located near Pakoštane  is Paklenica National Park.

An ideal place for mountain climbing and hiking. The attraction of this park are also the local caves, which of course can also be visited.

Tourist attractions in Pakoštane
Tourist attractions in Pakoštane

Festivals and special events in Pakoštane

An attraction in Pakoštane  are also organized, especially in the summer, festivals and special events. These include the Klap – Skoljka Festival, during which you can listen to groups of singers performing traditional songs. Another interesting event are the Days of Knights from Vrana, which take place at the end of August (more precisely on the last weekend of this month). During this festival you can not only try medieval dishes, but also watch a real knightly tournament. The whole setting gives the impression of travel in time – camps, medieval armor or representatives of forgotten professions, let you feel the atmosphere of those years. In July, the Summer Carnival takes place in Pakoštane . The madness of fun and dances begins with a procession of colorful disguises. Of course, tourists on vacation are also included in the fun.

It is also worth knowing that during the summer season in Pakoštane , several events are organized to bring visitors to the local culinary traditions. During their duration, you can try, among others: cooked octopus, dried ham and sausages, local cheeses and local ‘ciucia’ dishes (a type of dish prepared from beans). There will also be delicacies for gourmands: muffins, sugar almonds, or fried Croatian cookies.

In addition, in May Pakoštane  organizes a cycling marathon around Lake Vransko, in which everyone can take part. The route passes through the prettiest and most interesting natural places of this area, which is why the pleasure is double.

What else is worth seeing in the Pakoštane  area?

Pakoštane  is located exactly halfway between Zadar and Šibenik, which allows you to visit both cities by the way. In Zadar, it is worth going to the old town and the promenade to the sea organs, which, thanks to the crashing waves, make interesting sounds. Numerous restaurants, galleries and museums will provide entertainment throughout the day. In Sibenik, on the other hand, you can visit several interesting objects and monuments, including the only cathedral in the world built entirely of stones, without the use of plaster – St. Jacob. Noteworthy are also four fortresses located within the city limits – St. Michael, Barone, St. John and Nicholas.

Like Zadar, Šibenik is the perfect place to go shopping and relax in nearby eateries.

In addition to these large and well-known cities, in the vicinity of Pakoštane  there are slightly smaller towns like Biograd na Moru. In turn, this is a great place for a romantic walk along the promenade or leisurely coffee drunk in one of the cafes. In addition, as befits the royal city, souvenirs of ancient times, placed in the Regional Museum in Biograd, are preserved here. There are over 10,000 exhibits to be admired here, among others from the wreck of a sunken Venetian ship. This is also where one of the major entertainment attractions of the area is located – Fun Park Biograd.

The whole park is divided into three thematic parts: Wild West, Space and a pirate village. In a large area, we have a variety of carousels and roller coasters to choose from, which will provide everyone with adrenaline. All-day entertainment for the whole family is guaranteed.

Map of tourist attractions in Pakoštane

Locate all the interesting places and tourist attractions on the Pakoštane  map:

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