Amsterdam / Live Webcams!

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, may not be a typical tourist paradise, but nonetheless it is a city worth visiting along with the rest of BeNeLux. This remarkable, commercially grown city is worth our attention for its unusual appearance and location – it is below sea level, on land recovered by an ingenious canal system, which is also a popular means of transport in Amsterdam today. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to visit our dream cities. However, there is another way to get to know them up close, without leaving your home. There are many webcams in the city, broadcasting live images to sites such as YouTube. These cameras are useful for many reasons – thanks to them we can see what is happening in a given place in the city, what is the weather like, is the air free from pollution, where crowds gather, etc. It will be very useful when we will be able to plan our trip around Amsterdam, enabling a quick change of plans and good preparation for changing conditions. Below you will find a few cameras showing live scenes from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam – online camera

Amsterdam – online camera with sounds

Amsterdam – live camera

By using the Amsterdam live webcams above, you can find Amsterdam’s many sights and attractions online.

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