Cheap accommodation in Venice: Hotels, apartments, hostels, camping. Where to sleep and what is the price per night?


When planning a trip to Venice, you certainly can not do without taking the subject of accommodation. After all, you need to sleep somewhere after exploring the city on the water. Although most tourists include the sights of Venice in one day, it is worth coming or flying here even for one weekend to experience the real atmosphere of this place.

Two or three days should be enough to fully enjoy this amazing city.

So, where to look for accommodation in Venice?

Accommodation in Venice: Hotels, hostels and apartments. See how much a night in Venice costs.
Accommodation in Venice: Hotels, hostels and apartments. See how much a night in Venice costs.

Where to find accommodation in Venice?

If your budget allows you, a better idea is accommodation in a historic part of the city. It is not enough that you won’t have to go far to the biggest attractions of Venice, but in the morning or late in the evening you can see Venice in all its glory without unnecessary crowds.

Living close to the historic part of the city, the price and time we have to waste on transport to the center drop out. On the other hand, some parts of the historic district depopulate after dark, because the indigenous Venetians had long ago moved away because of crowds of tourists or were driven out by extremely expensive rents.

For this reason, some places here in the evenings may be too quiet for some.

The historic part of Venice is divided into smaller areas – sestieri and so:

  1.     San Marco – the very center of the historic part of Venice. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels here. Even after dark it should not be empty and boring. Each of the major attractions is literally a stone’s throw away.
  2.     Cannaregio – is the most inhabited part of the historic district of Venice. Its a big plus is the proximity of the train station and the vicinity of the main shopping streets, ideal for walking. Shops and eateries are on site, but less numerous than in other parts of the city. In the evening it gets calm here, which can be a plus and a minus.
  3.     Castello – is a heterogeneous area where we can find accommodation facilities and restaurants, but not in every part of it. This is a place where you can meet local residents. In the south of Castello there is a large park – Giardini della Biennale with playing fields where you can find a moment of respite.
  4.     Dorsoduro – is the area on the other side of the Grand Canal. It is considered to be the center of Venice’s nightlife. It’s the perfect place for people looking for entertainment after dark. In addition to several monuments, you can find accommodation and pubs where locals also change.
  5.     San Polo – is an area located close to the center – San Marco. For this reason, it is close to all major Venetian attractions. There are plenty of restaurants and accommodation facilities, a bit cheaper than in the center. The ubiquitous crowds of tourists can be a disadvantage.
  6.     Santa Croce – is an area located near the bus station. In the evenings life here dies, but accommodation prices are more tolerable.

Cheap accommodation in Venice

However, if you want to save some money, a better choice would be accommodation in the inland part of Venice. It is not very picturesque there, but prices can be two times lower. A similar situation is on the nearby islands, slightly distant from the historic part, which, however, is easily accessible by water transport.

So it all depends on what you think is more important, proximity and convenience in the district with monuments for a correspondingly higher price, or places slightly away from attractions, but with reasonable prices.

That is why you should consider one of these places if you want lower prices for accommodation in Venice:

  •     Mestre – is not a very pretty district of Venice, which enjoys recognition among budget travelers. Located in the continental part of the city, it is much cheaper than the historic center. This applies to hotels and prices in restaurants and shops. You can reach the historic part by train and city bus.
  •     Murano – an island known for glass products and a good place to find cheaper accommodation. The island of Murano is considered one of the places with preserved authentic old climate, which is a big advantage.
  •     Giudecca – is the closest island next to the historic district. It is definitely distinguished by a large number of beds and catering outlets, but it is much calmer here than, for example, in San Marco.
  • Lido – another tourist-oriented island. In addition to numerous hotel facilities and pubs, visitors can enjoy the beach and the famous film festival. If we only visit Lido outside the festival period, we should find cheaper accommodation here.
Hotels in Venice
Hotels in Venice

Hotels in Venice

It is worth noting that Venice is one of the most visited places in the world and this is why the prices of hotel accommodation can cause a headache. Hotels, especially in the historic part of the city of Venice are not the cheapest. In addition, these accommodation must be booked in advance, because there are many people willing to stay.

Thirdly, a common phenomenon in Venice is perceptible moisture, which hoteliers are not able to completely get rid of, and you need to be prepared for it.

When it comes to hotels in Venice, we have a full cross-section to choose from by various standards, from one-star facilities to luxurious, really expensive resorts. Those with fewer stars usually offer small rooms with modest furnishings. The more expensive ones have a definitely better location, rooms with a nice view of the city, sometimes even a swimming pool. Some of the hotels are styled inside the buildings from the olden days, which is an additional attraction.

Apartments in Venice
Apartments in Venice

Camping in Venice

Campsites are a much cheaper way to stay in Venice: Italians are famous for their well-equipped camping grounds. In Venice, you can choose from campsites more or less distant from the historic part of the city.

Their standard is also slightly different, but you will find sanitary facilities, showers and toilets, bars and shops in all of them. Some of them have swimming pools, bike rentals and restaurants. You can pitch a tent, park your motorhome or simply rent a house. As with Italians, there is no shortage of all kinds of games and additional activities.

However, during the season, camping in Venice can be crowded. No wonder, after all, you can pay 10-15 euro per night for a pitch on a camping field here (out of season).

How much is accommodation in Venice?

Accommodation prices in Venice
Accommodation prices in Venice

Accommodation prices in Venice

Prices of accommodation in Venice, as we have already mentioned, are not among the lowest, but the further from the historical center, the lower will be the prices. This applies to both accommodation and food prices. The most expensive is during the holidays and around the Venetian carnival. Then the prices of accommodation and everything else soar up.

The prices of accommodation in Venice also depend on the part of the city where you want to stay and the category of accommodation facility. Taking into account the date, location and category of the accommodation facility, the average prices of accommodation in Venice are at the following level:

  1.     Accommodation in a hostel costs an average of 54 euro
  2.     we will pay 78 euro for a night in a 2-star hotel
  3.     the price of the three-star hotel will be 98 euro
  4.     you will pay around 143 euro for a night in a four-star hotel
  5.     and a night in a luxury hotel costs around 370 euro and above

Opinions about hotels, apartments and hostels in Venice

If you had the opportunity to spend a night in Venice, we’d love to hear your reviews and opinions about hotels or apartments in Venice. Let me know where to find cheap accommodation in Venice.


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