Accommodation in Tenerife: Apartments, hotels, hostels / Reviews and prices!

Accommodation in Tenerife is a topic that you can write a lot about: numerous hotels, apartments, hostels and private accommodation that local entrepreneurs make available to tourists are an important topic when choosing a holiday in Tenerife. In this article you will learn where and how to book accommodation in Tenerife and what reviews they have received from tourists.

Tenerife is one of the Spanish islands which mainly bases its economy on tourism revenues. Taking advantage of not only the excellent natural conditions for which the entire Canary Islands are famous, but also the weather that is great here throughout the year, which is well used by vacationers coming here.

The whole island is perfectly prepared for tourists, both in terms of gastronomy and accommodation infrastructure and attractions that are certainly not lacking in Tenerife. For this reason, families with children, young people looking for entertainment, as well as seniors who escape from low temperatures and bad weather in the colder part of the year willingly spend their holidays here. Water sports enthusiasts also come to the island because of the excellent conditions for practicing them.

That is why today we will focus on presenting to you what accommodations in Tenerife are worth choosing and why.

Accommodation in Tenerife / Reviews, reviews, offers. Which to choose and where to book?
Accommodation in Tenerife / Reviews, reviews, offers. Which to choose and where to book?

Accommodation in Tenerife

Accommodation in Tenerife deserves a special mention due to its numerous infrastructure. There is no shortage of hotels, hostels, apartments, aparthotels, holiday homes or even camping sites. The number of beds on the island is so large that even in the highest season there should be no problem finding a place to sleep.

Where to book cheap accommodation in Tenerife?

The first thing about accommodation in Tenerife is that they are not evenly distributed throughout the island. If you look at the map, you can clearly see two places where there is a greater accumulation of accommodation facilities. It is primarily the southern part of the island, considered warmer and more sunny and the northern patch of Tenerife, more green, but also with more pleasant summer temperatures.

Accommodation in the south of Tenerife

In the south they are around a kind of Tri-City on the island, i.e. three towns that are connected by a promenade: Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. These are typical resorts pulsating even at night, where there are plenty of hotels and apartments for rent.

Most accommodation facilities are located a short distance from the coast (read: from the beach).

Some of them are picturesquely suspended on the steep slopes of the local hills, which involves walking up the hill and it is worth remembering this, especially if we are coming on vacation with kids in a pram. If you are interested in a rich life after dark, it is also worth targeting accommodation located in Playa de las Americas. It is in this part of Tenerife that the craziest parties take place until dawn.

The rest of tourists can stay in nearby, somewhat quieter places. The south of the island is also full of bars, restaurants, shops and attractions for tourists in Tenerife, such as aquaparks and zoological parks.

Accommodation in the north of Tenerife

In turn, the accommodation base in the north of Tenerife is concentrated mainly around the cities of Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which by the way is the capital of the island.

Similarly to the southern part of the island, there are plenty of hotels, both economical and luxury, as well as apartments for rent with a swimming pool complex. This area in Tenerife is more green, and in addition to the beautiful beaches of Tenerife and nature, it also offers slightly more sights and places to visit. A large magnet is also the nearby attraction in the form of Loro Park. That is why families with children and people who do not tolerate too hot weather usually look for accommodation in the north.

Of course, accommodation facilities can also be found in other parts of Tenerife, away from large resorts and popular resorts. Many small towns on the island offer sleeping places in guest houses, apartments, hostels and small hotels. If someone does not like crowds and prefers to relax away from urban areas, this choice will hit the spot.

Cheap hotels in Tenerife / All-inclusive travel agency offer. Which hotel should you choose in Tenerife?
Cheap hotels in Tenerife / All-inclusive travel agency offer. Which hotel should you choose in Tenerife?

Tenerife hotels

When it comes to hotels in Tenerife, two-, three- and four-star facilities predominate, with most of them being quite close to the beach and the waterfront. When it comes to amenities, hotels in Tenerife offer free wifi access, restaurants and bars, as well as own swimming pools and parking spaces.

Interestingly, most of the facilities on the island are adapted to people with physical disabilities, which is also used by older people whose mobility is slightly worse. Some hotels also offer their guests SPA services, transport to the airport, bicycle rental and the possibility of using the jacuzzi and gym. The rooms are usually equipped with air conditioning and ocean views.

Pets are allowed in some facilities.

Importantly, the majority of hotels in Tenerife allow free cancellation, even a few days before arrival.

Dining in hotels in Tenerife

As for the type of catering in hotels in Tenerife, we can choose only breakfast (BB), half board (HB) and full option – all inclusive (Al). It is also possible to book self-catering accommodation in facilities with rooms equipped with a kitchenette.

These types of lodging are the most popular accommodations in Tenerife, called aparthotels.

It is a type of hotel with apartments, where we have bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Such facilities operate like hotels, i.e. they can be rented even for one day, while a big plus is the full offer of services normally provided by the hotel – restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, and above all cleaning.

Finally, a small tip on our part. Getting ready for a holiday with children in Tenerife, you should first ask about a good and cheap hotel with attractions for children in Tenerife, which will help to interest children on the spot.

Cheap apartments in Tenerife / Prices and reviews.
Cheap apartments in Tenerife / Prices and reviews.

Apartments and aparthotels in Tenerife

Apartments in Tenerife are the most numerous group of accommodation facilities. They constitute over 60% of the entire accommodation base. No wonder, in the end we get at a similar or even lower price instead of a small hotel room at least two rooms and a kitchenette with a bathroom. Apartments in Tenerife are usually spacious (on average 65 square meters), with a clearly separated sleeping place (bedroom).

They usually fit around four adults.

As for the most common amenities in apartments in Tenerife, usually these types of facilities in addition to the kitchen, also have a TV, internet access and a washing machine. It matters if we come for longer or we are on vacation with small children. Some of the apartments are also equipped with a microwave, baby cot and balcony (or patio). Most of the area also has a swimming pool or swimming pool complex, often with slides for children and a playground.

Aparthotels in Tenerife, like hotels are usually surrounded by lush gardens, you can also count on a free parking space or garage. A large part of this type of facilities also accept pets. Renting some apartments may also involve the payment of a deposit (e.g. around 100 euro).

Going further along the accommodation path in Tenerife we ​​will find campsites.

Campsites in Tenerife

Campsites in Tenerife are not very common accommodation facilities. There are only a few real camping parks where you can put a caravan and connect to the power supply. This is certainly due to the fact that you fly to Tenerife rather than arriving with your own camper or caravan.

When it comes to pitching tents, it is forbidden without permission – even on the beaches!

Camping in the wild can therefore result in a fine. However, there is a way because, contrary to appearances, Tenerife has to offer several places in protected areas, which are intended as camping places where you can pitch your tent.

You only need to get permission from the Island Council in advance (about a week) by appearing in person in their office (Medio Ambiente, Paisaje, Deportes building in the city of La Laguna) or by doing it online (click on the reservation you are interested in on the map and reserve the date there the calendar).

Permission to use these campgrounds is issued free of charge for a maximum of seven days. This is to prevent excessive numbers of people in protected areas and to increase the risk of fire during the summer months.

On site, we can count not only on toilets and showers that are necessary when camping, but also on benches and tables at which meals can be eaten, and sometimes also on public barbecues. However, individual camping sites are different. Some have only running water and toilets, while others have showers and a barbecue area.

What are the prices of accommodation in Tenerife or how much is a night at a hotel? Can you find a cheap hotel with good facilities?

Accommodation prices in Tenerife

Prices of accommodation in Tenerife largely depend on the standard we choose and the date of our arrival. Although the season lasts all year on the island, during the holiday season, as well as around the carnival, prices get about 30% higher.

Room prices per night in a hotel in Tenerife

On average, we will pay about 35 euro for a 2-star hotel, but the range can be from 20 to 50 euro per night. However, for a three-star facility we will have to pay about 60 euro, and again sometimes you can find such a hotel at a price of 40 euro and 65 euro per night. As for the most numerous group of hotels – four-star, a night in such a hotel costs on average over EUR 100. If we look well, the price of accommodation in such a facility will fall below 90 euro.

Prices of apartments in Tenerife

Renting an apartment in Tenerife is definitely cheaper, especially if you are traveling with more people. For example, renting a four-person apartment costs on average 85 euro per night. If we intend to take it longer, then prices fluctuate around 500 euro per week, and around Los Cristianos up to 300-400 euro for seven days. However, for the whole holiday home we will pay an average of 160 euro per night, but the space in it will be three times larger.

The prices of campsites in Tenerife are definitely encouraging. At the largest of them – Camping Nauta Tenerife, for an adult we will pay 6.20 euro per night, and for a child the fee will be 4.90 euro. Positioning the tent will cost 6.20 euro a day, we will pay the same for the car. We will pay 8.30 euro per day for placing the motorhome and the caravan will pay us the same amount. Daily electricity consumption costs 4.90 euro, and renting a wooden house 40 euro per night (for four people). Check the prices here.

If you do not know how much money to take to Tenerife, you will certainly need to read our guide in which we present the current prices in Tenerife.

Now a few words about the opinions of hotels and apartments.

Hotel reviews in Tenerife
Hotel reviews in Tenerife

Accommodation in Tenerife: reviews of hotels and apartments

Tenerife is Spain, so you should expect normal European hotel conditions. There are a lot of comments on the internet about cockroaches of a truly exotic size. At this point it is necessary to say clearly – they are simply there and will be there. Tenerife is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, so both vegetation and animals are such and not different.

Of course, good hotels fight insects as much as they can, and are hardly seen in the lodges. However, this favorable climate makes these insects feel good here and fighting them is a bit like fighting windmills and has nothing to do with dirt.

On the plus side of cheap accommodation in Tenerife you can note the equipment of the apartments. The kitchenettes really have everything a tourist needs on vacation, from pots, dishes, cutlery, to glasses and wine openers.

All-inclusive accomodation in Tenerife

Another unquestionable plus is the all inclusive formula in hotels in Tenerife. There is nowhere else in Europe to choose from such a wide range of dishes, desserts and snacks. From continental cuisine to children’s dishes and Canarian specialties. Spain has for years enjoyed an excellent reputation when it comes to the quantity and choice of food in the hotel restaurants.

It should also be remembered that the Canary Islands, in particular Tenerife and Gran Canaria have existed in the tourism business for years, which is why some accommodation facilities may still remember the ancient times. Of course, many of them are being renovated on a regular basis, but before choosing a specific hotel, it is worth getting interested in which year it was last refreshed, so that there was no disappointment afterwards. We can only add from ourselves that the matter of renovating accommodation facilities in Tenerife is much better compared to another tourist power, which is Italy.

Accommodation in hotels and apartments in the offer of travel agencies

Interestingly, when it comes to accommodation in Tenerife, people rather come here from travel agencies because independent organization of stay on the island rarely comes out cheaper. Tour operators have such contracts with hotels after signing that it is hard to beat them. For this reason, some facilities do not offer rooms to random clients.

In the summer, many people choose the north of Tenerife due to slightly lower temperatures. It is a bit cooler there and you can take shelter in the shade of trees, which are not very common in the south. There is such an informal division that sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts choose the accommodation in the south. Whereas travelers and fans of hiking and sightseeing choose north as the base place.

The most popular hotels in Tenerife

The best and most popular hotels in Tenerife include: Mediterranean Palace Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, Gran Melia Palacio de Isora Resort & Spa, GF Gran Costa Adeje, Melia Jardines Del Teide, Hotel Jardin Tropical, Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel, Royal Hideaway Corales Suites, Gran Oasis Resort, Vincci Seleccion La Plantacion del Sur.

Let us know what are your reviews and opinions regarding prices and quality of accommodation in Tenerife, especially in hotels and apartments.

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