Accommodation in Pakoštane: Beach apartments, hotels, private accommodation, camping

Pakoštane is a quiet location, ideal for a great holiday in Croatia. The village is located between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Vransko, more precisely halfway between Šibenik and Zadar.

It is inhabited by over three thousand inhabitants, who mostly rely on tourism by renting apartments and private accommodation. Pakoštane is a resort that families with children especially like.

The main reason for this are the nearby beaches, which stand out from the others in terms of beaches in Croatia, not only with sand (though closer to gravel), but also with pine forests that provide shade on them. In addition, all the tourist infrastructure in the town is well prepared for the arrival of vacationers. You will find here gastronomic establishments or accommodation facilities such as hotels and apartments, as well as other attractions typical of coastal towns.

Accommodation in Pakoštane / Apartments, private accommodation and hotels. Check opinions and prices.
Accommodation in Pakoštane / Apartments, private accommodation and hotels. Check opinions and prices.

Accommodation in Pakoštane

Accommodation in Pakoštane is very well developed. There is no shortage of private accommodation or hotel facilities, apartments and camping sites. As in other coastal towns of Croatia, the most are apartments and houses for rent.

This is due to the fact that the local population lives from tourism, which is why they gladly provide accommodation to travelers. Among the private accommodation in Pakoštane, apart from apartments, there are also many rooms, studio apartments and holiday homes, ready for the arrival of tourists.

Hotels are least common, as in general they are unpopular in Croatia.

Hotels in Pakoštane

We will start with the least numerous group of accommodation facilities, i.e. hotels. There are not many of them in Pakoštane, as we have already mentioned. And of the available ones, the majority is a large house with several rooms for rent.

Some of them are located close to the beach, and some are located in the very center of Pakoštane. Average prices for accommodation in local hotels are around 55-70 euro per room. It also depends on the date of our stay and the standard of the selected object.

Apartments in Pakoštane

In turn, the most numerous group of available accommodation in Pakoštane are apartments. Scattered throughout the resort, between the main line and the coast, they are usually not more than 600 meters from the beach.

Apartments in Pakoštane are mostly equipped with a balcony, barbecue and internet access. They have a kitchen, air conditioning and TV.

When renting an apartment in Pakoštane, you can also expect a parking space, a garden on the property, as well as a washing machine or microwave. Interestingly, a large number of objects also allow the presence of home pets. You can also find apartments with a swimming pool.

What is the price per night in an apartment in Pakoštane?

Prices depending on the apartment, its distance from the sea and equipment start from 35 euro per night. In the summer season prices range from € 40 to € 100.

Pakoštane accommodation / Apartments, lodgings, kepmpingi and beach houses.
Pakoštane accommodation / Apartments, lodgings, kepmpingi and beach houses.

Holiday homes by the beach in Pakoštane

Pakoštane is also full of holiday homes for rent, mainly for larger families or groups of friends. They have from 4 to 8 beds, with two-three bedrooms.

They are usually equipped with a parking space, air conditioning, balcony or terrace and TV. Barbecue and Wi-Fi are also standard. Some holiday homes also allow pets. There is also a high probability that the selected object will have a swimming pool on the property.

How much does it cost to rent a beach house in Pakoštane?

Renting the whole house in Pakoštane costs an average of 500 euro per week. Of course, it all depends on the standard, date and size of the rented object. Sometimes also from the distance from the sea – the closer to the beach, the higher the prices.

Accommodation Pakoštane / Reviews and prices per night.
Accommodation Pakoštane / Reviews and prices per night.

Campsites in Pakoštane

In addition to private accommodation and holiday homes, Pakoštane also offers camping facilities. These facilities are very well prepared for the arrival of tourists. You can put a car or caravan on them, or rent a summer house or stationary caravan, or pitch a tent. All prepared plots for tourists have access to water and electricity, as well as wi-fi in keeping with the times. Some of them also offer catering facilities, with bars, restaurants and shops. You can also find campsites in Pakoštane with sports grounds or children’s playgrounds.

Some of them even organize additional activities during the holidays, targeted at both children and adults. The most famous and one of the largest campsites – Pine Beach Pakoštane Resort, offers in addition to 500 beds, a lot of activities for every age group, care for the youngest and water and sports equipment rentals.

What are the prices at the campsites in Pakoštane?

The average price for a camping pitch in Pakoštane is around 40 euro per night for two people with a car, including all mandatory additional fees. For a summer cottage (for two) you have to pay around 50-55 euro per day, while for a mobile home (four-person) set right next to the beach it costs up to 165 euro per day. It is also worth remembering that the amount of these costs relate to the holiday season, outside of which these prices fall practically by half.

Opinions about apartments, hotels, lodgings and cottages in Pakoštane

In the comments you will find user reviews of accommodation in Pakoštane. If you had the opportunity to spend your vacation in Pakoštane then let me know what apartments, hotels, private accommodations, beach houses or campsites you recommend and which you advise against. Your opinions are important to us!

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