Accommodation in Bulgaria: Hotels, apartments, camping and lodging

Accommodation base in Bulgaria has been experiencing a real boom in the last fifteen years. Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union in 2007 also helped.

Many investments and new hotels and private accommodation have appeared. Whole apartment complexes were built, where you can find accommodation, not only from Bulgarian, but also foreign entrepreneurs.

The lion’s share of the accommodation base in Bulgaria is located on the Black Sea coast. There is no wonder, because it is the most attractive part of Bulgaria for tourists, with a wonderful climate, wide beaches and unforgettable views.

Accommodation in Bulgaria / How much does accommodation in Bulgaria cost? Price ranking and reviews!
Accommodation in Bulgaria / How much does accommodation in Bulgaria cost? Price ranking and reviews!

It is also where all the entertainment accumulates, prepared especially for the arrival of tourists who spend a successful vacation in Bulgaria. There are also many spas and balneological centers on the coast, since Bulgaria, after Iceland, has the most mineral springs.

Tourists can take advantage of hot springs, bathing in healing mud of mineral origin, or clay and mud compresses.

Currently, the accommodation base in Bulgaria is well developed and incoming vacationers have a full range of accommodation facilities to choose from. From luxury hotels with a rich SPA offer to small motels, but also private lodgings, apartments and entire holiday homes for rent.

Everyone will find something for their pocket.

Accommodation prices in Bulgaria depend on several factors:

  •     distance from the sea,
  •     arrival date,
  •     standard and equipment.

It is obvious that in low season you can expect lower rates.

Let’s get to the specifics:

Hotels in Bulgaria: What are the prices per night and room standard?

In Bulgaria, there is a full cross section when it comes to hotels. From the cheapest one- and two-star hotels, to higher standard facilities and luxury resorts with all amenities.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the hotel that is right for you.

Hotels in Bulgaria / Check hotel reviews in Bulgaria and compare accommodation prices.
Hotels in Bulgaria / Check hotel reviews in Bulgaria and compare accommodation prices.

You just have to remember that part of the hotel base is newly created and modern, and some still remember the era of communism. It is best to look at the photos of the object before booking, not only from the outside, but also from the inside, especially from inside the rooms.

It is also worth reading the opinions of guests about the hotel.

Hotels are located mainly on the coast, but also in larger cities, the capital and in mountainous areas (Pirin Mountains).

Most hotel facilities are definitely in Sunny Beach. In turn, the most luxury hostels are in Pomorie.

All inclusive hotels for whole family

Most hotels offer their guests an all-inclusive package, and more and more also provide additional attractions for vacationers. In addition to swimming pools, the facilities focused on families with children also have small water parks and slides.

In turn, those who care about the proximity of the beach must take a closer look at the offer of 4 and 5-star hotels, which are located on the seafront. People who seek peace must look for hotels on the outskirts of the city, away from the center, where there will be peace and quiet. Another option is simply choosing smaller towns.

What is the price per night for a hotel in Bulgaria?

Prices in hotels in Bulgaria are lower than in other tourist countries. It all depends on the season, location and standard of the facility. Prices for accommodation in a hotel in Bulgaria are spread from 50 to even 200 Bulgarian lev.

However, hotels are not everything.

Apartments in Bulgaria / Compare prices in the ranking and check the reviews
Apartments in Bulgaria / Compare prices in the ranking and check the reviews

Apartments in Bulgaria

The standard of apartments in Bulgaria can be different, as in the case of hotels. In recent years, a lot of new facilities have been created, where the equipment will be at European level.

However, in advertisements on websites you can also find ones that remember the previous era.

It is worth checking not only opinions about a given object, but also looking at photographs. Many modern apartment buildings have appeared on the market, which have also been bought out by foreign investors for rent.

Most of them were created in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Mostly two-room facilities for 2-4 people, equipped with kitchen, TV and air conditioning. A large part of them have a balcony or terrace, their own parking space and very often also a shared pool (for the entire facility). There is also often a garden and a children’s playground, especially in apartment complexes.

What is the price per night in apartments in Bulgaria?

In the season, prices for accommodation in an apartment in Bulgaria start from around 30 euro per night.

Accommodation in Bulgaria

When it comes to private accommodation in Bulgaria, we can choose not only rooms, flats but also entire holiday homes for rent. There are plenty of private accommodation offers on the network, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Most lodgings are simply apartments or studios with kitchenettes. They are usually two-room, fully equipped, designed for 2-4 people. There are significantly fewer three and four-room apartments on the market, so with more people, it’s better to rent a holiday home. Then, in addition to full equipment, usually a piece of garden is available, sometimes also a swimming pool.

What is the price for overnight stay at the accommodation in Bulgaria?

Prices of such houses depend on their location, date and standard, however, you can find offers from 20-30 euro per night / per person.

Now something for lovers of nature.

Most popular campsites and camping in Bulgaria / How much is a night at a camping in Bulgaria? Check opinions and prices
Most popular campsites and camping in Bulgaria / How much is a night at a camping in Bulgaria? Check opinions and prices

Campsites in Bulgaria

Overnight camping is not very popular in Bulgaria. The vast majority of them are located on the Black Sea coast.

Especially around Sozopol and Varna. Campsites in Bulgaria usually offer space for campers and tents, and sometimes the possibility of renting summer houses. Sometimes they are part of hotel facilities.

When it comes to the standard of camping in Bulgaria, it’s not very colorful.

There is nothing to expect here for Croatian holiday resorts. These campsites are still under-financed, but it is slowly changing from year to year. It is better to focus here on the proximity of nature and peace, because most of them are located far from city centers. The campsites offer sanitary and gastronomic facilities, sometimes also playgrounds for children, sports fields and sports equipment rentals. Slowly also wi-fi is becoming the norm and a barbecue area.

What is the price per night for a camping in Bulgaria?

Campsite accommodation in Bulgaria is the cheapest option. Prices range on average from 10-20 euro per night for two people, motorhome + electricity.

The most popular campsites in Bulgaria

Camping Zora – located in Obzor, only 150 meters from the beach. You can rent a bungalow on site. There is a restaurant on site and access to wi-fi.

Camping Goldfish – is located two kilometers from Sozopol, very close to the beach. The property offers restaurant facilities, free wi-fi and holiday home rentals. It is possible to practice water sports and relax in the SPA.

Camping Delphin – located in Achtopol, by the beach. It offers chalets and free wi-fi. This place is definitely for those who love peace and quiet as well as romantic scenery.

Camping Saint George – located in the northern part of the town of Balchik. It is part of the entire complex with a hotel and holiday homes. There is a restaurant, sanitary facilities, a playground and volleyball court. There is also a swimming pool and the beach is only 150 meters away.

Camping Ecoclub – is located in Varna, six kilometers from Asparuhovo beach. The object itself is located in the woods, next to the beach. There is parking, wi-fi, bar and BBQ facilities.

Opinions about hotels, apartments and camping in Bulgaria

In the comments you can post your reviews and opinions on specific hotels, apartments or camping in Bulgaria. Let me know what your observations, comments and opinions about specific places are. It is worth building a common base and, if necessary, warn each other.

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