Accommodation in Brela: Beach apartments, guest houses, hotel or camping?

Brela is one of the most attractive and popular destinations to spend your vacation in Croatia. This is probably due to the extremely charming natural environment, because the entire municipality of Brela is located in the Biokovo Nature Park.

This place is therefore sheltered by a mountain massif, which results in long, hot summers and mild winters. The heat is extinguished by the sea breeze, called the maestral.

Brela is also famous for its sand and gravel beaches, which are the main magnet for families with children who come here. The result of all this is the fact that in recent years this town has become a very fashionable place to relax in Dalmatia.

The beaches in Brela and its surroundings will be dedicated to a guide and now we will focus on the accommodation itself.

How does the accommodation in Brela look like?

As almost everywhere in Croatia, also here in Brela among tourists are most often chosen private accommodation, apartments and pensions. However, there are also modern accommodation complexes, resorts and hotels, to which we will devote a few words later and now let’s focus on what is most important.

Apartments by the beach in Brela / See which apartment is best to book / Compare accommodation prices!
Apartments by the beach in Brela / See which apartment is best to book / Compare accommodation prices!

Apartments and private accommodation in Brela

When it comes to private accommodation and apartments, private apartments are definitely dominating in Brela. Same with the rest as in all of Croatia.

Tourists in Brela are looking mainly for apartments next to the beach with a terrace or balcony and close to the sea, because in the city there are significant elevations and for apartments located a bit further from the beach, on the way back you have to climb a little. As a result, their attractiveness decreases.

That is why we have selected for you 4 the most popular and best rated by tourists staying in Brela apartments located right next to the beach and close to the sea: Villa Paulina, Villa Dalmatia Apartments, Casa Mare and Apartments StoMarica.

Additional amenities in the apartments

When choosing the best apartment for you, you should take into account several important issues that will make our vacation in Croatia successful or cause an avalanche of frustration.

That is why in the whole range of apartments in Brela you should look for those that allow you to bring pets (remember to report to the owner the desire to take a pet with them), which have facilities for the disabled, who have free parking directly at or in close proximity to the apartment. It is also worth paying attention to whether there is free wifi, an electric kettle, coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher and air conditioning.

Some apartment owners also offer a pickup from the airport, which is a nice option for those who are traveling to Croatia by plane.

Location of apartments and guesthouses

The vast majority of recommended apartments in Brela are located in the vicinity of the biggest attractions such as the Rock in Brela and the beach Punta Rata.

Our list does not exhaust all the possibilities related to booking and renting accommodation in apartments in Brela. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all offers, where you will also find current reviews of tourists and reviews of people who have already rented the apartment.

Apartments in Brela: Accommodation prices for one night

As elsewhere, the price of accommodation will be determined by the location of the apartment (the more expensive the closer to the beach, sea and attractions), the length of the reservation and the date when you intend to spend your vacation in Croatia.

And so, before the season in April and May for 1 night for 2 people in apartments in Brela we will pay an average of 50 to 120 euro.

In high season, i.e. in June, July, August and at the beginning of September, we will pay around 100 to 175 euro.

After the season, i.e. in September and October, prices fall again to the level of 80 to 125 euro.

Which apartments to choose and book? This question has no clear answer because each of us has different needs and expectations. Therefore, once again, we encourage you to read and publish your opinions, reviews of trips and accommodation because such opinions strongly help in choosing and making the right decision for the next generations of tourists heading to Croatia for their dream vacation.

Hotels in Brela / See which hotel to choose for families with children or for couples / Book accommodation and compare room prices.
Hotels in Brela / See which hotel to choose for families with children or for couples / Book accommodation and compare room prices.

Hotels in Brela: Prices per room per night and tourist reviews

When it comes to hotels in Brela, the most popular and also the most recommended and rated by tourists are: Bluesun Hotel Soline, Bluesun Hotel Maestral, Bluesun Hotel Marina, Bluesun Hotel Berulia. They are all large 3-4 star hotels with full tourist facilities. Almost all of them have at their disposal an outdoor hotel pool (with the exception of the Marina hotel), and the possibility of other sports activities. and recreational activities.

All rooms have free wi-fi and parking, where you can leave your car.

Hotels in Brela is a great place to explore the area

It just so happens that all hotels are located right next to the beach and the sea, which makes them an ideal place to stay in Brela.

They are also a good base for exploring the surrounding towns, interesting places, monuments and tourist attractions such as the world-famous Punta Rata Beach, on which of the above-mentioned hotels is only from 150 m to 400 m (except for the Hotel Berulia – from here it is closer to the beach of Berulia, which is 100 m away from the hotel).

What is the price for a room in hotels in Brela?

The price per night for 2 people in a hotel room depends very much on the date when we intend to book accommodation, the length of the reservation and the standard we expect.

And so before the season around April or May one night in hotels in Brela for two people costs from 50 to 100 euro.

Closer to the full season, i.e. in June, hotel room prices rise to between 100 and 175 euro.

However, in the fully high holiday season, i.e. from the end of June through July and August to the beginning of September, room prices range from 200 to even 250 euro.

After the season, i.e. in September or October – when the weather and water and air temperature in Brela are still attractive – the prices for renting a room in a hotel in Brela are between 100 and 150 euro.

Also remember that the above-mentioned hotels are not the only ones you can find in the town of Brela. There are many more of them, so check all the price and quality options.

Hotels, beach apartments, guest houses with a sea view, accommodation … what about a camping site or camping?

Campsites in Brela

Due to the shape of the Brela surface, which is located on the slope of the Biokovo massif, there are unfortunately no campsites here.

The nearest camping site is relatively close to Brela – in Baśko Polje.

See from a bird’s eye view how the city of Brela is situated and where the nearest beach apartments, hotels, pensions and private accommodation are located, which you can rent when going on vacation to this city in Croatia:

Reviews of hotels, lodgings, pensions and apartments in Brela

Please let me know in the comments what your experiences, impressions, reviews and opinions regarding accommodation in Brela. Any such information will help us all avoid these apartments that will not make our vacation in Croatia nice. On the other hand, every good opinion showing those apartments that are worth renting for holidays and holidays spent in this country will facilitate the decision and make us consciously choose a place to stay in Brela.

Sleeping in Brela / What to choose? Hotel, apartment, private accommodation or camping? Price of accommodation in Brela.
Sleeping in Brela / What to choose? Hotel, apartment, private accommodation or camping? Price of accommodation in Brela.

Accommodation in Brela

See on the map how exactly the area of the city is shaped and where the individual hotels, apartments and lodgings in Brela are located:

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