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Passion for traveling and learning about the world inspired us to share our passion with others! This is how our website was created. We look for all kinds of information about the places we are going to visit. We are interested in all kinds of tourist attractions, interesting places, luxurious pleasures and accommodation and other places that are worth seeing and visiting while spending holidays in a given city, country or on a given island.

Of course, we are also interested in the weather and current prices in shops or restaurants. It all contributed to the fact that we decided to share our experiences with others.
That’s how our blog, basically a tourist portal, was created.

Travels around the world and practical travel guides for everyone.
Practical travel guides for travels around the world for everyone!

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If you want to contact us, the easiest way is if you just write an e-mail to kontakt@lasti.pl. We will be happy to hear your opinions about our website, discuss tourist directions and help answer your questions!

What are we writing about?

The leading theme of our portal is tourism, holidays, travels and trips. We write about all kinds of topics related to leisure, for those who prefer active leisure and those who wish to simply rest during their holidays. We try to help, that’s why we write about current prices, how to get to the destination, where to check the current weather, publish guides, describe tourist attractions in a given city, island or region, and describe the sights and everything to visit and admire.

Enjoy your holidays with the Lasti.pl tourist portal
Enjoy your holidays with the Lasti.pl tourist portal!


We invite all those who want to cooperate with our service. Both those who want to publish their adventures on the pages of our tourist portal as well as those who want to advertise their services or products.

Do you have an idea for mutual cooperation? Write to us at kontakt@lasti.pl.
Our team makes every effort that Lasti.pl is a place to which you will look before each trip and to which you will be happy to come back after returning home to comment 🙂


The content of this site contains private opinions and views of its author and does not constitute a service, and in particular should not be treated as advice in an individual case. The author is not responsible for the legal consequences of the use of the information or opinions presented.

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